Ek Boond Ishq 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
tara ask why my life is important mr. agnihotri, answer me, om says that i didn’t listen to such stupid question in life, om says i love you, your breaths are my breaths, tara thinks that you say good dialogues but i know there is something, om thinks that don’t take stress, you will never know whats my reason for your life. mannat says that body guard will be with you sia all time, tara thinks that how will i find mj then.
mj’s friend gives him address for a artist, mj thanks him.
tara says to om that you have chosen these guards for me? om says yes, tara says can i check them? om says yes, tara says they have great muscles but are they quick enough, are they fast enough, she says save yourself from my slap, she is about to slap one guard when he holds her

hand, tara slaps him with other hand, all are stunned.
mj thinks that i cant wait more for her call, why i want to meet her, she is someone else’s wife, but she was saying in party that she is not sia, i gave her my number but she didn’t call me, i cant call her as i don’t have her number, how to call her and talk to her.
tara says oh guard you couldn’t save yourself from my slap, what om you brought these types of guards for me? they are useless, tara says now i will test other body guard, this om has muscles too so if you have guts then punch om, om says have you lost it, tara says no, they are on duty to protect my life so they should be tested and are afraid in this small thing? mannat smirks, tara ask guard to punch him, its her order, guard goes and is about to punch om when om holds her hand and punches him hard, tara claps and says wow you don’t splurge money in gym, tell me when they couldn’t save themselves from you then how will they save me from you? i mean how will they protect me? she ask p.a to take them, om nods, pa leaves with them, tara says strange that bullet was fired that day but nothing happened to me, maybe you did that so that you can put these guards on me, om says nothing can stop me from doing what i want, tara says but now you got to know what i don’t want, i don’t let it happen, look i threw your guard out infront of you, tara says your time is going to change, she leaves, om fumes, mannat thinks that tara did good work by rejecting them, now i have to find a killer and do my work.

Scene 2
nandu come to one jeweler, she comes to him, it is vidant in disguise of jeweler, nandu says give me good money for these jewelry that i have, vidant says you will get good return of these jewelry, he shows her hand cuffs and says you will get punishment in return, she is stunned.
mj finds om’s number in directory, tara thinks that why mj is not tying to contact me, why he didn’t talk to me when we were alone. mj calls on landline but rani takes the call, mj thinks to not ask about sia from anyone, she can get into problem, he ends the call, tara looks at phone.
nandu gets caught, vidant says now you will be jail for 5 years, vidant says you go for robbery in anyone’s home by changing your get up and now i got you by changing my get up.
mj calls again but again rani picks up, he ends call, tara thinks that maybe mj is calling, she sits beside phone, mj thinks that they have many servants so she will not take the call, that’s why she took my number, tara thinks to call one more time mj, mj takes out rings which tara gave him, he looks at them, he calls again, tara says to rani that i will take the call, you go and work, tara takes the call. tara says i know its you so why you are not talking to me, say something, mj is bewildered.. please talk to me, i knew you will call me, your number is misplaced by me, why you went from party leaving me? mj thinks that she recognized me without me uttering a word, why she talk to me like this like she knows me, why i am not talking to her, what happens to me when she talks to me, talk balli, tara says i can bear anyone’s anger but not yours, please talk to me once, are you listening, why are you not saying anything, answer me please, mj ends the call, tara cries, mj is frustrated and thinks why i don’t alk to her, why lips get zipped infront of her, why she shows her right on me, i cant go to her house, mannat can see me, but how to give her address of artist.

PRECAP- tara gets the chit in her room(atist’s address), she thinks that this is the address where i will get mj but how to go there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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