Ek Boond Ishq 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 21st March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Nandu laughs and claps, so does Kala. Nandu says please do it one more time. KAla says okay its the last time, tara is in front of her husband’s funeral and says I vow that Kala will payback. Nandu laughs. Kala says she didn;t understand that she should not mess with Kala. Nandu says can I ask you something? Kala says yes. Nandu says you are not involved in death of Mj? Kala says you of course I am. Do you wanna know what else I did ? I was invloved in the rain yesterday. Nandu says you are alwasy joking. Kala says your sister blames Kala for everything. He fled from the jail and died and she said Kala is responsible for it acoording to tara. Nandu says don’t worry no one trusted her. Kala says wha if they did ? You know nothing is ours in this property. My dad named it

all after jairaj. Nandu is dazed. I s wish it was all mine then I would roam around the whole house being kala. Nandu says so we have to live under jairaj ? Kala says no we have to be patient. Jairaj has lost both dada and son its time to break him. Nandu says tell me what to do.

Scene 2
Jairaj is in his room. Nandu and Rudra come to him. Nandu says we have decide to leave this house. Jairaj says what is this bha sahab ? Nandu says we just stayed there for dadu ji but he is not with us anymore. We will leave after is funeral rituals. nandu says its all your property, people will say that we are living on your favor. Jairaj says why are you talking like that ? Its all after my name but it all belongs to bhai sahab. Rudra says actually she heard something that hurt her. People say that I don’t have the ability to handle this all that’s why dad named this all after you. Jairaj says why you listen to them you are more capaable than me. Nandu says thats what you say not the papers. Are namong it all after him ? Rudra says why are you talking like that Nandu ? Why would he name it after me dad gave it to him. We will live in that small house that we have decided. Lets go. Jairaj says you won’t go any where this is all yours. Let me call Lawayer and transfer everything to you.

Scene 3
Everyone sits in front of Mj’s and dadu ji’s picture. Ardahn asyas wher is my tara and how she is ? Jairaj comes and says i wanna share my decision with you all. I have decided to transfer the property and business after my brother Rudra. Nirmala sasy why ? He says I have decide this after so much contemplating. He is the elder and has all the right over he property. Dadu ji woud have decided it long ago if he was well. I have called the lawuer and as soon as he comes I will name it after him. Lawyer comes in and says you can’t do that Jairaj. Rudra asks why ? He say because a few days before the death dadu ji changed his will. Tara comes in too. He named it all after Tara. According to the new will tara owns the property and business. Everyone is so shocked. Tara asks me ? She is holding ‘asthiyan’ is her hands. Lawyer asks are you tara ? She says yes. He says I will give you his will according to which you are the owner of this property. Tara says this must be a misunderstanding this all belongs to my baba and will always be. Lawyer says no this all yours now. He gives her the will papers. Tara wonders why dadu ji did that ? The lawyer leaves. She recalls dadu ji telling her that he will always trust and support her. No one will cause her any damage even after his death. Tara goes to the room and she can see mj every where. He says where were you ? Will you say anything ? Why are you staring at me ? She sees old tara saying you missed me that much ? He says yeah the whole room was missing you. I was trying to call you, you should have left a text at least. She says yeah I know you are busty with books all the time and now pretned like you were missing me. He says I will show you hopw much I love you. She sees every where but he is gone.

Scene 4
Adi says thanks to meethi for handling everything. This home needed someone. She says don’t say thanks, I broke my relation with you not this house. He says please come back for this house. SHe says I know how nandu fulfills all your needs and of this house as well I am just here for funeral don’t thinks its my love.
Nirmala looks at the picture of mj that I always hated you. You were near your mom but never got her love. Tara picks his picture as well and hogs it. Aradhna comes to her , Tara says I couldn’t save my mj. i could have saved him but it was late. i lost maa, she hugs her.
rudra is fuming that tara went fooling me, he slaps himself, i would have killed that old father way back, nando comes and says be calm, she says its one thing only, rudra says she is now queen of here, she says its like chess till king queen are here game is not over, nando says think of next plot.
nimmo is looking at mj’s pic, jairaj comes and says be strong else who will hold me, you know much hurt i am, when tara came with asthiyan, i thought its my son’s, nimmo says this cant happen, no dead body was found, jairaj says yeah she is a liar, why i forget this. nimmo is thoughtful.

Scene 5
tara says to aradhna that i was seeing mj die but i couldn t do anything, there is no one to whom i can talk, what will i do with this property, aradhna says dadaji must have thought something thats why he chose you, jairaj was giving all to rudra, tara says thats why dada did that, i have to tell jairaj that its all his, aradhan says i hope meethi understand you, she leaves. nando is dining table, jairaj comes and says father died smetime ago and you are serving dishes, nando says its all tara’s order, i said to her to have shame of dead people, tara comes and says to jairaj that i want to talk to you, jairaj ask whats all this, nando says why you came queen, tara says shut up, i came to talk to baba, nando says you are asking bari bahu to be silent, you want to do rule us, she calls for rudra and nimmo, tara says have you gone mad, nando says what you want, tara says enough, nando says you do this from childhood take everything from me, in childhood you started crying for dolls and we had to be hungry, you trapped dadaji with your tears, rudra says oh now i know, why she was putting allegation on me, she wanted to clear her path, now i think jairaj is at her hit list, tara says its false, nando says then why you hide that dadaji gave you all property, jairaj says if you have clear heart then give everything to rudra now, tara remembers dada saying i know rudra’s real intention, tara says i will not do anything like this, rudra says she doesnt trust me so give everything to jairaj, she recalls aradhna saying that jairaj was giving everything to rudra, nando ask dont you trust your baba, tara says i have ful trust on him but i cant do this now, soon you will know why i did it, nando says we know your reality, you married mj so you can get all this property and today you got it, jairaj says if you have little respect for dadaji so leave this house now.

PRECAP- tara says to rudra and nando that all your luggage is being apcked, she gives them money for taxi and says out from here, jairaj is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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