Ek Boond Ishq 1st July 2014 Written Episode Update


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SCene 1
there is street fighting in area, balli and some guy are about to start to the fight, all are cheering for balli, balli/mj beats the man, laado is happy, tara running from house, comes there, guards are searching for her, tara is hiding in same area where balli is fighting, balli sees tara while and is shocked, he recalls she is the who he had gone to kill and how felt he knows her, tara goes from there, balli beats the man, balli falls on ground, other fighter beats him but balli keep looking at her. mj is being hit. He stands up and hits the man. Kala says yay laddo won. bali has won. Tara is running in the street. She stops a car and says some men are after me. Driver asks her to sit in the car. She sits and leaves .Kala comes to mj and say bali where is your mind. You won a great fight.

Mj says laddo.. Kala says what? He says nothing .The driver stops the car. Tara says why you stopped here i wanna go to station. omkar from back seat says lets go home driver. Tara is shocked.

Scene 2
tara enters home. manat says bhabhi you’re back. Omkar says where else should she been? Manat says i though she’s ran was wondering how will she come back. Omkar says i wanna talk to you. He says to sia so you came to know that we did the accident deliberately to avoid going to bhopal. You didn’t want to know why i did this. You’re sia and you’re not well. You still wanna go to bhopal and i was sacred that you’ll do harm yourself. We don’t let you go out so you don’t get lost in the big city. You wanna run away from here. Why don’t you just get it sia. I love you. You don’t know how i spent those five years. For you i can burn the world. He throw burning coals on floor. He says i love you. Tara says those who love dont burn the world. They walk on the fire. Do you wanna know how much i love my mj. tara says I love my mj a lot, she stands on burning coals, om and mannat are stunned, tara says I cant live without him, om you don’t wanna me go to Bhopal because you are afraid that what if I am not sia but tara, what will you do, your love is stubborn but fearful, om tries to blow off the coals, om says I cant see you in pain, I will take you to Bhopal, and if I am not able to take you there in two days then you are free to go from here and one more thing, you think that your fate will meet you in bhopla but I believe that my fate will give my sia back.

Scene 3
mj is sleeping and recalls tara, he recalls their accident in blur vision, he wakes up from sleep and says what is in her that I am not able sleep thinking of her, what relation I have with her that I am not able to sleep.
mj comes to om’s house, he sees tara sleeping and keep looking at her, he thinsk that maybe I will get something from here from which I will get to know what relation I have with her. mannat comes to tara’s room door and says she is heartbroken, If I show her sympathy then she will start trusting me, she knocks tara’s door, mj who is inside gets tensed, mannat comes in room, mj hides, mannat says she is sleeping, mannat ask her to wake up, tara wakes up, mannat ask her to eat medicines, tara says I not getting sleep, mannat says you come in my room, we will talk and then you will sleep, I don’t have anyone to talk with, I feel happy to talk with you, come, tara says okay, they goes to mannat’s room, mj comes in room and looks at tara’s pic, he takes out tara’s pic from frame and goes out.

Scene 4
mannat gives red saree to tara and says you will look good in it, tara says you do make over when you are happy from inside, mannat says you should be happy as om has promised you to take you to Bhopal and I will like it also so please wear it. tara nods, mannat thinks that this trick will work.
tara wears red saree, om sees her and gets lost in thoughts, he recalls flashback that how he gave sia that saree and how sia said that om your choice is very good, they share sweet moment and hug each other, fb ends, om smiles and vcomes to tara, he touches tara’s hairs, tara is shocked to see that he touched her.

PRECAP- om says to tara that this color(red) is not pleasant to my eyes, you change this saree right now, tara shouts that I am not your servant, I will not follow your orders, om says ok then, he takes knife in his hands, tara is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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