Ek Boond Ishq 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 19th February 2014 Written Update

Rudra stops radha, she is super tensed, he comes towards her when daaijaan comes and says here is your pouch, daajaan says why you came up, you are not allowed to roam freely, Mj is going from there and says to leave her, radha and all dancers are leaving, aradhna gifts them. Mj calls tara and says you called me earlier she says it was by mistake, Mj says so should i cut the call, she says no, he says ok say what you want to, she is silent. He pretends like talking to her, she says im not saying anything with whom you are talking? Mj says i am talking with your breath, tara laughs, she ask fro her her things to be given to her, he says what you want moti, bandana or your heart, tara says nothing as whats mine is your too, he says but i need my wife back, tara says its only two days

wait till then.

Scene 2
Radha gives money to dancers for today and say i will come with you tomorrow too, she listens to yug that he is leaving for home, she leaves to go home before him. In night, tara is all smiling and thinking about Mj and how he came all shaved. She calls him, Mj jumps on bed and receives her call, he says how much you will miss me? she says i called only to ask you did maa and nando leave? he says liar, she says when you know then why are you saying me liar, i am missing my stubborn, angry husband, dont know when this separation will end? he says should i come? she says no, he falls on bed and says ouch, tara says you got hurt? he says yes, tara gets worried and says i will tell maa that you are hurt, she will allow me to come there, aradhna comes there, Mj says i was joking i am not hurt but i cant stop talking to you, she saya ok we will not talk from now will do messaging only, he says no, she says maa has come so bye.

Scene 3
In villa, meethi ask adi to put earing in her ear, he does and says today is our mehndi, he touches her hand, she feels shy and leaves. Rudra says to jairaj that i am leaving as i have some work of party, he says ok. Nirmala gets some parcel and she is shocked, jairaj ask what is this she says its from some charitable trust.

Scene 4
In stable, tara is getting ready, yug teases her that she want to look tip top infront of her sasural, tara says you should get married too, have you found any girl? yug looks at nando, tara understands and says when you have guts then tell me, he agrees. Shikhawats come there, all greets them, nando thinks to do her work. Tara meets meethi, they start gossiping, nando sends her and adi’s photos to meethi and smirks.
In police station, guddon says i dont know his name but can recognize hi, rudra comes and says you should show face Mj to him too, rudra thinks now Mj will be in trouble, i have to find radha now.
Tara massages Mj that my sasuaral has come but my groom is not here, he sms back i am waiting for mt bride to come here and tonight will be spent talking to her on sms, tara texts back that i forgot, there will mehnd in my today and i cant do messaging, Mj says you cant backout from your words.

Scene 5
Radha is worried that dancers hasnt come till yet, she calls but number is switched off, she gets worried that how will i go to meer’s marriage now, she gets the call of Mj, who ask what are you doing? he says you are childish, she says you, Mj says i know you are missing my marriage, you always dreamt of enjoying my marriage she says yesterday you wore white kurta, he ask how do you know? she says i get updates and pictures too, he says today is mehndi, all girls are applying mehndi but not you, he says should i come to you with mehndi cone, she says no, your haldi has been done so you cant step out of home and you dont worry about me, i am with you from heart. He says ok, take care, i will come to you after marriage, he ends the call. radha says some poetic lines showing her pain. She gets dancer’s call, they say be ready we are coming, she says okay. she gets happy and says what if i didnt apply mehndi of your name but i will appply mehndi your name in tara’s hands.

Scene 6
In stable, all prepare for mehndi ceremony to start. Nando says meethi that you got message, but aradhna comes and ask her to select mehndi design first. All sit, radha comes there and sits to apply mehndi on tara, she thinks whose name’s mehndi i wanted to apply on my hand, i will be applying on someone’s else. Nirmala ask to remove her veil but radha says that my husband will not like it, aradhna says groom’s name should be written in mehndi, radha ask for name, tara says Mrityunjay. Meethi says write A in my mehndi, Adi says i will write it. He sits and write A with mehndi cone, he says your phone is blinking seems you got many messages, she says nando gave me my phone but i didnt check.

PRECAP- Jairaj says i have asked Lwayer too reopen this case and DIG is supporting us too, Mj says i only want to get out of this all and gives tara all happiness which i couldnt give earlier

Update Credit to: Atiba

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