Ek Boond Ishq 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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SCene 1
mj and tara are dancing in their imaginations, they come out of imagination, tara starts laughing, mj sees that all are seeing them, he leaves tara, tara starts dancing again, om holds her and ask her to come, tara says leave me alone, now I am enjoying party, I danced very well but nobody clapped, she sees foreign clients and ask him did he enjoy my dance, she ask mannat sis you enjoy my dance, om ask her to come, tara now shouts that leave my hand, what you think of yourself, how dare you touch me, I am not your servant that you say sit then I will sit, stay away from me, she says I have treatment for you, she says one rubbish om told you all and now I will announce one more thing that I am not sia, what happened mr.agnihotri, why your face is pale, should I tell everyone whom I am,

I am tara, tara shikhawat, mj thinks that why this name tara seem familiar, he recalls that fahim also took this name tara. tara says om am I not saying right, om says I call you tara(star) in love but that doesn’t mean your name is not sia, you are sia not tara, tara laughs and says I have never seen a liar like you, tara says I am fire, if you come near me then your fate will burn too, tara was not yours neither she will.

Scene 2
laado is still shivering with current effect, servant informs that lamp wire was broken, laado ask her to call jackey, she calls and gives it to laado, laado ask did you do the work, jackey says I will do the work soon, laado says party is of today only, do it fast. she ends the call and calls pari, she ask pari did balli came out of bathroom, pari says he went to veggies, laado says at this time? pari says swear on you, laado scolds her and says don’t worry he will come here only as his life(pari) is here, laado says I feel like balli is upto something.
in party, mannat tries to hold tara saying sia bhabhi, tara say I am not sia, tara says to om that I will bring your truth out, I will show your real face to world, mannat holds her and ask mj to help her, they take tara to her room, jackey thinks how he will kill her now.

om says sorry to everyone, he says sia is on strong medication, I should told her to avoid meds, vidant says I will talk to her, om says no, let mannat handle her, om says sia’s health is not good so mannat took her to her room.
mj and mannat are taking tara in room, mannat ask mj to take her in room and kill her, manna goes in party.
om says sorry to his foreign clients, client says it happens so don’t be sorry, his secretary says its good that you handled the situation otherwise its difficult to see your ill when you are yourself doctor.
mj makes tara sit in her room, mj says I will bring water for you, tara holds his hand and ask him to not leave, please don’t leave me, please sit here, mj sits beside her, tara lies her head on mj’s shoulder, she says you always leave me but don’t leave me now, I need you, I am tired of fighting, I cant fight anymore, I need your support. mj is in thoughts( ek boond ishq pe plays). otherside om makes some calls(muted). mj wipes tara’s tears while she sleeps, mj tries to pull her away but tara hugs him tightly and cries, she says don’t go away, don’t make your tara away from you, I cant live without you, mj reluctantly hugs her back and gets peace too in tara’s arms. tara says I am only yours and I want only to be yours, please don’t make me away from you, mj looks at her and cups her face, tara sees his face and realizes that he waiter, she throws mj away and gets up, mj’s beard falls off from his face, tara is stunned. mj takes out his fake beard and glasses, tara is stunned to see that its none other than mj ( zinda hoon ishq pe plays). tara comes closer to mj and touches his face, she cups his face and touches his body to make herself believe that he is standing infront of her, tara hugs mj emotionally, mj is stunned. tara cries and says I cant believ you are infront of me, I think I am dreaming and if its dream so my eyes should not open, I will not let you go away from me, tell me you wont separate me now, mj hugs her to comfort her, tara says don’t go away, be always with me, be always around me, she becomes unconscious.

mannat gives juice to om and deliberately throws it on his dress, om says this is the last thing I wanted, mannat says sorry and ask him to go and change. om is coming upstairs but gets a call. jackey comes in tara’s room and says oh balli(mj) so you were saving her whole while, I will kill her 1st then I will see you, mj hugs tara and protects her from jackey, jackey fires but mj moves away alongwith tara, all are stunned to listen fire from tara’s room.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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