Ek Boond Ishq 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
mj sees tara sitting at poolside, he approaches her and keep looking at her, some guard comes so mj hides, guard leaves, mj again looks at tara, mj thinks that its better to go to her, mj comes behind her, tara sees mj’s reflection in water and is stunned, someone is coming so mj leaves, tara looks back but doesn’t find mj, rani comes and ask tara to come inside as its going to rain, tara says i will come, rani says come now itself else om will scold me, tara says ok i am coming, tara looks around and start leaving, mj is hiding there only, mj comes out, tara stops and turns back to see him but he hides again, tara leaves. mj gets call from pari, she ask where are you? mj says i am out fro some work, pari says i know i don’t eat breakfast without you, mj says i will

come, pari says come fast else i will laado’s hairs, mj says no, i am coming, mj thinks that i have to bring artist to get close to tara.
mj is going from om’s home, vidant is coming there, he sees mj and ask driver to follow mj, they blocks mj’s way, vidant comes out and sees mj.
mannat comes in om’s room and puts his gun back in drawer, she thinks that i had full proof plan, nobody will doubt me if they don’t get the shooter, she gets vidant’s call and says om is not receiving call, mannat says tell me, vidant says we got the shooter, he came in party as waiter, he was professional killer, mannat is tensed, he says we have got his deadbody, somebody killed him yesterday night, mannat says killed him? thank god, i mean that sia is safe now, vidant says he is professional killer so somebody gave him contract to kill sia but we will find him soon, mannat is tensed.

Scene 2
mj comes to pari and says sorry for being late, police caught me as i was driving fast to come home, fb scene shows that vidant ask him his name, mj says balli, vidant ask balli to drive slowly, fb ends, pari says don’t do this again, mj ask did you do anything with laado’s hairs, pari sasy no.
om gets party video dvd, tara thinks that she will see the glimpse of mj, mannat thinks that what if vidant finds me and shooter talking in video, om says to vidant that i got the dvd, vidant says i know whom to find in dvd, mannat comes there and says i will put it in player, she scratches it with her nails so it doesn’t play, she puts dvd in player, dvd starts playing.
balli is calling someone ask man to find an artist, laado ask why are you calling artist? mj says i am calling for myself, i thought to learn it, laado says ok throw away guns and do painting, mj leaves, laado says he indifferent by my scolding. the servant brings veggies, laado scolds him for buying expensive.
the dvd stops paying, om ask whats wrong with this disk, he takes it out and says there is scratches on it, it will not run, vidant says i will get the whole chip then we will see the footage, tara thinks that i thought i will see mj in clip but now.. how will i find him, she leaves, mannat says to om that i think we should hire a body guard for tara, i have one person for this work too, om says you are right, he leaves, mannat thinks that guard will kill tara, 1st i have to call photographer and ask him to delete the footage.
laado is gloating about being kalavati, she says when i was kalavati i had a palace and now women like mannat is scolding me, all the shikhawat property has gone to trust, no i have to do something like kalavati to get my status back.
vidant is beating photographer and ask about chip, he says that data is corrupt, vidant says i will find about it and you shouldn’t be corrupt, photographer leaves.
om is hiring body guard, mannat thinks that i thought i will hire body guard but here om is hiring himself, om comes to mannat, mannat says i told you that i have one good man for this post, om says i remember but i don’t want to take the risk. om says to mannat that you know how much tara’s life is important to us, tara comes there and ask whats your advantage in me living?

PRECAP- mj calls tara, tara takes the call and says i know its you so why you are not talking to me, say something, mj is bewildered.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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