Ek Boond Ishq 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 13th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
PREAP. Tara points to him to not stare her infront of Baba, he leaves, tara ask baba what should we do now? baba says we will try to reopen the case and will prove Mj innocent, tara agrees.
In yug house, radha is crying remembering raghu kaka, yug comes and shows her paper boat saying if she will cry then boat will start to float, she says you remember all my talks of childhood? he shows her all the boats she had given him in childhood, she says i wanted to unite you and baba but it is not possible now. yug says i came after changing all my bad habits to be united with baba but than cam to know that Mj did that with you.. radh says he didnt do anything with me, he is innocent, nandini listens to this from outside and says so she is the one whose murder charges on

Mj but if he proves innocent then tara will get everything will live a good life after snatching my happiness(adi) how can i allow her to live peacefully, never

Scene 2
In villa, tara comes to kitchen where vasu and meethi are present, They teases tara about what happened in village, tara says nothing happened there, they ask whether he sang i love you? did he kiss you? they both are teasing her, she is about to go but Mj comes there, she bumps into him. He holds her, they both get lost in each other, meethi vasu laughs they both make distance, Mj ask what happened? meethi says we were asking her question but she is not answering, he ask what question tara fumbles and says you know them, Mj says i am not understanding anything, i am going come with milk in our room, he leaves. Meethi gives her milk glass, tara is all shy and leaves. In room, Mj sees Red bandana and remembers how tara had given it to him, he sees pearl and thinks that i got you after much difficulty now i will not allow you to leave. Tara comes with milk being all shy and says milk, Mj looks romantically at her, he takes the glass and ask her to have it too, she says no its for you, he drinks the half glass and offers her again, she says why he is offering the half milk to her. Mj laughs and says you see many bollywood pictures na, tara says yes but why? he says nothing, he ask her to sit, he holds her hand and make her sit, he gets closer, Meethi vasu comes so tara gets up, meethi says adi is out so can you sleep with me in my room? Mj says why, take vasu with you, tara says vasu only sleep in her room,she leaves with them Mj is disappointed.

Scene 3
tara ask meethi and vasu why you both are laughing like mads, meethi says you seem different, they hug her, tara says i dont like hugs and all. Meethi says then what will happen to Mj, tara says why both talk about him only, meethi says because you blush with his name, vasu goes to her, meethi and tara lays down to sleep.
In night, Mj is trying to sleep but couldnt, he is changing positions and finally goes out.
I taya’s room, rudra is very angry and says i cant fail, he throws shoes around and cries like kid that nobody loves me, all hate me.
Mj comes to meethi’s room, tara gets happy, he ask for mosquito coil, tara says i will give, Meethi says i will give it, she gives and closes door, Mj knocks again and ask for mobile charger but meethi says its in your room only, she again closes door.
In rudra’s room, he opens the gate of secret room behind book shelf and sees kalawati’s things,wigs, cloths around, he sits and cries and says why my work always finishes before getting completed.

Scene 4
Tara is not able to sleep and makes faces, she looks at meeth who is sleeping, she checks her and stealthily goes out of room, after she goes meethi gets up and laugh. Tara is going and listens to crying voice coming from rudra’s room, she mistakly throws vase placed outside his room, She gets terrified, Mj comes and ask her she was also not sleeping? she says she was coming to room but heard some weeping noise, Mj says its nothing, he says its tayaji’s room and he will not cry, he ask her to come, he takes her away. Rudra sees them going.

Scene 5
In room, Mj sits on bed and ask tara to come, she sits and sees books, she remember how he placed book walls between them, she places books on bed, he says its not needed now, dont you remember you said that i will break this wall one day, you were so right, he removes the books and ask her to sleep, they both lays down.
Rudra thinks to be more careful from now on, Mj i will catch you in such net that tara also will not be able to save you

PRECAP-Mj brings Dadu home, vasu hugs him, all are happy to see him back, rudra comes and faces dadu, both are raged.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Vry nice epi,mj is sooo romantic,tara k bina to neend hi nahi aayi,i don’t like nandini,she is jealous with hr sister how cheap,

  2. Luv this epi,luv d scene where mj breaks d book wall,remember tara said that 1 day u will break this limit n come to me,n she is 100% right,vo din aa gya

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