Ek Boond Ishq 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 10th December 2013 Written Update

The epi strats with kala thinking about the phone call and the indore connection he thinks that the things he couldn’t do as kala he will do as rp. He thinks if MJ is the reason for his fathers escape then he will have to suffer.
Tara thinking who will give her answers related to Radha Kala calls police and ask to trace the nomber
Nandu and yug walking after shopping. Some thieves steal her purse and push her she hits her head. Yug leaves the cluck and goes after the thieves. He thinks since Nandu saw him what will be do

Nimmy is not having food ts tries to make her eat in vain. Tara comes her consoles her. She gets angry on her. Tara trucks her to eat by saying that ts also hadn’t had food since she didn’t have and since he is diabetic it will

be a probs. ts also acts along. Nimmy finally has her food MJ who heard everything is happy(Tara ne MJ ki dil jeet liya)

Yug cones bak to find Nandu unconscious he makes an excuse they go to police office to complaib(I thunk thus is how she will about MJ.

Dadu escapes while kaka sleeps.
Vasu asks Tara to come out with her since they will be alone.
MJ gets a call frm kaka about the escape. He and kaka searching for dadu but don’t find him.
Tara finds him. He says he wants to go shekhawat villa. Kala whose car is passing them miss to see Tara and dadu CID sine people come infront of the car.
Nandu and yug in police statin MJ’s lawyer also there with MJ’s file. Nandu and lawyer clash. She helps to pick up the fine but don’t notice the name.

MJ and kaka still searching for dadu whereas Tara brings dadu home(omg me scared for Tara and dadu.mj and kala won’t leave them )
Tara brings him home and goes to get water. Dadu blesses her Tara is happy. Dadu has fb of MJ he goes upstairs.
MJ and kaka still searching while dadu who is roaming around enters kala room. He has fb of kala torturibg him

Dadu breaks rp pic and destroy everything in the room. He gets toe after doing everything. Tara finds him and tells him no one is allowed to enter the room.

Tara gives him water. Tara goes inside to get shawl for him since he is feeling cold she tells him not to roam around again. Dadu smiles at her. (Dadu already liked her. How sweet). MJ returns home to find dadu and is shocked. Epi ends on MJ’s shocked face.

Precap:Tara is planning some party and ask MJ who it’s not possible and what happened that day. MJ tells her not to interfere in things and not to dig up the past.

Update Credit to: Dilsha

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