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Scene 1
mannat says to om that why tara came back, om says there is something cooking in her mind and I think we should cancel the party, mannat says no we have already sent the invitations, our clients are important, om says okay call important clients only for the party, she ask om to go and rest, she will see things about party, om leaves, mannat thinks that I feel peace seeing you worried, you will be punished for separating me from my love, for killing my child and its start now.
vidant is asking about nandu and says that I will make report when I will put that girl behind bars, he gets commissioners call and gets to know that sia is back home.

Scene 2
tara smiles looking in mirror, she says tara you are happy as my mj is in this city only, I will find him soon, rani(servant)

comes and ask can I put on radio, there must be nice songs coming on it, radio jockey says that if you want your voice to reach your love then call us and send your message to your loved ones, tara ask rani for phone, rani gives her, tara ask rani to bring tea for her, rani goes, tara calls on radio and says to jockey that I am tara, mj is listening to that radio channel also, tara says that I want to send my message to my husband that we were separated 5 years ago and I saw him yesterday, I want to tell him that I cant live without him, I am missing him, I am trying to find him like mad, please come to me, jockey ask the name of her husband, tara is about to tell mj’s name but line gets disconnected, jockey says sorry and plays ek boond ishq song, mj says to pari that girl name was tara and I felt like I have listened this name earlier, pari says yes I have listened it too, we see tara(stars) in sky daily, she runs from there, mj recalls how he couldn’t kill tara and is restless, tara recalls her lovely moments spent with mj, ek boond ishq plays, they both are restless. pari comes to balli/mj and ask what happened, balli ask pari to eat banana, she makes balli eat it instead, pari throws banana’s cover on ground, balli says you are mischievous, laado comes and slips because of that banana, she says who threw it here, mj says I was eating it sorry, laado says no problem, you can take my life too, mj makes her get up, she says that mannat called me, today is party in their house, you have to kill that girl(tara), mannat will tell you how to enter the house, laado gives her gun and ask are you ready, balli says balli is always ready, laado says good if loin hunts with heart then he can kill anybody, someone from back shoots on balli’s hand, balli gets hurt, laado sasy how dare you to shoot my balli.

Scene 3
tara thinks that if I have to find mj then I need his pic but I don’t have it, mannat comes there with white dress and ask tara aren’t you in mood to come in party, tara says I have to come as I promised, mannat says you have to come otherwise plan will fail, tara ask what plan? mannat says plans of party. she goes from there, tara looks at suit.
balli has bandage on arm, pari ask will you be fine balli? mj says I will fine soon, bullet just touched me, balli is your hero so I will be fine, you have to make me eat, pari says I will give you healthy food, pari goes from there, one man comes to balli, balli says thanks for shooting at me, man says you are my friend, I was worried shooting at you, why you asked me to shoot at you, balli says I don’t want to do wrong thing, laado wants me to kill a girl and I cant sasy no to her neither I can kill a girl so I did that, laado comes there and looks at mj.
rani comes to tara, tara says can you call an artist for me, she ask rani to not tell anyone as I want to surprise mannat and om, rani says ok, tara ask her to do her work fast, rani agrees.

laado ask did you get to know who tried to shoot you, balli says I have many enemies so anybody could have done that, laado ask balli’s friend where was he, he says I went to see a film, laado says pray for your friend, he leaves, laado says I will find out who shot my loin and you take rest, I have found the way to do mannat’s work, mj ask what way, laado calls shooter lucky, mj is stunned, laado says he will do your work now, she says if in football when star player can be substituted then why not my loin, now this lucky will kill that girl, mj says you don’t trust that you brought this man, laado says meradona did a goal with hand but how can you shoot with this injured hand? I have faith in you but not in mannat, what if she takes away work from us, we cant postpone this work so I called lucky, she takes lucky out to make him understand thi work.

Scene 3
rani brings panits and everything for tara, tara ask where is artist, rani shows her and its none other than om.
laado shows house map to lucky and says you will wear uniform of waiter and have to kill om’s wife, he ask how will I recognize her, laado says she will be given protocol, laado ask will you be able to do this work, lucky says trust me, I will do it, mj listens their convo.

PRECAP- pari says to mj that heart is on left side of body but it is always right, mj thinks that I will listen to my heart as it is right, I cant stop that shooter but I will save that girl.
mj is seen in disguise of waiter with beard on face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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