Ek Boond Ishq 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 10th March 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Rudra is reciting geeta, nando smirks seeing him. in jail, Mj and tara are doing, tara is sad to see mj like this, he points her to smile. Nando says i came with complaint, you didnt let me see your other face, i have listened about it but never saw, when you will make see your other face, rudra says i will make you meet with her just give me some time, nando says you could have asked mu life i would have given it, they laughs. In jail, mj bumps with jailer,he says sorry. jailer pushes him and says sorry, mj falls on ground and get hurt on his knee, tara is about to come to him but he stops. rudra opens his secret room, nando is shocked, he goes inside and locks it, nando stands outside. kalavati comes outside, nando is stunned, she says you are looking gorgeous than moon,

she applies nail polish on her feet. In jail, tara’s cap falls on ground, mj points it to her, he is about to go to her but jailer stops, tara tries to find it. nando ask kala why you told me your secret? she says we are same, you are being considered less then tara, same like me with jairaj, my father didnt accept me but accept an orphan by jairaj, same like tara took everything from you, i thought you will understand my pain, nando says nobody understood me like you.

Scene 2
Tara is setting her wig, guruji comes there, he says those who have good wishes dont change their outlook, he call jailer, and tells him that there is one girl there in jail, mj is stunned, tara hides. in villa, nando says tara was never my friend, she pretend to take care of house, i hate her, mj, maa everyone related to her. kala wipes her tears and says to not cry, now we will make them cry who made us cry. nando hugs her.
Scene 3
jairaj comes to meethi’s house, he says i have to talk to her alone. He says to meethi that i got to know that you left home, everything can be sorted, if you cant talk to adi then talk to tara. meethi remembers nando’s words that tara knew about her affair, meethi says its because of tara that all this happened, she says tara helped me to use me at her time, she remembers tara’s call, she says tara told me to lie to you that she is with me but i dont know where she is. In jail, mj and tara are running from jailer and guruji, they hide under iron planks, jailer leaves from ther, tar and mj comes closer, mj is about to kiss her but tara stops him. mj kisses her hand, he sees ring her finger and gets the flashback how he gifted her and said that whenever she misses him just see this ring, they hugs each other tightly.

Scene 4
yug is seeing cards and all, aradhna comes and says what all this, he says i thought to gift these to nando, aradhna says thise who goes never comes back, forget her, yug ask d you able to forget your husband? she says we can only leave with their memories. mj points to guruji that she is my wife, he says ok and confuses jailer. aradhna says i never celebrate his birthday or any anniversary because i dont think he is not here, she says to forget her that she was in life, just burn all these.

Scene 5
In villa, dadu scolds servant that nothing is alright here, he says to make bringle in lunch, rudra comes there, dadu is shocked to see him, he starts shivering and behaves ill, rudra says sometime he act normal and otherside he behaves ill. yug burns flowers, mangal sutra everything, he vries, aradhna consoles him. in villa, jairaj comes back, he informs nimmo that i went to meethi, he says tara called meethi and asked her to lie to me, nimmo says see her sister they both are same, she says i have some work and leaves. he calls tara but number is not reachable, fahim comes there and ask you seem tensed, jairaj ask can tara lie to me? nando comes there and says its same question like can coal be black? she says tara lies from childhood, to teachers, mom to everybody, she says she married mj to live luxury life, jairaj says i dont believe, she ask why she lied to spend night outside, i will tell you she spends night… jairaj says enough i cant listened against tara, nando says ok when you will be hurt then you will listen. she leaves.

Scene 6
Mj and tara are working together, guruji comes there and says she is same who gives you light in darkness, whose name brings smile on your face, mj nods, he says sorry to tara for not recognizing her, mj says she is same like you, mj says he is friend in jail.

Scene 7
nimmo comes to some basti, she ask about babu rao, in jail, tara touches guruji’s feet, he says i am meeting you 1st time so i should give you something, he gifts her cahin he is wearing, in basti nimmo ask someone where babu rao lives? some lady shows her his house. in jail, jailer says only paint work is left then workers will leave from here, tara gets emotional. Nimmo comes to babu rao’s house. In jail, mj says to tara that work will be finished and we will be separated, tara cries. mj says to be strong and tell baba about kalavati and rudra, take her to his secret room, tara says what if hurts you again? i will not forgive myself if something happens to you, mj says i want my love t make you strong not to make you weak, fight for our love. all workers are being called to leave the jail, tara sits in tempo, she cries, mj wipes his tears, both are emotional.

Scene 8
nimmo ask babu rao that to remembers who took that kid in 1986, the record paper is being torn, he says i took money to torn record paper but when i came home i wrote about that man which i remembered, he took that kid, nimmo says he was my child.

PRECAP- tara says to jairaj that your enemy is kalavati and she is in this house, all are shocked she says its rudra pratap, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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