Ek Boond Ishq 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 11th March 2014 Written Update

SCene 1
nando sings that Now Tara will fly away from this house and I will be the queen of this house. Rudra comes as Kala and slaps nandu. He says these are my dolls. How dare you touch them. They only do when I say. He grasps her face. She says it hurts. nando is afraid, kala applies lipstick to her and says to always listen to me.
Tara comes to villa and thinks to tell everything to baba, ahe comes in and says to baba that i want to tell you something, baba says you called meethi to say lie to me and you lied that you are at mom’s home, nando says she is like this liar, rudra says to let tara talk, he ask where were you whole night? tara is tensed, ,,

Baba says to talk after thinking, she says he left everything in business but he took everything in name of kalavati.

tell kalavati what you did, baba says enough or else i will slap you.

nimmo is sitting in basti, she sees blood on her hands and listens to voice of kid who says why you didnt save me mom, it was her imagination, she thinks where is my child. In villa tara says why stopped beat me, she says to believe me once, i have file which will prove he is coruppt, baba says okay show us but if you fail then nobody will be with you, you will alone. In jail, mj says to guruji that tara is alone in this and i also cant help her, guru says till your love is with her she will fight with world. Tara comes to stable and tries to find file, she thinks where it must be, she thinks where Mj must have kept it, she thinks if i take time to find it, kala will get time to plot new things, she goes out, she sees her chain missing which was given by guruji, she is finding it, she sees some red cloth, she removes it and sees file beneath it, she opens it and is shocked to read it.
In villa kala is tensed to what to do now, she opened her mouth and is finding proofs against me, i will have to stop tara, kala will do what she is famous for. she calls someone and says either kill tara or take file from her.

tara is leaving stable with file, kala’s goon come there, she tries to run away from there but they grabs her and takes file from her, they go away pushing tara. goons call kala and says we got file, she ask them to open it, file is empty, kala is tensed. tara in stable is with papers and thinks now i will not let rudra win.
Tara comes in villa where all are waiting for her, she says some goons attacked me and tried to take file from me, baba says a new story, tara says i will not speak see this proof. she shows papers to jairaj, he checks it and says i will come, he comes with another file and shows it to tara, tara says this is lie, jairaj says your papers are saying that rudra took money in name of kala but my papers are saying that corruption happened and mj took money and transferred it to your name, he says mj was doing corruption, rudra knew this but he didnt tell me, but you tried to trap him , this is shameful act, tara says give me a chance to prove my innocence, jairaj says enough, tara says please give me a chance, she goes to get proof, she comes with her mobile and shows secret room’s images to jairaj and says all wigs are his, he is kalavati, nando says this room can be at other place not in rudra’s room, tara says this room is in this house, in his room, tara says i have seen this room, it is behind his library, she says come i will show you, rudra starts laughing and says this all is very funny, how can there be any secret room. tara says to believe her. dadu says there is room, i have seen it, tara says listen he is saying same thing, she ask him to come, rudra ask fahim to take dadu away from here, he takes him. tara ask jairaj to believe her once, jairaj says okay go, rudra says i dont like people to come in my room and she is doing this to irritate me, jairaj says many things happened so let this happen too.

tara comes in rudra’s room with everyone, she says now you will see rudra’s other life, she takes out bhagwat geeta but nothing opens up, she says believe me there is room behind this shelf, she says i dont lie, jairaj shouts tara, he says you said papers were changed then said that there is a secret room, he says what you are trying to say that he is a level one criminal, h you are doing this to hide your mistakes, he says now you will not talk to me, he sits is rudra’s feet and says sorry for your insult, you were right tara is not right for this house, rudra pretends to be hurt, all leave from there, rudra stops tara and says there was some mouse who sat on elephant and said that he trapped elephant but that elephant crushed him, he says your punishment will be given to mj, you have to wait for tomorrow morning, tara leaves from there.

PRECAP- rudra reads newspaper that today court will hear mj’s case before time, jairaj sees it. tara sees it too and remembers rudra saying he will punish mj

Update Credit to: Atiba

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