Ek Boond Ishq 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Boond Ishq 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 10th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Radha ask MJ did you tell tara that you love her alot, whats in heart can be see in eyes so go tell her that you love her otherwise you will regret later, tara comes there and says to MJ that i got way to go out from this jungle, he says that i want to tell you something, tara says 1st lets go out we will take radha to doctor, Mj holds her hand and says what i want to say is important, tara says first lets go out then you and radha will be united forever, Mj is stunned and grabs her by shoulder, he ask what did you say? tara turns her back. Mj says i am asking something why are you avoiding me? tara get tears in eyes, tear is about to fall but MJ get it on his palm, he wipes her tears and ask whats in your mind? tara says see that car went we could have taken lift,

Mj says why are you not listening to me what i am trying to say. Tara say what you will say is there anything left between us? MJ ask what? tara says who am i to you? nothing a forceed friend, a forced wife whom you never accepted thats why i am jealous of seeing you and radha, what was between us? nothing and seeing your bond with radha i am jealous, MJ closes his eyes, tara says i know i am bad, a selfish person. how can one be jealous to see him with his friend but truth is that i cant see you with anyone, i am your wife and i want to show that right but how can i? we met only to be separated and now the time has come so why i am feeling sad, i had to happen and i will, i will pacify myself. You and radha should be together and i will do it, because i have your love for her and now nobody will come between you, she is about to go but MJ holds her and says you are mad, dont know what you made in your mind, how you can think without asking me once what i want, he holds her tightly and says i love you only you, she looks at him shocked. (ek boond ishq new bg plays). he places hand on her face and says tara I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU, radha looks at them, he ask tara are you understanding what i am saying i love you, tara is unable to control and runs from there MJ tries to stop her but she leaves. MJ says too radha how to make her stand that though you are my friend but i love her only.

Scene 2
Nandini remembers adi flirting with meehti and see her pictures with adi and says in anger that i will finish this but then says that these are important now i will make you cry.
In jungle tara is running and she falls, she cries miserably and says why are you doing this to me, i know you dont love me then why are you doing this, how i will know whats truth and lie. here radha says only you know your truth as you said that you were afraid of ging close to her so how she will know whats inside your heart, think about her she must be in cofusion as its all sudden for her. There tara says how can i forget what i have seen, its clear that you love radha, here radha says you love her but she havent seen your love, she only saw me in your thoughts, poems sketches so she must think that you love me.. MJ looks at her, she says only you can clear this, you never fulfilled this marriage, never understood the vows you have taken with her so now you have to take them again, you have to build trust in her, have to make her understand that you love her, MJ is about to go but radha gives her dupatta to wipe his face, MJ thanks her for everything.

Scene 3
In car, jairaj thinks that soon i will reach raam nagar and will find them, from opposite side the car of Rudra pratap comes. They both stop the car and get out, They both look at each other confused. rudra ask jairaj you here? jairaj says i had some work here in raam nagar. rudra says i have some work from you for election, jairaj says i will come after finishing my work, rudra scolds him that you are denying me? how can you do that, then he smiles and says you must have some important work go finish it, jairaj goes. Rudra laughs and says i am getting peace to see you smashing between brother and son. tell me one thing whom you will find in raam nagar as there is only ashes.

Scene 4
Tara is crying MJ places hand on her shoulder, she is about to go but he stands in her way and says you are crying like its your bidai but without jewels how you will bw wedded tara looks at him surprised, he cups her face and holds her hand and says lets go. he make her sit on stone and pluck flower, says you filed color with it in my painting, he smashes the flower and fills color in her palm and says vride is incomplete without mehndi.

PRECAP- around a pond, MJ and tara takes vows, Mj says 1st vow is that i will fulfill your every need and will make jalabis for you, tara smiles

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg! Mj ne tara ko ILU kaha,i can’t believe on my eyes,i thought that its my dream,finally MriAra saath saath,this is d best epi,thank you sooo sooo so much,

  2. Plzz post d 11feb update soon

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