Ek Boond Ishq 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 20th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara comes to dadji, she cries miserably, she says he killed dada too, he killed his father too, she gets up and calls rudra pratap, she says today i will tell all about your true self, she calls him, he comes and ask what is happening, why is she shouting, tara says to baba to not listen to him, he killed my mj and dadaji also, he dragged and hanged mj infront of me, he also beaten him with his force of kinners, nando says enough if you say anything i will forget you are my sister, you are putting allegation on my husband when all know that his bus fell in dig, and about dada he was ill from sometime so he died, and you are putting allegation on my husband, be in your limits, you are a wife orphan culprit. you dont deserve to be servant here but they gave you love and you

are putting allegation on its head, i will cut your finger and tongue, tara says i am feeling bad for you that you married him, you dont know what mistake you have done. its good to be called widow then rudra’s wife, She points and rudra and says I will kill you. Jairaj shouts Tara what is this ? Why would bhai sahab kill mj and dada ji. Did the shock made you say this all. Tara says baba you are not getting it. This beast is killing our whiole family one by one. Trust me he is the one who killed your son. I swear on Mj on my mom that its all truth. Punish him baba before he kill all of us. Rudra says stop it tara bahu. End this story right here. I can’t live with the burden that the daughter in law of my own house thinks like that about me.I can’t live with this hatred. He brings a pistol and hands it over to tara and says kill me. Put an end to the detest and shoot me. Everyone tries to stop him. He says this is between me and tara. I am the one who has been accused. You say that I hung up your husband and threw stones at him and you say that I killed my dad. I am a demon I should be dead kill me. I am gonna kill my whole family according to you more terribly than I killed Mj. Tara points the gun towards him. Nandu says stop it tara. Nirmala says put it down tara and jairaj says no tara. Tara fires a shot everyone is shocked. Rudra falls on the floor.

scene 2
Yug, Aradhna and Meethi pray in front of God. Aradhna prays for tara that she gets all the strength to face all the bitter truths of her life. Meethi says her mom is my only support but still i am confused.
Nandu says I will call police and they will arrest you. Tara says yeah call police because I am not repentant over what I did. I punished an evil. Jairaj says after committing such a crime you are still so confident. What do you think that we will leave you this time as well. I will call police right now. Ridra is alive he says jairaj you won’t do any such thing. Nandu cries and says than God you are okay. Rudra says the bullet just touched me. Nandu says I won’t pardon her. We will call police. Rudra says no you won’t do any such thing. She did this all in grief of her husband. She the daughter of this house and we will never let out name go down. Jairaj says did you listen tara ? This is my brother. He is an example of hummanity. If you have lost your husband than I have lost my son. He lost his nephew but that doesn’t mean that we will fire on each other. Jairaj says until before the funeral of dadaji don ‘t do any such thing. Tara says what about the funeral of mj ? He says the police hasn’t got his body. Tara says I know where is his body because he died in front of my eyes. Jairaj says please I beg you for the peace of this family. You ahve to be part of the pooja which will be done by bhai sahab. Tara says I don’t wanna be part of a pooja don by a murderer. Mj’s funeral will be in the nearest dig. Whoever wanna come can join. She leaves. Jairaj says when tara is saying that mj’s body is there then we should check it out. Rudra says we all know how much she lies there is no benefit in wasting time. You can go if you want to I will be in the funeral of my dad. That matters the most.

Scene 3
The funeral of Mj is about to start of both Mj and dadji. Tara is alone at the funeral of Mj. Pandit ji asks should he start ? She says no we shoul wait a little more.
Rudra recalls when he went to dadaji and said why didn’t you accept me the way i am. You never accepted the truth. What did it turn out ? You are saying too much in front of everyone. I can’t conceal so I have to kill you this time and suddenly Kala suffocated him. He died on the spot. The funeral starts. The pandit ji asks rudra to do the rituals. He says in the heart son? I am your daughter Kala. I wish you had accepted me. You would have been alive today.
Pandit ji says to Tara that its getting late. You should do the ritual.
There Rudra performs it and here with mj tara does.

Scene 4
Aradhna, Yug and Meethi sit down to watch TV. They find in the news that the prisoners who escaped from the jail met an accident. They hear that mj is among those who died. Yug calls at their home but the servant says no one is at home. Ardhna says we should go there as soon as possible. Rudra is about to set fire to the dead body and so does tara. Tara recalls when in jail she got married to Mj.The ways she was with him on every road. His care when she wasn’t well. When they got married again.
Aradhna, yog and methi arrive at the funeral. Nandu goes near adi pretending like she is consoling him. Aradhna says is this mj ? Nandu says no this is dadaji. Aradhna asks where is the funeral of mj ? Nandu says we don’t know. We have no concern with tara and mj. They have been an insult to us. Nandu says to Aradhna your daughter fired a bullet at my husband she is dead for all of us.
Rudra gets to the funeral on mj and says he has died. Mj should have been my name. CAn’t you see how well I played? What you thought that you fired the bullet ? I tempted you to. They were alla fake bullets. Then i pretending like i am hurt. Didn’t I act well ? I should get all the awards this year ? I promised you your life will be hell. Look it is. I told you no one will trust you. You are all alone no one is with you. Tara says yeah you are right I will never change. You promised so much and fulfilled them. Now promise in front of my husband that I will get you to what you deserve. I will make life worse than hell. I will end this evil.

Precap-Jairaj says that I have decided that I am naming this property and business to rudra bhai. Lawyer comes and says you cam’t do this. Dadu ji changed his will and named all of this to Tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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