Ek Boond Ishq 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 13th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
tara is with dadu, she says how will save mj, no one is with me. dadu says i am with you, i know everything about rudra. i will tell jairaj, he comes there and says because of this nature of yours, a made you my slave but you again became right, he ask will you want to become slave again or will remain shut. he calls jairaj, rudra puts injection on him , tara says what are you doing, jairaj comes there, rudra says tara was saying bitter words to dadu and he got agitated so i gave him medicine, jairaj says to tara that will you not stop all this crap, tara says one day you will know that i wad right, rudra leaves from there, dadu is unconsious.
Jairaj calls lawyer and says mj didnt do any crime so he should get punished, nimmo comes there and thinks if mj get free then

adi will be custody.
In jail, mj is being beaten up, rudra comes there, mj says so you came, he says i came to ask your last wish, j says its your death, he pushes mj and mj falls. rudra says if you try to touch me then think about tara and your family.
nimmo says to jairaj that you are wasting time, mj is darkness for our house, jairaj says so i will let him die, he is your son, nimmo says he is a bad blood, nimmo says he did a fraud as it maybe in his blood.
In jail rudra says i kidnapped my father, stole money from my brother’s company, attacked him so i can do anything, mj says you will get punished, rudra says you are going, no one believes on tara, and adi.. mj says dont do anything to him, jairaj says to nimmo that i will fulfill my duty as father i will not let anything happens to innocent mj, nimmo thinks if mj get punished than adi will be free.
in jail, mj says i will tell your truth to everyone, rudra says there was a time when i wanted to tell world that i am kalavati but my father stopped me and made me rudra pratap, he cuts mj’s hand and put tikka on her head, she says i will play holi with your blood this time. she says if law frees you even then i will hang you.

Scene 2
kala is making nando practice kathak dance, she doesnt get it so kala behaves rudely with her, nando cries. kala says i am rude to you these days, she ask her to sit and says i am stressed out these days, tara was leaving but my father stopped and now this holi festival, nando says i want to organize holi, kala says nimmo do it every year, she says you do it this year, nando is happy, she says lets practice dance. they plays with each other.
In morning, servants are cleaning house, nimmo says stop all this, make parathas for adi, nando comes there and scolds servants. she says i will make parathas as there is no meethi, adi says no one can take her place, tara comes there and says i will make parathas, nando says i will do kitchen work, you will prepare for hloi, nimmo says no one will play holi, nando says i will play holi. she says no one is interested that this is 1st holi of mine i will play it in grand style, she says its tara’s 1st holi and maybe last, she ask joseph to bring red spice color for nimmo, nimmo shouts enough, she says you do what you want i will not be here, she ask driver to take out car, nando says driver will take out car for me, she ask joseph to bring auto for nimmo, she says give me some coins. joseph gives. nandu says to nirmla keep it. Will help you. Nirmala is angry. Jairaj says to mj dont worry nothing will happen to you. Mj says yes i know when you and tara are there nothing is gonna happen. He asks did she tell you about rudra? He says yes she told so many lies. he says its not truth. Mj asks did she show you the proofs? i have seen those proofs as well that show that you have done it all. Mj says look into my eyes and tell me can i do this. Jairaj says i cant deny what i have seen. Why you needed that money? You should have asked me. Mj says listen to me please. He says no. Those accusations on my brother, i never expected that. Mj says all i can say is that you cant differentiate between truth and lie. He says yes i couldnt i was blind in yours and tara’s love. Forget it. I am ready to forget it all. I will save you because i know you are innocent i have leave. Mj shouts baba but he leaves.

Scene 3
kala says those who think that good always triumphs over evil should Get themselves checked. Evil can kill good anytime. Nandu comes in and asks you are here talking to your own self. Didn’t even ask me what i shopped. He says dont moan sit here. Nand asks what are you doing with this rope. Kala says im preparing it for something special. Nando asks for skipping? I will do it too. Kala puts it in her neck and sings should i kill you. Nandu says what are you doing? He starts pulling it and says how heavy are you. She says please leave. He says was just weighing you. He takes it out and says bad rope. It hurt you. He makes her wear the necklace and says this your gift. Show me your shopping. Now smile please.

SCene 4
man says says his all important papers were in this box. She finds one.
nimmo finds paper which have entry of 16th may, she reads name of govind shukla, man tells her that he is in jail.
kala says i have to prepare for holi, she ask for phone, she calls jailer and tells her something which is muted, she says i promised mj and tara so on this holi dreams will be shattered. i will play holi with blood

Scene 5
nimmo comes to jail to meet govind, he is guruji, nimmo says you know me, he ignores, she says why are you running from questions, tell me, she says the kid you gave in orphanage was mine, he sits and says i was waiting to meet you from years. she says tell me truth. he gets flashback where rudra gives him money to kill the kid when nimmo is in labour room, he says i tried to kill the kid but i couldnt, so i gave him in orphanage and told rudra that i killed him, rudra was tensed that i can tell this to anyone so he put me in jail in false case, nimmo ask you know where he is? govind says no, he says he was being adopted by big businessman jairaj singh shikhawat, nimmo thinks that he was my son, mrityunjay is my son.

PRECAP- guruji says to mj that there is one way to save you from hanging, mj says i am not feeling well, he leaves from ther, someone attacks mj on head, he falls

Update Credit to: Atiba

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