Ek Boond Ishq 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st October 2013 Written Update

Tara sits in the temple.. and a few goons tip toe in the temple.. when she realizes that she is in danger she acts smartly at that moment and picks up a thal containing the havan samagry and throws into the eyes of two of the goons.
And when one of them try to stop her..she pushes him off the steps saying ‘chal hat’ Tara brave gal..(liked how she is shown capable of saving herself)

She runs away from the temple.

Nandu back her is waiting for an auto.. then Yug comes and offers her a lift on his scooter as she won’t find any ride there..she refuses to take. She becomes a mockery in front of him by an auto wala cause of her own airs..then she eventually takes that lift.

Tara here runs into the forest…the goons too run after her.. then

they lose her.. after a whole 15min of hide n seek session they spot her dupatta behind a tree, she runs for her life knowing they are close.

Here MJ with his horse..he tells the vet that he’ll be back soon as he has some important work. the vet says that they need him here cause he has to dress the horse’s injury n give it an injection too and he can control it better. So MJ decides to stay back.
The horse is being treated and is in pain so MJ pacifies it .

Jayraj is concerned abt MJ n tara, Rp says not to worry of the one who is not their actual son, and worry for the one who really is. Meethi tells Jayraj to calm down and explains him that they must have gone for some breather of air away from home, as they have gone for the first time together.

Rp asks if he has arranged things for the party meet. Jayraj tells the whole thing how he has done all the necessary arrangements for the campaign

Back here Tara finds a hut where she gets a burkha and decides to cover herself so that she shouldn’t be get caught by the goons.

Kala here sheds fake tears over the pyre n the fire resistant portray of Tara!

As Tara walks hastily on the road in a burkha the wind blows and the goons find out that its Tara.. she runs for her life but stumbles over a stone and falls down… she cries for help. She thinks that one of the goon is MJ.

Here MJ comes and fights the goons.. in the process he finds out that Kalavati is responsible for all this…one of the goon hits Tara on her head with the rod.. Then MJ fights that goon too.. Tara falls in MJ’s arms (Tara still doesn’t fall..of course she has to in MJ’s arms…desn’t she?) (all this go, she never sees MJ’ face) he is worried as to why these people are after her life?

MJ is confused who the gal might be…when he tries wake her up..the wind blows and he sees her face- he is shocked to know that its the same gal whom he saved in the past. He recalls the reception seen and the forest scene were he helped her.. he feels for her plight. (he Feels too)

Title track plays in the BG

The next thing we know he lifts her up and walks on the deserted road.
He then takes her to the same hut where Tara took the burkha from.. then puts her on the cot and searches for some help.. he couldn’t find anyone there..so he gets a glass of water and wipes her brushed hand with his kerchief. she groans with pain..He creases her face in concern ..

Then he sprinkles some water over her face..she gently opens her eyes and finds him.. she too recalls of their previous encounters.

All of a sudden the owner of that hut comes and shouts at the strangers.. Tara tries to get up but MJ always puts her to rest…the woman accuses her of being the burkha chor. MJ explains her that the gal is in trouble and needs her help. the woman tells what would she get in return if she helps her.. MJ gives her some cash bu the woman refuses and tells who is anyone to help anyone- its only god who is the savior.

Tara on gaining senses doubts if MJ is behind all this, and what is she gonna tell to her FIL? So she decide that before jumping into conclusions she’d better find some proof if he his behind all this cause what does he had to do with being alive or not! (smart gal)

MJ leaves her to the woman’s kindness and leaves for the temple.
MJ runs to the temple and searches like mad for his wife. He never finds her there..the Pandit secretly observes this.
When MJ spots the pandit he inquires abt her, the pandit tells that she waited for him very long and have gone back to their house. MJ is worried now what will his father say if he goes without his wife.

MJ comes back home and faces Jayraj, who tells him that he shouldn’t have hid the truth from him.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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