Ek Boond Ishq 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 20th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Adi says seems you have got many messages, nandini fears, adi says i will check, nando bumps with adi and phone falls from his hand in water tub, adi sees it and says it is damaged, tara says no problem he will bring whole shop of mobile for her, tara gets Mj’s text and ask radha to read it for her, radha who is in veil applying mehndi reads the sms saying you promised to come in my dreams, dont know whether night will spent waiting for that, tara says to write answer for her, tara says poetic lines that radha wites, Mj and tara pours their heart out writing in poetic style, Mj texts i love you, radha reads while crying, tara ask her to answer him, she writes i love you too.

Scene 2

Mj ask radha will you tell me i am looking fine or odd? or

like you thought? It turns out to be her imagination, yug comes and says see who is here, Mj comes, radha shows her sehra she made for him, Mj says its good, Radha ask what he is doing here, today is your marriage, he says i came to meet my bestie as today is big day for me, he says you were making sehra whole night, radha says i wont be able to make you wear. Mj says to tie here itself, he sits and ask her to tie, she ties, Mj in real ask i am looking fine or odd or like you thought, tell me, radha is silent, Mj sees her sad. He ask her to sit and ask why are you emotional, he ask her to smile. she smiles and ask him to go and get ready. He says i will miss you, he goes, radha cries looking at sehra.

In villa, jairaj ask adi how much time will Mj take to get ready? yug comes with sherwani and sehra, Yug tells jairaj that radha had made this sehra for Mj, jairaj says wish she was here but she have to hide, we got tomorrow’s date for court hearing, yug is happy and goes to Mj.
Nando is going, tara comes in her way and ask where were you? nando hides some envelope and says i went to parlour, tara says its my marriage and who will make me ready, aradhna ask her to make tara ready. Aradhna instructs workers to keep mandap simple. Nando says i will make you ready beautifully, tara says sorry for being angry on her and i love you so much, nando says i know and i feel your love most.

Radha writes some poetry and packs brooch for Mj, she calls dancer who informs her that they are not coming tonight in villa, Radha thinks how will i go then, i have to see meer as bride. Yug calls her and tells her about court hearing tomorrow and you have to be there then Mj will be free, radha gets happy and ask whats happening there? yug says i am going to make Mj ready then we will leave, radha says to not leave, he ask why? but she says do as i say.

nirmala and meethi comes with shagun, behind tara comes and scolds worker in tomboyish style that why are they slow in putting buntings, she says i will hang you up if its not done on time, nimmo sees it, fahim laughs, tara sees them and runs from there, aradhna does aarti and tilak of shikhawats, nimmo says we came with bride’s dress and jewelry, aradhna says tara is yours only. Tara sees it and comes inside being emotional, she sees an envelope lying in room and thinks whats this, she is shocked to see it.

PRECAP- Jairaj calls Rudra who s in kala’s avatar, jairaj says i listened that you are ahead with 15000 votes, kala says i will win only, rudra gets the call, caller says you lost the election, kala shouts no

Update Credit to: Atiba

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