Ek Boond Ishq 14th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
tara ask where is artist rani, rani shows her and its none other than om, om says you don’t need artist I am here, rani leaves, om says I am a very good artist why to bring from outside, tell me what to make, tara says I cant tell you for everything and see you can drive but you have driver, you have busy schedule so why this artist work, are you doubting me? om says no, I jut want to know whose sketch you wanted to make, tara says my mother, I am missing her a lot today, om says not bad, I listened that you were making sketch of me and mannat. tara looks at him.
mj is thinking about laado’s words that she hired a shooter, pari comes there in saree, she gives parsad to mj, mj ask whats all this? its laado’s chunri, pari ask him to bring stool, mj brings, pari stands

on it and does mj’s tilak.
tara says to om that I just wanted to give you surprise, tell me I will ask you to make your own pic so I took my mother’s name, om says I am shocked, if you hide anything from me then I will doubt you and another thing how you thought to hide things from me? tara says I didn’t want to make you worried but why are you tensed, its all happening according to your will, om ask her to get ready and come down, I am waiting for in party, tara ask any other order? om says I just reminded you, come down quickly, he leaves, tara says I am also waiting to come down in party as I have to give you surprise, I will give you stars and moons today.

Scene 2
pari ask balli/mj to touch her feet, he touches, she says my blessing is with you, mj ask now tell me whats all this, pari says I wwas watching a serial in which son was worried so his mom gave her blessing and hero got happy, I saw you worried so I gave you blessing, mj cries and says you are my mother, my father and everything. PRECAP. pari says I don’t understand what is heart, mj says but I understand. PRECAP but I everybody know me in that house how will I enter there.
party is about to start, mannat comes in room and takes out pistol, she says om whats yours is mine as I am your sister, your gun will help me today as it have your finger prints. in living room, party arrangements are being done, mj comes wearing a wig, he comes to store room and looks at uniform of waiter for shooter, mj thinks that if shooter doesn’t find dress here then he can do mistake, he sees waiters working in living area, he make noises, waiter comes in store room to see, mj closes door and grabs him, he wears his waiter dress, he says to unconscious waiter sorry, you sleep here for sometime, he goes in living room, mannat sees him and thinks that he is in waiter’s dress and is coming out of store room, this means he is laado’s shooter, she takes him in store room and gives him gun, mj says I will shoot with my gun, mannat says this gun is of om, his name will come for this murder, mj says but om is your brother, mannat says do your work only, she gives him gun and sasy shoot when om is not with tara, she leaves. the real shooter comes in store room and takes waiter uniform.

guest ask mannat where is tara, mannat says she will come, mannat nods to mj and goes to see tara, the real shooter(jackey) comes in party and takes out his gun, mj sees him. om meets some foreign dealers, his p.a says that this deal would have finalized 6 years back but your wife gone missing so we had to cancel the deal, hope she is fine now, laut auo trisha team comes in party, om ask did you get to know about trisha, man says no, we are disappointed. girl says om you understand when your own leaves you, when people puts allegations on you, thank god you got to know about sia, man says actually I want a favor from you, if you get any news about trisha in your hospital then do inform me, they get a call and says we have to rush as we got some info about sia, they leave. vidant comes there and about sia, om says she will come, one lady says look sia has come, all looks upstairs, mannat thinks wow this girl is going against om, now I will be happy to see om in pain, tara thinks that om wanted sia to come in party but I am tara.

PRECAP- tara is weeping incorner in party, shooter jackey comes there and is about to shoot her, mj sees it

Update Credit to: Atiba

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