Ek Boond Ishq 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Nandu asking Yug to drop her before she reaches Thakur house. Yug understands the reason and explains that She will seem small infront of those people if she considers herself to be small. Yug leaves her midway.

Jayraj is shown talking on the phone, when MJ arrives. MJ is somewhat guilty-looking. Jayraj keeps a serious expression and later smiles and says he is happy that MJ thought of dropping Tara at her mom’s place. He says these small things helps love grow.
Tara then brings Nandu to her room. The truth then comes forwrd that Tara and Nandu had met just outside the house. Nandu asks why she was alone. Tara decides whether to tell her the truth, but denies. She comes up with the story that MJ and she had a petty fight and she walked home alone.

Nandu cheers her up and asks her to give Jiju a hug.

Rudra Pratap is showing folding his cloth and speaks how lucky and smart Tara is to escape from his clutches this time also.
He comes up with a new plan of “Divide and Rule”, i.e. to turn the Husband and Wife against each other.
Fahim Chacha knocks the door and delivers envelop to Rudra Pratap. There is a letter from the same mysterious girl. Along with a Ring.
Rudra Pratap is show to be a bit scared.

MJ is shown caressing the horse, Maria. He promises Maria to seek revenge from the person who is responsible for her condition.

Meanwhile Tara recollects the events that occurred. She feels trapped in the house when suddenly she hears Ghungru’s sound. She decides to follow the sound. Landing on Mitthi’s door.
When asked, Mitthi denies about dancing and jokes that in Thakur house even singing isn’t allowed.
Mitthi asks her to go the bed, saying that she must be dreaming like her last time sleep-walking.

Tara is still confused, when suddenly Fahim Chacha comes from behind. Fahim Chacha asks what is is doing late night? Then he sees MJ going outside. He wonders where MJ is going late night when his wife must be waiting for him.
Fahim asks Tara to go the bed.

When Tara was about to close the door, MJ catch hold of her wrist. He asks why did she lie to Baba and also why she left the Temple when he said he would return?
Tara gives a sarcastic reply that yeah he did come very soon. When he asks her why she left, Tara says he should have known better. Mj is confused, but Baba arrives and so he moves in, putting an end to the conversation.

Next morning, MJ is again with Maria, taking care of her, while Tara is walking in the garden, she again recollects the attack.
She then spots a flower and puts it on her hair. She reaches MJ’s barren house and feeds Maria.
She then climbs up a high platform (I dont know what its called) and sleeps.

Meanwhile MJ returns and spots the difference from what he had left. He looks here and there and spots Tara. He wakes her up and asks her why she is here.
Tara is climbing down, when MJ accuses her for hurting animals.
Tara is surprised and later worries about Maria hurt and abruptly turns, only to fall on MJ.

They both fall on hay and all their previous encounters are shown.
The episode ends with the romantic stare going on.

Update Credit to: Mithuz

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