Ek Boond Ishq 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara comes in party, mj looks at her, tara passes by mj, her dupatta gets stuck in mj’s dress button, tara turns and looks at him, they share an eyelock, mj then removes her dupatta, tara turns back and goes to om, om tries to hold her arm but she jerks his hand away, om ask what are you doing, om says I told you to dress like sia, tara says sia would be ready but I am tara, om says don’t do drama here, tara says yes only you know how to make drama out of one’s life, om says you are breaking your promise, tara says no I am fulfilling my promise which I gave to myself, om says you like surprises so I will give you surprise, he holds her hand, tara ask him to leave her hand, om brings in her party and announces that as you all know that this party is in honor of Mr. ryne(foreigner)

and says the good news is that after being in coma for 5 years, my wife is here, he says I would like to propose a toast to my sia, cheers, all claps. he says next month we have a wedding anniversary and my wife will like that we get married again, all are stunned, he says you all are invited, all congrats him, tara gets tears in her eyes and thinks that where are you mj, I need you, your tara cant think of anyone else and she have to pretend like someone else wife, mj is looking at her, one reporter ask sia why tears in your eyes, om says its tears of happiness as her husband loves her a lot, tara says dust went in my eyes, I didn’t know that there is so much dust in this house, om leaves with his pa, tara cries in corner, mj keep looking at her and brings juice for her but tara denies without seeing him, mj then shows her a tissue, tara takes it and wipes her tears and turns to see his face but mj leaves from there, one lady comes to tara and says sia you have changed a lot, your dressing style and everything, om comes and says I like sia this way so she has chose this style, lady says this look is also suiting her, om goes from there, the shooter jackey comes there and points his gun towards tara, mj sees him and is tensed, mj strikes with jackey and throws his plate in which he was hiding gun, mj gets in scuffle with jackey and tara goes from there, mannat meets mj and ask to do the work, nandu comes there in Charlie Chaplin costume, guard ask him to show him the invitation card, nandu says smell my perfume and you will know who I am, guard smells and becomes unconscious. tara is thinking that after one month om will do the dram of marriage, I have to mj before it, from whom I can take the help, all are om’s partner here, vidant comes there and ask what happened to my chtki, tara says I am not your chutki, mannat comes there and ask them to join in party, vidant says om was saying that sia is fine but what happened to her now? mannat says she has not taken medicine dose that’s why, vidant says I will bring her meds, he goes upstairs, nandu is also upstairs and tries to steal in tara’s room, vidant is approaching to her.

Scene 2
om comes to tara in party and says look all believed that you are sia, tara smiles, om says why this smile? tara says your anniversary is after one month and on that day I will marry with my mj, then what will you do, om says before going in coma you used to love poetry, can I say poetic line, tara says go ahead, om says
I know whats the realty of heaven
but its good thought to pacify your heart

tara says I don’t know poetry but I know phrase, the clouds which make noise doesn’t give rain, om says have some class, tara says fate doesn’t change, I have mj in my fate and will remain and in your fate there was no sia and there will be no tara. om says you have got the attitude after recovering from coma, I like it, come and enjoy the party, tara says let me be here, you would have known in these days that I am outspoken so its better if I don’t talk with your guest, he says yes, you count stars in sky and I will discuss wedding anniversary plans with guests.

nandu is searching tara’s room when vidant comes there, she hides and is shocked to see him.
in hall, jackey is again targeting tara with his gun, mj sees it and is stunned.

PRECAP- tara gets drunk and dances vulnerably in party, om is displeased, tara is about to fall but mj catches her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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