Ek Boond Ishq 24th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
mj is going out, pari comes to him and ask him where is he going. pari says whenever you go out, you get one wound, take me with you, I will protect you, mj laughs and says my mother please let me go, pari says are you going to that girl, take me too, mj says no, pari insists to take her too, mj says no, you are understanding so don’t do this, I will come, he goes, pari is sad.
mj comes to om’s home and then says how will go in? there is strict security, I will go from back side, tara thinks why mj didn’t talk to her on call, i know it was him.
mj is trying to go in house from back side, pari comes there, mj is stunned to see her, he ask how you reached here? pari says in auto, he ask about money, pari says how can our area’s driver ask money from

me, pari says this is that girls’ house? mj says yes, she ask tara’s name? he says don’t know, some say its sia but she says she is not sia, mj says i have to give this chit which have artist’s address to that girl but there is so much security, pari stealthily takes chit from mj’s pocket and goes from there.
nandu is sitting in police station, vidant comes there with a thug, he beats the thug for flirting and eve- teasing on streets with girls, nandu thinks that he is savior of girls, he is beating him as he flirted with a girl so he will be very lenient with a girl who is eve- teased.
pari hits the guards with stones, guards goes to see the man, pari goes in house, mj turns to see pari but she is not there, he goes to see her, pari is going in house, she comes in house, om comes in hall, pari hides, rani says to servant that did you give tea to sia upstairs? he says yes, pari sasy this means she live upstairs, how will i reach there, she throws stone at show piece, it breaks, om scolds him, pari goes upstairs, tara is sitting in her room, pari sees her, she thinks that the much she looks bad in photo, she looks more bad in real, why will i meet her, she throws chit in room and leaves from there.

Scene 2
the thug which was beaten by vidant, sits beside nandu in police station. nandu says that seeing your face I cant feel like you can flirt with a girl, you are not a man, thug says that police caught me as I was flirting with girls only, nandu ask how, give the demo, he says 1st I touched her hairs, he touches nandu’s hairs.
tara finds chit in her room, she says artist’s address, maybe mj threw it in my room, pari is running from om’s home but guard catches her, she hurts him and runs, another guard catches her but mj comes and gives him a punch, he leaves with pari, tara says that why he gave me artist’s address, I wanted to make his sketch only, maybe mj wants to meet me at this address, she says time written on this paper is 3pm and its already 2.30pm, how will reach there.
mj makes pari sit on bike, she says hero you saved me, mj scolds pari and ask why did you went in house? pari says you wanted to give a chit to that girl so I sent it to her, mj is stunned and ask how you did that, you know there is a danger in that house, pari says I know that’s you get hurt always, I went there stealthily and threw chit in that girl’s room so your work can be done, mj hugs her and says what can I do with you pari, she says you are loin don’t act like goat, mj says you are goat not me, she says you are goat not me.
the thug is flirting with nandu, she shouts don’t touch me, vidant comes there and beats the thug for flirting with girl, thug says she trapped me.

om is busy in meeting with client, tara comes to him and then leaves, she comes to driver and says I want to go to ice-cream parlor, driver says I cant take you without permission of om sir, tara says I am your ma’am too, she says ok i will take you to your sir, she comes to om, he is busy in conference call, she says i want to have ice-cream but your drier is not bringing it for me, om says i am busy, tara doesn’t let him talk on call and keep disturbing him, she talks to his client too, om says one minute to client he ask tars what she wants, tara says ice-cream, om ask driver to follow tara’s orders, driver says ok, they leave from there, tara sits in car and ask driver to take her to ganj gali, driver says that there is ice-cream parlor in this area too, tara says don’t talk much and take me there, driver says ok, tara thinks that no matter what i will meet mj today.

PRECAP- tara is busy guiding artist to make mj’s portrait, mj comes there and sees tara in artist’s shop, he smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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