Ek Boond Ishq 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 18th September 2013 Written Update

Tara is chanting Hanuman Chalis while Nirmala comes close to where she is hiding and sees the pot that has fallen down. Hearing the commotion Dai Maa comes to the spot and Nirmala asks as to where is everyone and how could anyone go to that part of the house. She also says that in Bhaisaab’s absence no one is allowed to come here except for servants who clean the house and even they are allowed to come only in day time. So who could have come at this hour? Dai assures that nobody would have come but she will check once. Nirmala says she is almost certain someone was there but Dai tells her it must be her imagination. Tara cusses out calling herself a bina break ki gaadi who had to get herself into trouble rather than stand peacefully by the door. Tara is tensed praying fervently

hoping no one catches her. Nirmala goes away from there and Dai sets the pot right while Tara escapes silently from there.

Nandani is distraught over the fact that Aditya called their relationship off and decides to talk to him. Aditya is meanwhile chilling out with his friends and he gets Nandu’s call. But he smirks at his friends and disconnects the call. Nandu is furious that he cut her off Before she could call him again her mother comes to her room and asks her to talk to her. But Nandu sulks at her. Her mom is happy that Tara got married happily and now she is no longer worried and she can say what is bothering her now. But this makes Nandu even more angry (Gosh how selfish can this woman get ) She snaps at her telling her that she only thinks about Tara and tells her not to forget that she was the first one to come out of her womb and you are concerned for me only because Tara is happy now. Her mom gets worried and pleads her to say what is wrong but she throws her out saying her life is destroyed Nandu locks the door and starts crying

Tara is hiding behind the stairs contemplating on escaping She mutters to herself saying she isn’t Mr. India who can wear a watch and disappear. She also says that she will probably be the first bahu who will be mistaken for a thief who came to stole the jewellary and clothes of the bahu If she doesn’t hurry and go downstairs people will ask Jayraj if he got home a bahu or a witch from the banyan tree who disappeared (I am so loving this girl)

Jayraj comes inside and calls out to his family asking as to why no one has come to welcome the new bahu. His elder daughter-in-law (donno the name but she must be Mrutyunjay’s bhabhi) comes with a aarthi thaal eagerly looking forward to welcome Tara (I am guessing she will be Tara’s only friend here Everyone else r just so ) She goes out but doesn’t find Tara there and Jayraj too wonders if Tara got lost. Her calls out to his family once more and his daughter (I guess her name is Vasu) comes out telling him to chill and though he is excited about bringing a new bahu no one else in the house is and asks in a disinterested manner as to where she is and Jayraj says maybe she went with his wife Nirmala. Nirmala taunts him saying that given the grand welcome we have planned do you think I am dying out of excitement to make her my bahu Tara is trying to find an escape. Nirmala adds that maybe seeing the grandeur of the house she must have realised her worth and run away from there.

Kalavati is wearing a masquerade ball mask while news is playing on the TV. The newsreporter says that even though Jayraj is discreet about his charitable acts, this time they got to know that he has done a lot for the welfare of the people of Bhopal and the people consider him as God. He laughs loudly when he hears the word Bhagwan. He says that even though the world considers you as God Jayraj, you are incomplete without me. He says that if not for Ravan then Ram would have only been known as Dasharath’s son. But it was Ravan who made Ram who he is and even they are incomplete without each other. He starts singing ‘Panchi banu udte phiro’ and he says he needs to catch Tara and cut her wings. He looks at the mirror where he would have drawn those lines using a lipstick and says there are not mere lines but they represent the remainder of her days to stay alive And he starts singing again. (Viswajeet was superb in this scene Pure terror. Kudos to him )

Jayraj calls his servant Salim assuming he brought Tara in but Salim tells him that he was doing his namaaz. Jayraj’s elder daughter in law says that maybe Tara got lost in this big mansion but Nirmala cuts her across saying the aarti is not over then how can Tara come inside and she never came inside and probably left too. As if right on cue, Tara falls down the stairs and breaks another vase Everyone look on shocked while Nirmala is put off. Tara looks at everyone embarassedly but Jayraj goes to her and Tara says cutely that the vase broke But Jayraj smiles at her and tells her its fine and that he needs no explainations and helps her up. Tara says that in life if you dont stand after falling down then what did you do in Tara style Jayraj asks Nirmala to welcome her and Tara goes to take her blessings by touching her feet but Nirmala backs out Tara finds it odd and looks up at Nirmala confused but she gives those haughty looks (Gosh typical saas tyranny to be seen here )

Nandu pulls out a picture of hers and Aditya’s and cuts it out Her mom bangs on the door along with her brother and begs her to open the door and talk to her. His brother reminds her that Tara asked her not to trouble their mom but Nandu calls Aditya again. This time he answers the call and tells her he is busy but she threatens him asking him to meet her right then else she will kill herself. But Aditya tells her if that happens its good as he wont get her calls again and cuts the call. Nandu is shattered and she picks up the knife to cut her wrists but her brother breaks in by then and her mother snatches the knife and gives her a tight slap (I felt she deserved 2 more ) Her mother says that maybe you will cut your wrists but I will be the one to die. Her brother says that if Tara ever got to know about this she will kill her. But Nandu says that forget her and Tara will neither have time to save her or kill her as she will be busy enjoying her life in a palace (Sheesh woman get a life! Your sister threw away her life so that you could lead a comfortable life) and Tara will never be bothered about us.

Tara’s bhabhi does her arti and asks her to step inside by knocking the kalash down. Tara is super tensed now She is scared that if she doesn’t make the kalash fall in one go then she will become a laughing stock. She says to herself that she has seen that umpteen times in movies but doing it in real life is tough She closes her eyes tight shut and taking a step begins to aim the kick and finally gives a hard kick at the kalash sending it flying away inside while everyone look at it shocked

Precap – Tara is woken up by servants who ask her what kind of tea she wants – green tea, lemon tea, organic tea, masala tea and Tara says get me all…

Update Credit to: mandy

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