Ek Boond Ishq 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Tara falling on MJ and they both share an eyelock And both of them seem to be shocked. MJ gets up and brushes off the hay while Tara asks where he disappears after saving her life Even before she can say a thank you and she also asks where he learnt the technique of escaping She gets annoyed when MJ doesn’t respond and reminds him she is talking to him and if he has saved her life he can as well as tell his name. But MJ walks away from there and Tara stops him saying he can say later and is about to tell her name when MJ stops her and tells her rudely that he isn’t interested in her or her name and begins to walk from there when Tara stops him again and says that she knows he isn’t all that hard inside like he shows off and the bitterness is there in his

words but not his mind Else why he would have saved her that day and that too when he didn’t know her. Tara looks at him expecting him to answer but MJ is still in his sadu mood and stays mum. So Tara adds on that she knows no one is allowed there but how can she tell him the ups and downs in her life and he saw the rogues chasing after her the other day and is going on and on and MJ stops her again And tells her if she doesn’t want the goons to chase her then lock herself in a room and sit there. Tara replies that the biggest goon is in her home and she realises what she is about to say and looks mortified and stays silent. MJ opens the gate and asks her to leave

Tara’s mom calls out to Nandu to wake her up to get flowers but Nandu tells her to let her sleep. Her mom thinks that she won’t get up like that and walks towards her room to wake her. Just then we see a pic of Adi peeping out from under her pillow and before her mom could go to her room, someone rings the door bell.

In the mansion, Rudra sneaks in stealthily into MJ’s dark room and from Mj’s bad he takes out the camera. And then he takes out the chemical solution used to develop the film and he thinks of the fingernail and speaks to himself that it is wrong to trouble a living person using a dead person’s nail And how she knew what happened that day and how did this fingernail come there and thinks of the phone call(the one where he assumes Tara is the one blackmailing him) and says she plays ping pong with phone calls and letters Looks like you are very eager to meet me and our last meeting will be so good that you will not be able to forget me even after dying He sings swaying the bottle ‘Piyegi vish ka pyala, bhujegi mann ki jwala’

Nirmala asks Faheem as to why he called the eunuchs home and create drama and Faheem tells her that she likes drama anyways Jayraj tells Vasu that this is the tradition and whenever a new daughter in law enters the house, eunuchs give their blessings and take away the bad effects of an evil eye. Nirmala tells him that if he is interested then he can welcome them but they are not interested while Faheem looks annoyed. Nirmala says don’t expect me to entertain them Vasu asks her as to why she always seems to be angry whenever there is a party and Nirmala blasts her if she knows how to talk to elders and that she is her mom not her friend. Jayraj asks her why she gets angry on children and wish she could understand the difference it would make if parents could be friends to their children. Faheem seconds Jayraj and adds that if you become a friend then you get understand your child better and the enjoying happiness over small things is wonderful and he gives her tea but she refuses Vasu tells Faheem that he is ringing the wrong door’s bell and at times she feels she isn’t her mom at all. Nirmala is put off and tells her its enough. All she said was that she doesn’t want them home and for a trivial matter they are rebuking her. She says fine let them come and warns Vasu to be aware of what she is speaking before whom And gives Vasu 5000 as pocket money. Vasu is disappointed that she got a less amount for the entire month. Dai Ma comes in and tells them that the eunuchs have arrived and Nirmala says she is ready.

Tara sneaks into her room and closes the curtains and notices her dupatta and is surprised to see it hanging on the wall there. She sees its torn and sees the camera cover on the floor. She assumes its MJ and says how can anyone stoop so low and now she will not be scared of that iron factory. If not in front of everybody, she will give him a good piece of his mind when they are alone when there is a knock at the door. Tara gets scared and asks who it is when Faheem tells its him. Tara decides to change her clothes.

In the hall eunuchs are dancing and Nirmala rubs her forehead like she is getting a headache. Tara changes into a salwar and tells her that Jayraj has called her and eunuchs have come to wish her and Tara is shocked. Nirmala whispers to Jayraj as to what drama is happening there and send them off by paying money to which Jayraj replies that their blessings turn into a boon in life and they have come there to be a part of their joy. Nirmala says to chase them out as her friends are coming home and before they come it should be over. Mithi too comes there and one of the eunuch asks Jayraj as to where is the new bahu Jayraj points to Tara who looks scared. As they dance around her Tara is reminded of Kalavati and she looks terrified. Kalavati’s threats are pounding in her ears and she screams and faints on the floor. Rudra sees that and tells that Kalavati is the other name of madness and if she doesn’t get rid of you, its a shame on her skills and its not just her but someone else will also leave the home along with her. Jayraj and Mithi rush to Tara and he asks Faheem to take her inside while he calls for the doctor.

MJ is back in his dark room and he lies down and thinks of Tara’s words that she is facing troubles and goons are after her. He looks worried and thinks as to who she is and why she comes before him everytime. He then notices that the chemical bottle is open and realises that somebody has meddled with it and wonders who came there. He recollects the moment when he asks her if she has forgotten old wounds or if its become a habit to lie and Tara says that she has neither forgotten that day nor the wounds and he decides that he has to do something.

Tara wakes up in the room and the doctor assures Jayraj she will be fine. When everyone leave the room, he lovingly asks her if she is hiding something that is bothering her. Tara tells him that as long as he is there for her, she will be fine. Jayraj asks her to take rest and leaves from there. Tara is tossing restlessly when her eyes fly to her dupatta and she thinks of the time when MJ is rude to her and the goons attack her. She gets up with a jerk. Tara thinks of MJ who saved her and wonders who is her savior and on one hand her husband is after her life and on the other, this stranger who saved her thrice Then she hears an argument(I guess between Adi and Mithi) and she thinks that she is not aware of what is happening.

Rudra mixes the chemical in water and tells that you made the mistake of peeping into Kalavati’s life and she has to pay the price of every drop of pain with poison and starts singing again

Precap – Mithi is crying and Tara consoles her that now is in her life she will solve her problem even if she can’t solve hers.

Update Credit to: mandy

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