Ek Boond Ishq 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 19th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kala says I sent you away for ever and announce my verdict of death sentence to Mj. Some of the kala’s workers grab Tara and some go to mj to hang him up. Tara screams leave hi Kala. She escapes from the control of one and starts hitting all of them with branch.

Scene 2
Aradhna asks Meethi where were you going ? SHe says to suicide. Yug says why you thought that ? This life is so important. Meethi says my life is not important no one needs me. My life has been destroyed just because of your daughter. Aradhna says what ? how because of my daughters ? She says yes what is between Nandu and aadi ? Ardhna says she is the wife of rudra. That was past. Meethi says why did she marry him ? Just to go closer to aadi. You younger daughter is helping her out.

grasps tara and says to the workers couldn’t you grasp a little girl?
Aradhna saya tara can’t do this. Metthi says there is something that she has done. She made them come closer to each other and pretended to be good in front of me. Aradhna says nandu can do this I agree but I tara will never do such thing. I know my daughter she will never hurt anyone.
Tara shouts don’t dare touching him kala. Kala pulls the rope slowly and is singing I have been waiting for this since so long. Tara is crying so hard. She says please leave him kala. Kala says there will be pain for a little while and after that peace will be all around you. Kala pulls it harder and says you killed him tara. that’s the end of trusting a woman. Tara is looking at his body. Kala says now I will enjoy the holi and will put mehndi on my hands of mj’s blood.

scene 2
Nandu comes to aradhna and asks why you could me here ? Aradhna says to apologize ? Nanadi asks apologize ? To whom ? Aradhna says to meethi. Nandu says how you dare coming to my home. Aradhna says this is my house where guests are respected. Apologize her and tell her that there is nothing between you and aadi. And tell her that tara is not involved in all of this. She says should I give clarifications to this woman who couldn’t control; her husband. What can I do if he has fallen for me and I am more beautiful than her. Yug says shame on you Nandu. She says don’t poke your nose. She has never acted as a mother for me she always loved tara and you know that. Okay I know tara is her daughter but why is she favoring meethi ? What is her relation with this woman ? Stop this drama of being a mom when you are always doing this with me. If you were my mom you would never have given this woman a place in your house. If you consider me your daughter kick her out of this house. Aradhna says she won’t go anywhere. It was my mistake that I called you here. I have only two daughter tara and meethi. You are not my daughter by now. Get out of here. Nandu is dazed. SHe says okay then I take the decision that you are not my mother from now. If you don’t kick her out in 2 days then all of you will be on road. I vow. She leaves.

Scene 3
Kala says we are done with hanging him and the punishment of hitting with stones is still left. I even don’t wanna see his dead face. Nandu is calling kala but she is not receiving. Kala says lets get started. All of the workers start throwing stones at Mj. tara screams please don’t do this. When they are done kala says lets go and play holi. Tara goes running to mj and gets his body down.

Scene 4
Jairaj is calling DIG and says why isn’t he receiving the call. Don’t know he has got any news about or not. Suddenly dadu wakes up shouting mj mj. Jairaj says bab please do rest you need it. He calls again and then plans on talking to nirmala. He goes down stairs but she isn’t there.
Rudra comes in. Jairaj says I have been calling DIG since so long but he isn’t receiving the call. Rudra says he is embarrassing us again and again. I just met DIG he said why he fled from jail if hasn’t done anything. Tell me what could I say. Jairaj says I don’t believe this. I don’t know how is he. Nandu comes in and say when did you rudra. You are always taking care of your family never take care of yourself. I want you to go to the room right now and rest.
Rudra goes to dadu’s room and says how good he looks while sleeping.

Tara takes off the black cloth from mj’s face and screams in tears. She shouts you all killed him. She hugs him. She says you killed my mj. What did you get kala ? She hugs him and is crying hard.

Scene 5

Nandu asks kala what did you do ? He says how you know I did something? Nandu says I am wise enough. Kala tickles her and says why is your sister so dumb them ? She says because she uses her heart and I use mind. Kala says world is full of such stupid people. Nandu says tell me whats behind this smile. Kala says come close. Kala shoves her away and grasps her hair and says Kala never tells her secrets to anyone. Nandu cries and says I am sorry I won’t ask anything onward. Kala says why you get scared some here. She says no you will hit me again. Kala says I am not a man that I will hit he. Kala hugs her.

Scene 6
Nandi is in deep thought. Aradhna applies color on her face. Yug and Aradhna says happy holi. She says there are no colors in my holi just the black color disappointment. Yug says you got a new brother and a mother aren’t you happy to find us ? SHe says its not like that but Aunty tara knew about aadi and Nandu but she still pretended. Aradhan says there are two things, first that I am not your aunt I am your mom and secondly I won’t say anything yet brcause I know you are upset but I will just say that tara can’t hurt you. I have seen how much she loves you. Come and smile now. Yug says come on we have to finish all the dishes.
Nirmala comes in and jairaj asks where were you ? Nirmala says I was out for some work. Did you get any news about mj ? He says no. Faheem comes and says please sir come and watch the news. They go to the hall. Whole family watch the news that the prisoners who escaped from the jail have an accident. Mj’s name is among those who have died. Everyone is dazed and shocked. Jairaj falls on the ground in tears. Rudra says one has been removed from my path now the other is left before it gts late. Everyone tries to console Jairaj.
Aradhna looks at the picture and says what did you do nandu ? You made your life hell with your own hands. She is in tears. Meethi comes to her and asks whats wrong ? She says you are up ? I thought you are sleeping. Meethi says when mom is crying a daughter can’t sleep. i can understand what are you going through. Your one daughter tara whom you are proud of is going through so much pain and on the other hand is nand who always hurt you. Dont worry you have another daughter methi who will never let you down. She hugs aradhna and says its time for them to cry. =0Atara comes in screaming everyone’s name. She is in tears. She says mj has left us all. Jairaj says yes we know. She asks how? Jairaj says we saw in news and tells tara that mj’s car met an accident. Tara says thats not truth he has been murdered. you all have been deceived. His car never met an accident. He was kidnapped. Jairaj says what do you mean? She says he was hung up and was killed. Then they threw stones at him. I am saying truth. This is all fake news i have seen myself. Please trust me. His murderer is in this house, rudra partap. She starts shouting his name and says come out. Nandu comes and says shut up you loutish girl. You call your elder with name. This house is already dark because of death. Dadu ji is dead. Tara says what? Dada ji? She is shocked she turns back and the dead body is there.

precap-rudra hands over tara a pistol and says kill me and put an end to your hatred. Tara points the gun towards him and fires.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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