Ek Boond Ishq 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 14th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
adi is wearing vest, he sees shirt on bed and thinks meethi came back, he says i am happy you came back, he sees its nando, he ask what are you doing here, nando says if she cared she woud have been here, he ask how dare you touch my things, nando says i love you and i know you love me, he pushes her and says out, nando says i have take your responsibilities, adi says dont even touch me, meethi is my wife and nobody can take her place.
In jail, nimmo thinks that mj is my son, she remembers her bitter words to mj where she said that you are not my son mj, how she said that he is dirty blood, she says i did a big mistake, he was around me in all these years and i couldnt recognize, i pushed him away, i disowned him, insulted him. i am not a mom but his culprit, guruji

says i dont understand anything, he ask how you know jairaj, she says jairaj is my husband, he adopted my son and i thought him as ann outsider, because of me he is getting punished for crime he didnt comit, he will be hanged, guruji remembers mj saying it.

Scene 2
tara comes to jail and says to jailer that mj’s lifeis in danger, he says he is to be hanged then why will somebody try to kill him. guruji says to nimmo that he is mj, she ask you know him? guru remembers mj saving him, he says the kid i wanted to kill, he saved my life, i am alive because of him, nimmo says dont tell him that i am his mother, i will tell him, i ma his culprit, she requests him, he agrees. jailer says to tara that you are making stories to meet him, he says dont waste my time, leave. tara comes out, nimmo is standing behind but both could not see each other, nimmo thinks that what will i tell mj that i am your mother, who hated you, sent you in jail, i have to do something good before i meet him.

Scene 3
meethi’s bhabhi throws meethi out of house, she says go wherever you want but dont comeback here, she says girl should die in her sasural, she closes gate and calls her friend, she says i threw her out, bell rings, she opens gate, its adi, heask where is meethi.
in jail, guruji is thinking, mj comes and says someone came to meet you and you are not eating, everything alright, guru says i met her after 27 years, mj says did you recognize her, guru says yes thats why i put my heart out, guru says only i knew this and i told her today. nimmo is seeing pics of mj’s childhood, she cries, jairaj comes there and thinks that she is seeing adi’s pic. he sees her seeing mj’s pics, she says i was busy hating mj that i cloudnt see this innocent child. guru says to mj that i told the secret to its right man and now i am at peace. mj wipes his tears and ask why are you looking at me like this, he says you became so big, mj says you sound like you have seen me in childhood. nimmo says to jiaraj that you might be shocked but how can i not see a kid and couldnt give him motherly love, he raised up without this love but you gave him fatherly love. you didnt think that he is an outsider, i am lucky to have you as my husband, who loves everyone. i am sorry, i asked you to stop mj’s case, he is our big son, we will do all to save him.
tara is outside jail, she thinks to write letter to mj, she writes it and comes to policeman, she says can you give this to mj, he says its not allowed, he ask what will get? tara gives her gold bangles and says give this letter to mj only. policeman comes in, jailer stops him, he sees letter in his hands, jailer says to go out, jailer says you know what to say to that girl, policeman comes out and nods to tara.

Scene 4
nando decorates house for hloi, rudra praises her, rudra says holi tells to remove bad things from within, he ask tara are you listening, he says promise infront of fire that you will not lust for money, you will not hate, you will not get jealous, jairaj says you are great bahi sahab. tara promises infront of fire, that i will remove my all fear to save my mj.
mj in jail, promises that i will not be sad, i will have hope from now on. jailer says policeman to close only one gate not other, guru listens to it.
nimmo comes forward to do aarti, nando stops her and says i am big in this i will do it, nimmo says but i am doing it from years.. nando says now i will do it, she takes plate and does aarti with rudra.
in jail, guru ask mj to run with other criminals, jailer is sending them out, mj says i will not run, guru says you can turn in winning, mj says i didnt lost, i am following path of truth and nobody loses on it.
nando ask tara to do aarti but your husband is not here, how will you do it alone, tara says who says my husband is not here with me, she shows her mj’s photo and says he is always with me. guru says you are not afraid of death, mj says earlier when i came here, i ahd no hopes but now i want to live so i cant become criminal by running, guru says your wife is waiting for you, mj says i have trust on her, she will take me out. tara does aarti that you are with me, we will fight for truth and will win and bad will be lost. guru says i am proud that i saved you, mj says what? guru says i thought to save you by making you run but you didnt, its your choice i will not say anything.

Scene 5
in jail and in villa, holi puja is being celebrated, rudra jerks tara and mj photo falls in fire, tara takes it out, rudra says soon his body will on fire, tara says you cant do anything to him till i am alive. rudra says its my promise to kill him infront of you tomorrow. rudra calls his men in jail and says to take parcel from jail and come to me, mj goes inside, rudra comes to tara and says its your 1st holi and nobody gifted you, take it, tara sees its white saree. she is shocked. in jail, mj is being attacked and taken by some people. rudra says tomorrow i will fulfill my promise so i thought to gift it to you, tomorrow people will play holi with colors but kala will take out all colors from your life.

PRECAP- mj is tied up and is infront of death hang, tara is wearing white saree and is crying to see mj.

Update Credit to: atiba

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