Ek Boond Ishq 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 14th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Tara and Mj lays down to sleep but cannot sleep, Mj turns towards tara and touches her hand, tara feels shy suddenly alarms rings, Mj gets afraid and gets up, tara laughs, Mj throws alarm, tara turns it off and says i have to give breakfast to baba, Mj stops her and says not to go, tara says i have to give him medicines too, she leaves,Mj cribs why did alarm rang.
In yug house, Yug brings sandwiches for radha which has smileys made on them with ketchup, radha says we used to make tombs with these sandwiches, yug says i will come in a while.
In kitchen, tara is preparing for breakfast and remembers how Mj removed books placed between them and how he held her hand, sh is all smile.
Here yug brings many bread pieces for radha and says here is you tomb, he

gives her one piece to eat, they both eat, radha is sad so he put ketchup on her nose, they start to have ketchup fight, they both laugh but radha again gets sad, yug says to never leave him again, radha says you too, nandini comes and says this time is to be happy and now i will set everything right, nandini ask bread piece, yug says i will go and bring coffee for you, Nandini says to radha that you are very brave, what happened with you was very bad but what happened that night? yug shouts and says to never talk about that night from radha, and will never tell anyone about radha being here. nandini says you an trust me, yug looks at her angrily.

Scene 2
Meethi comes in kitchen and says to tara that you were not getting sleep in my room, tara says nothing like that, meethi says i had seen you going to your room in night, tara ask about adi and her relationship. Mj comes and says me and baba are going to police station, tara says 1st do breakfast, Mj says i had to report to DIG yesterday but baba requested him for today, baba comes and says to not worry everything will be fine, tara says good luck to Mj. Mj and baba goes.
In yug house, aradhana is packing some cloths and fruits, she ask yug to get ready we have to go to tara’s house, yug says i cant go because of radha, aradhna says ok, she ask nandini to get ready, she agrees.
In police station, DIG says the was not yours then why did you say that? Mj says i didnt want my wife to be in any trouble, DIG says because of this your case have gone worse, Mj says i wanted my wife to be safe so i did that. DIG says we are closing this gun case but to be carefull from next time.
In villa, Adi comes and calls for meethi, Meethi says to tara that this is because of you that he calls me sweetly, she goes to adi who says that he is going to Europe, meethi says alone? he says yes what you will do there you will get bored, he ask for tea, meethi comes in kitchen, takes tea and goes, Tara sees biscuits and goes to give it to meethi, meethi sees flowers in their room, tara comes and sees it, meethi sees note in flowers, she reads that adi want to take her to candle light dinner, meethi is very happy and gives credit to tara, meethi sees nandini standing on door, tara meets her, nandini informs that aadhna has come too, tara leaves to meet her, nandini fumes on meethi.
In hall, tara meets aradhna, Mj and jairaj comes back. Mj is happy to see her, Jairaj says good to see you, tara ask what you will have, aradhna one glass water, Mj says i will bring it, Tara says you are making your SIL work,aradhna says i have come to request you something, she says 1st of all i want to say sorry to Mj but now i have understood that he is culprit, my daughter trust you then why should i not, Mj says to not say sorry. Aradhna says its dream of every mother to see her daughter getting married, taking pheras but i didnt got chance to see it but now i want them to have a full fledged wedding with all rituals, i want them to do the marriage again,tara is emotional. Jairaj says i was thinking same we will start preparing for their marriage, aradhna thanks him, aradhna ask for Mj’s suggestion, he is silent and says i want to say.. tara says if want to say no then say it, Mj gets up and says no, all are shocked, Mj looks at tara and says i mean yes, all get happy, he smiles. Vasu says you are blushing more then tara, aradhna thanks him, Mj says to not do grand things, she agrees, tara says i have one request, she says i hated him in initial days but we became friends in Stable, i got to know him there so i want my palanquin to be brought from there,baba agrees. Nandini thinks that meethi laugh as much as you ca but soon i will destroy your marriage, one relation will get smooth and one will destroy. Mj tara takes blessing of aradhna and baba.

Scene 3
Aradhna informs radha about wedding of tara and Mj, she thinks i always wanted to see Mj as a groom but, Yug says you cant go there as case is reopening and there is danger in that villa, nandini listens to it , he ask radha to understand, she agrees. Yud says i will bring cloths for you, aradhna comes and gives them sweets, aradhna says barat will come in Stable, so we have to go there, yug says i cant go, radha says you should go. Radha thinks i will see him as groom at any cost, i will go there.

Scene 4
Rudra comes to DIG and ask about the gun, DIG says Mj lied about to save his wife, he says they are from your house, Rudra says but they are blood related to us though jairaj loved them but i cant trust anybody after the attack on jairaj, he ask DIG to investigate, Rudra thinks now Mj will know what problem i have created for him.

Scene 5
In villa, meethi packs the bag for tara, tara says i am not going to london, meethi says who know you both change the mood and will stay there as Stable is your honeymoon spot, tara says you are throwing me out to get hold in this house, tara says now i will come here with full rights, Mj comes there meethi and fahim stops him at door, they say you cant see tara before marriage, Mj says what? meethi says its tradition she is unknown to you before marriage, he tries to fool them and tries to go inside but fails, he says my would be again wife i am going outside, will comeback after a while, they closes door, Tara says why are you doing this with innocent, they say innocent ahem ahem.

Scene 6
In night, nirmala is angry fr this middle class thought of doing marriage again, jairaj says every mother has right to see her daughter’s marriage, he request her to come in marriage with smaile, she agrees.

Scene 7
jayraj calls the lawyer and say its a blessed day today so i want you to open radha murder case. I want the real culprits to be behind bars and my son to free. The lawyer agrees.

Scene 8
in morning tara and nandani enter the stable. Nandani sits tara says thats the place of maria don’t sit there. Will you make the horse of groom. Aradhni stops tara from work and says the bride never works. She is treated like a guest. Last time you married abruptly but thats not gonna happen this time. I wont let you go until he comes. Tara hugs her. They go inside.
mj knocks the door but no one is opening. A guy comes a say what are doing? Mj says prabho ji lived here. He says no one lives here now. He hired a guy to look after dadu but that boy ran away as well. Mj asks is there anything you know about them? He says no. He leaves. Mj is disappointed. He wonder where dadu can be. He has to find him. He has to delay the wedding.

scene 9
yug is telling on call whats going on. They all dance,Nirmala and methi come there. They see tara and nandani dancing. Aradhna stops them and welcome nirmala. She says i came here with thd shagun. You all have to come to the haldi. Tara asks do i have to come as well? Nirmala says don’t you know bride only comes after wedding. You wont come there. Vasu comes and says to nirmala dad.. Nimala asks what? She says at home.

Scene 10
Mj comes and says to baba that i want to say something, he says this marriage cant be done i have some problem, suddenly Dadu calls Mj he is stunned to see him in villa, he hugs dadu, jairaj says i went to mandir and got to meet my father there, i couldnt believe my eyes that he is my father, its a miracle as i thought he was.. He ask Mj why were you not agreeing to marriage, he says we got dadu ths means happiness is coming in our life, you should do this marriage, Mj agrees. Meethi, vasu and niramala comes and are shocked to see daud, they meet him, They see Rudra standing on gate, dadu gets afraid, Rudra thinks he is alive what if say anything about me, he comes towards dadu, Mj stands inbetween dadu and Rudra.

PRECAP- Rudra pretends and says you dont know how much happy i am to see you, where were you, He hugs dadu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love today’s epi, it’s awsme,tara n mj ki shadi,i’m sooo much happy,n mj is soo cute,luv u viraf

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