Ek Boond Ishq 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 24th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
yug ask radha to go back, radha says i want to see meer, yug says its dangerous, she says its big day for meer so i have to be here to see his happiness, yug says think if something happens to you then he will spend his life behind jail, radha says ok i will leave but after meeting tara, yug agrees she goes and her bracelet falls down there.
Inside tara is getting ready, radha comes in veil and says i came to make you ready, tara ask did you see my groom, he is handsome na, she says earlier he was like monster with hairs but he is very pure at heart, very good, i am lucky to have him as my husband, radha cries, tara sees her tears and ask who are you, she takes off her vail and says radha what are you doing here, radha says i am going but just wanted to see you,

tara says i wanted to meet you, to thank you, if you werent there, MJ wouldnt have confessed his feelings, tahnkyou so much, radha says man are stupid when it comes to heart, tara says you love him alot, radha is stunned, tara says i know, how stupid he is coudlnt see your love and i came between you two, sorry, radha says no you came in his life and i am for you both, aradhna comes, radha leaves after putting veil, she sees her bracelet missing and thinks my name is written on it, if it had fallen in MJ’s room then it will be dangerous for him, she comes in villa and goes to MJ’s room.

Scene 2
Mj is in mandap and is trying to see tara inside, vasu ask what you were searching, he says meethi, she comes and ask do you have work for me? he says i wanted to ask time, meethi says you are wearing watch, they laugh on him. Radha is searching for bracelet in room, she sees fahim coming in corridor, fahim sees Rudra’s room’s door open and goes to get its key. Radha sees paper lying in corridor and thinks its her bracelet, but finds paper there, she see rudra’s room open and thinks whether my bracelet is there but i didnt go there, she goes inside and sees light coming from shelf, she moves shelf and finds door of another room, she is stunned.
In Stable, rudra is sitting sad, Jairaj and adi ask about elections, he says marriage is happening in house, we will talk about it later, pandit says 1 hour is left for good time(shubh mahurat).

Scene 3
Radha comes in room and is shocked to see femine things, and cloths, wigs in room, she sees pink saree lying there and remembers kalvati in same saree.
In stable, tara comes in hall, MJ looks at her and smiles, she sits in mandap, pandit start marriage, MJ holds her hand.
In villa, radha sees rudra’s phone ringing, she sees name of caller Suriya, by mistake she puts call on speaker, suriya says i felt bad when i listened that you lost election but dont worry kinner is never alone we are with you, you will next election didi saheb, she disconnects the call. In stable, MJ-tara stands up, tara tires to put garland but MJ teases her, she jumps and puts it, Mj puts garland in her neck, both look at each other.
Radha sees photo of rudra and puts hand on his mustache and remembers kala’s face, she says this means rudra is kalawati who all calls as didi sheb, fahim comes there, radha closes secret door, and goes out of room, fahim locks the door, radha thinks i have to tell this to meer, how can i tell him, marriage must be happening.

Scene 4
Yug thinks radha must have reached home, i should call her, he calls but number is unavialable, radha comes in stable, and sees MJ sitting in madap, she thinks how to tell him. She sees rudra and remembers suriya’s words that kinner is never alone. she comes forward. vasu does the gadh bandhan, MJ-tara gets up for pheras. they takes the phera and tara remembers her jail pheras, she cries. After 4 pheras, tara comes forward. ADi is teasing meethi and nando is jealous, after pheras they both sit down and MJ put hand on her hand, he makes her wear mangalsutra, he fills her maang with sindoor, in flashbacks there jail marriage is shown. he wipes her tears and smiles, tara is emotional. rudra sees radha standing in corner and calls her, she is stunned.

PRECAP- radha messages MJ that after marriage meet her as she want to tell something abour kalavati, vasu comes to adi and says its MJ’s phone he forgot in madap, give it to him, then we see MJ with phone in his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very nice epi,thanx fr updte

  2. Interesting episode, story is moving fast now. But what is radha thinking calling MJ out after the wedding? can’t she just text him “Rudra is Kalavati!!! GRRRR……….

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