Ek Boond Ishq 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 11th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
MJ smashes the flower and fills color in her palm and says bride is incomplete without mehndi. He tries to touch her feet but tara doesnt allow him to touch her feet, Mj says bride should fill red color on her feet, he applies color on her feet, tara is too surprised, he cups her face and applies tilak on her head and looks at her all smiling.
In shikhawat villa, Rudra comes and ask joseph where are all family members, he informs all have gone out, lawyer calls him, Rudra says jairaj want to free MJ from jail but that will not happen you are my man so i suggested you to him but remember dont do any mistake, nirmala comes from behind, Rudra says i dont forgive mistakes of my brother too, he did a mistake by bringing a small Mj and I tried to kill him to get sympathy

votes in rally but failed, nirmala is shocked.

Scene 2
In jungle, Mj holds tara who ask what is this let me go and why did you touch my feet its a sin, Mj says saying like a wife, tara says i am not your wife, its all a lie, do you remember our marriage, we didnt saw each other neither you wanted this marriage nor me . He says yes its true everything was wrong but we can set things right and pheras can be done again, earlier these pheras had no meaning but today we can give them meaning, He ask for her hand,she gives, In flashbacks it is shown hoe tara gave her hand in jail marriage. Mj takes tara to pond and takes off his shoes. He start taking pheras. PRECAp even if it is entangled like me, Mj says with second phera i promise to protect you from everything like you did by placing bandana to avoid sunlight, even if you create the problem. with 3rd phera i promise that i will not look at any other women except you, i was am and will be yours. Petals start following. With 4th phera i will always feel lucky to get you and will love your salty tea, 5th phera i promise that i will be your best friend, with 6th phera i promise that your moti will bring happiness in your life, tara says 7th promise will be mine, Mj looks at her. She comes forward and says i swear on sky,water, fire,earth that i will accept you as my husband there will be no place of lie between us, we will not hide anything from each other and we will not hide anything in heart, i was, am and will always be yours i promise. she stops and looks at him( tujh mein rab dikhta hai plays). they have an eyelock. Mj hugs her tightly, tara cries, mj smiles.

Scene 3
In villa, Rudra is making tea and gives one cup to his man, he says sugar is alot in this rudra says its sweetness of my life, i finished my 3 three villains, man suggests him to do press conference that your nephew died because of poisonous gas, rudra says i have to wait for sometime

Scene 4
In jungle, Mj tara are hugging, radha coughs to get their attention and says i am from your house too, Mj says you are my own, tara says because of you we are close, this journey started because of you and you will always be part of this journey and now you are our responsibility. Mj says we have to go to home, radha says i am safe when you bot are together, and i will go to baba;’s home, Mj remembers how jiaraj told him that raghu kak died, Mj says there is car agency we will take car from there, tara says i also have to solve many things.

Scene 5
Nirmala ask aome hired man to give her report of everything in disguise, she thinks that rudra was never of his brother then how will he be on my side so i have to do something.
In yug’s house, ardhana is preparing for puja of raghu kaka, yug says i will call pandit, nandini comes and folds his sleeves and ask about his sister, he hides the fact that she is with Mj. he says i am going, nandini says i am going to market lets go together, the leave.
Mj calls jairaj and informs that we have got car and we are coming to bhopal, he ask baba to not tell anybody that we are coming, jairaj says come then we will find who is that kinnar, Mj says we have to find him.

PRECAP- Mj grabs tara and pulls her towards him and says we got this time after much difficulty so look at me and fill your heart, tara is surprised.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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