Ek Boond Ishq 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 17th October 2013 Written Update

The episode strats with MJ in ujda chaman. He sees the flowers and Tara’s msg. He removes his short and throws water on the wall. He searches something in his bag when Tara’s pearl falls frm his bag. Tara also comes tyere

He paints it and writes a msg saying what happened?tara comes there and paints the left part and sees the msg. She writes bak what happened with me shud happen to anyone else all while thinking about MJ s supposed assault the previous day. Kalavati comes and sees Tara. He says he will complete the task in kuldevi temple. He sees MJ also there. He leaves. Tara also leaves. MJ hears the sound but Tara is gone. (MriAra don’t see each other despite being do near)

He sees the msg and feels bad for the person. Ts is disturbed Tara comes and ask what happened. He tells about MJ refusing to go. Tara says she has a plan after which he will agree. Meethi is talking to adi he doesn’t listen. She gets pissed off but slips while waking adi catches her. Eye lock between them. It’s broken by adis phone call meethi upset. She close the curtain and goes to take something I think she was gonna dance. Tara enters and says she needs her help

Kalavati sees the milk and wonder who brought it and remembers Tara cumin. Meethi goes to MJ s room and says ts is not well. Tara is asking ts to pretend to be sick. Tara hides outside. MJ comes and is concerned. Ts tells he is got chest pain. MJ tells he will bring doctor. Ts says there is no need for doctor. MJ understands he is upset with him for refusing to go to kuldevi temple and agrees to go with tara

Nandu and aradhana cuming frm shopping. Nandu bangs into yug. He tells he will help. Aradhana ask him to come and have tea with them

MJ asks meethi to take care of ts and he will call doctor. Tara comes as soon as MJ leaves. The 3 musketeers are happy. Ts says thank u to Tara cos of her he din have to be ashamed infront of tayaji she says till she is there he will never have to. Tara thinks she solved ts problem but about hers

Precap:shekhawat family escorting Tara to car for their visit to kuldevi temple. MJ comes and keeps his bag. Tara sees the instrument and thinks why he needs it for going to kuldevi temple. She is scared…

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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