Ek Boond Ishq 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 17th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra comes towards dadu, dadu feels afraid, Mj stands inbetween them, Jairaj says his healthi is not good, he is only recognizing Mj no one else. Rudra pretends and says you dont know how much happy i am to see you, where were you, He hugs dadu.I ma feeling happy and i will not allow you to go now, Mj furiously looks at her, Vasu clicks dadu’s pic and says i will show it to tara. She comes to stable and infroms her about dadu being alive, tara and aradhna is happy that now elder’s blessing is with Mj and tara. Vaus shows her picture, tara remembers how she had met him and took him to villa and hoe he blessed her, tara says i have already met him before and he blessed me too, I will go and tell this to Mj, she is about to leave but meethi stops her and says you cant

meet Mj, nando says but i ca go there, Tara suspiciously looks at her and says angrily we from bride side doesnt got to the side of groom, she thinks that nando is is definitely upto something, Meethi get Mj’s call, she puts it on loudspeeker, Meethi says we are going for shopping, so tell tara what you want from Mj in face revealing ceremony, Tara it will happen when he will show his face but his face is hidden behind long hairs, i only want to see him in short hairs and good shaved face, Mj is thoughtful. Meethi says this is impossible you will not get it, they ends the call and laughs while otherside Mj is serious.

Scene 2
Radha is hyper that yug didnt tell her about new happenings, he comes, Radha says what is going, what meer is going to wear, blue looke good on him, he use to say that will not marry but now he is despearate to get married, Yug ask what are you hiding, Do you love him? radha hugs him and says i love him more than me. Yug says why you didnt tell him then, radha says i thought he will see in my eyes, but he never loved me, he loves tara only and i am happy for them, Yug says you will get happiness soon.
Kalawati gets to know from lawyer that jairaj has asked to reopen radha case, kala says i had doubt that radha is alive, she is like cat everytime she runs from clutches like the saying that ‘cat has 9 lives’. Kala thinks why her every plan fails, radha, Mj,tara, jairaj all are trying things against me but 1st i have to find radha cat, where she must be? in villa. Now every plan will work as lawyer of jairaj is my man.

Scene 3
Mj comes to yug and radha, he says came to see how is radha, he ask about her, radha says how i can be alright, you are getting married and i am stuck here. Mj says i also want you to be with me but for safety purpose you need to be here. Yug says sorry that he didnt knew about he being innocent and now he i with him in this fight, Mj says to radha to not step out of this house, radha thinks that you know me well i will not listen to you, Mj says something to yug which is muted.

Scene 4
In villa, all are waiting for Mj, meethi calls hm, he says i am busy in some work, nimmo says Tara’s mother will come with haldi but he doesnt care, Rudra thinks what he must doing now. In police station, DIG gets to know that they have found about the owner of gun, he thinks to tell this to Rudra.
In stable, yug clicks pictures, tara says to aradhna that to put haldi on Mj nicely if you get space from his long hairs, she ask nando to put haldi on him like me and bunty does. Aradhna misses bunty.
In villa, Rudra gets some information and says now police will come with palanquin for Mj. Meethi says to adi that we got married too so quickly, adi thinks to do something.
Aradhna and all leaves from stable, tara gets massage from Mj that today will be face revealing so tell me when all leave. Tara massages back that they have left but cant meet before pheras. In villa all are shocked to see someone but he is not shown.

Scene 5
In stable, some silhouette appears. Tara thinks how maa and nando came back so fast, she comes out to see who it is and ask who is there and thinks it might be some thief. She takes the stick and says what you did in life if not beaten a thief, man snatches stick from her, she hides and sees the silhuette coming toward her, he takes her dupatta which has fallen down and puts it on her head, It is Mj which short hairs, his new look is revealed(i am dead). He ask how was face revealing ceremony? tara is in state of shock then smiles broadly.

PRECAP- Mj and vasu are applying haldi to each other like kids, radha in veil is sitting there and sees them, Rudra is sitting on chair just beside her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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