Ek Boond Ishq 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 12th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
rudra reads newspaper and says this morning is nice for me, fahim comes there and shows him newspaper, fahim says tara’s loss is mj’s loss, you should tell secret of kalavati, he says then jairaj will believe tara’s other allegations too, i cant do anything to hurt my family you know that. he goes out, tar reads newspaper and remembers rudra saying that i will punish mj for you, rudra comes to jairaj, he shows him newspaper, jairaj says how this can court hearing is announced today before time.
In high court, judge announce mj as murderer and rapist for radha and gives him punishment of handing till death, mj comes out, he s being asked by media, he says to baba that its rudra’s plotting, listen to me, jairaj says to media that mj is innocent radha waas alive

somedays ago. media is asking jairaj and mj different questions. what is the truth? Rudra asks nirmala to take jairaj to the house. Nirmala takes him to the car. Mj says listen to me baba but they have left already. Mj says its a conspiracy. Police has taken mj. Journalists ask tara you knew he was accussed of a murder and rape. Why you still married him. She goes running to mj and hugs him. She says i am sorry i couldnt save you. Mj says dont blame yourself. She says i wont give. I will get you out of this. The cops separate the two. Tara says please let me meet him. Tara runs after the van but they have left. Tara fall on the road. A car stops behind her. She is crying. =0ARudra says tell me nandu how was the picture. She says full of drama but was just a scene i know you will show me the whole picture. He says picture is still left.
Aardhna and yug see the news that court has sentenced mj with death. Aradhna is in tears. Yug says control yourself maa. I know we cand save mj.

Scene 2
meethi calls faheem and asks whats happening. Mj has be given=death sentence. Faheem says dont know what god has planned. Come back. This house needs you. Tara takes the phone. Methi says i miss that house more. I miss adi so much. Tara says so come back methi. Adi is missing you as well. Methi says so you are on the phone. The great tara bhabi. Will you stop this drama now. =0Aaradhna says dont know whats written in my daughter’s fate. She has a lot for mj. Now when she got him he has been taken away.

Scene 3
aradhna says that nando did a big mistake, i think my wishes were less for her, she says i will meet tara but how can i go there nando will be there.
tara says to meethi what are you saying, meethi says stop acting, nando told me that you both plotted against me to throw me out, i didnt expect this from you, why you came in our life.
In jail, mj sees tara’s sketch and remembers his first encounter with her, guruji comes there with food, mj denies, guru says you will feel weak what will your wife think, he says i will meet her in next life as judge gave me punishment of death.
In villa, tara is sitting in room, rudra comes there and says you are biggest enemy of your husband i was happy that he was in jail but you pushes to take this action against mj, he says you are fighting with me to mj suufer more, tara folds her hands and says i ma sorry, please save my husband only you can save him, kala says sit on feet then pleads, she sits and says to save mj, rudra says to rub her nose on his shoes, tara is stunned, he says do it, tara puts her nose on his shoes, rudra says be happy this hanging decision will be cancelled, tara thanks him, she says he will be saved by jail but i will kill him, he will be killed at home, tara says stop thinking like God, i am not savtri but i will fight for my husband, i have seen many bad mans but you are not human, jairaj comes from behind, tara says i should have thought that the one who was not loyal to his father, his brother how he can help me, rudra pretends and says i am not saying anything thinking you are younger but why you are against me. he says be there in this house as bahu i will leave with my wife, jairaj says you will not leave from here, jairaj says that i nevered agreed to you, i loved tara and mj but i was feeding snakes, first mj made this waek and now she is doing all things against this house, he says take your things and leave from this house, i dont want to see your face, all leaves. tara cries. tara is packing her cloths and remembers jairaj’s bitter words.
jairaj is with dadu, he says i am not understanding what tara is doing, why father’s is soft, dadu says i understand and i know mj cant be bad, you dont know how much he cared for me in past some months, jairaj is shocked.
Tara is packing and remembers mj flirting with her in jungle, making heart on car, she looks at his photo and cries. she looks around her room and leaves. jairaj ask dadu what you were saying, fahim comes and says tara is leaving stop her, they comes downstairs, fahim ask tara to not leave, you are bahu, jairaj says leave her, tara says if he wants then i will leave, fahim says i will come, he comes dadu and says every wrong thing is happening here, fahim prays to God, tara looks at baba and starts leaving. rudra and nando are happy. aradhna comes there and ask where are you leaving

Scene 4
adi says i am the one who should be punished. I will tell everyone the truth. Mj says are you mad? You wont do that. You care about? Then stop thinking like that. Adi says but the culprit should be punished. Mj says he will be. aradhna says i am asking you something. Tara says i am leaving this house. Aradhna says when they need you the most you are leaving them. This what i taught you. Tara hugs her. She is in tears. Aradhna says you are not leaving this house by your will. Nandu says to rudra maa ruined it all. Aradhna says who asked you to leave? She goes in and asks who asked her to leave? Jairaj says i did. Aradhna is shocked. She says wow very good. You first cheated me and got my daughter married in jail. Without asking me you did everything. I kept quiet but not today. She wont leave this house. Jairaj says we have taken the decision. Your daughter has cheated us. She lied to us and accused my brother. I have decided that tara wont live here.

Scene 5
mj says to adi listen to me the constable comes and says meeting time is over. He takes adi with him. Mj says adi promise me you will keep quiet. Adi leaves.
Dadu comes and says i have decided that tara will stay here. She turns back. He says i am alive and only i have this right. She wont go anywhere. She will stay here. Rudra says but dad.. Dadu asks him to be quiet. He says whoever disagrees can leave this house. He goes up again. Adi tells the inspector everything. He says arrest me. He signs the papers. Inspector says we can only arrest you after investigation. He leaves. Rudra is there.

Precap-rudra is front of mj. He says kala will play the holi with your blood. Even if you are free i will give you death sentence

Update Credit to: Atiba

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