Ek Boond Ishq 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 12th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mj says to tara to drink tea and ask where is radha, tara says she has gone to take water, Mj says i know why she have gone, he takes tara aside and says she want to give her some space, tara feels shy, j grabs tara and pulls her towards him and says we got this time after much difficulty so look at me and fill your heart, tara is surprised. Mj says to say something, tara put finger on hie lips and says i dont wanna say something(ek boond Ishq title plays), Mj says maybe this moment doesnt have words, He writes his and tara’s name in heart shape on car and act like he is being stabbed, Radha sees them hiding, Mj pins tara towards car and they have an eyelock, some car passes by and man gives horn and points Mj what he is doing on road, Tara is embarrassed,Mj says if

you dont make wife embarrass then you didnt do anything in life, Tara says enough lover boy and tries to wipe heart from car but Mj stops her, Tara comes and says I went for sometime and you started romancing her, Mj stands infront of car hiding the heart, radha ask should we go, Tara says yes, Tara is making radha sit in front seat with Mj but radh a says its your place, with your husband.Tara smiles and sits in front seat, Mj ties seat belt around her.

Scene 2
In sekhawat villa, jaraj comes all happy and says to change flowers and as meethi to make something special like jalebis, nimmo ask what happened to you, vasu says there is something tell us, Jairaj says its good news and will tell later. Rudra listen from stairs and says soon you will get shocking news.

Scene 3
In aradhna’s house, bell rings, Tara radha and Mj hides, aradhna feels her presence, tara comes and says why you didnt get that i will be hurt when i cam to know that you asked promise from Mj to go to jail, aradhna says i love you alot and i was worried for you, tara says why didnt you get that i love my husband too and today i came with proof that my husband is innocent, She shows radha to her and tells her that she is same girl whose murder charges are on Mj, but he innocent see, radha says your daughter is lucky to have Mj in her life. Aradhana ask where is Mj, he comes out from hiding, aradhana ask forgiveness from him for not trusting him. Mj ask her to not that as he got the meaning of mother after meeting you, aradhana says i did a big mistake my daughter got diamond but i thought it to be broken glass, I was bitter with you but from now on i will always pray for you, Mj says maa and hugs her, Mj ask to you daughter too, tara hugs her, aradhana thinks one thing is still left and i will complete it, They all come inside and are shocked to see garland on raghu kaka’s picture, radha cries miserably, Mj and tara hugs her, radha says meer how can baba go like this, Mj says baba told me but i couldnt tell you before. Yug comes there and is shocked to see radha there. She hugs him saying bhaiyya, Mj and tara are stunned, mj remembers his meeting with yug and says i know him before, Yug says someone snatched our father, Mj says we will find him who did this but till then we have to hide radha she is in danger, Yug agrees.

Scene 4
In villa, all ask whats the occasion, Jairaj says to wait for a while, Horn sound comes and suddenly Tara and Mj enters the villa. Rudra is shocked beyond belief, Mj looks at him. All comes and greets them, jairaj says i missed you both alot, Meethi ask mj how you got wound? Mj says we had minor accident. Nimmo sees rudra tensed. Fahim chacha comes and ask did you get blessing from dargah, tara says yes and now everything will be fine. Mj and tara touches rudra’s feet, Mj ask are you happy to see us alive? rudra fumes and leaves. He comes to his room and thinks that if these two are alive then my viggest enemy radha must be alive, their happiness is telling that she is alive.

Scene 5
Mj tells jairaj that raghu kaka saved her and was hidden all the time, in rally she was being kidnapped but savior is great then evil. Rudra calls and ask for the 3 men who were assigned to kill these 3. He is informed that they are nowhere too be found, he deduces that his 2 men were killed in poisonous gas and these 3 got saved.

PRECAP- Jairaj says Mj that it tara’s belief in you that you both went to find radha, he says to tara you proved that if a wife want then she can fight with all odds for husband, Mj emotionally looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Superb epi,luv the scene where mj says tara’s dialogue,n MriAra u r d best,keep entrtaining us!!Luv u

  2. olga maluleka south africa

    I enjoyed dis episode

  3. Mj ko to bs tara hi tara dikh rhi h,jail ko bhi bhool gya,but ab radha aa gyi h,so she’ll prove that mj is innocent,isliye mj sb bhulkr tara se romance kr rha h

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