Ek me aur ek tu … dono mile is tarah swasan – Episode 8

Hey every1..

In last epi we have seen swara strike with some one

Nd story starts

The person was non other than our pujay pita ji..
Sorry guys
Swara :- aree sorry uncle..
Aree aap here

Ram :- aree beta you here. U r relative of Anuj.

Swara :- yes .Avantika aunty is my maasi.

Ram :- so you are her princess right

Swara :- yes.. how you here.

Ram:- you don’t know my daughter is going to marry your brother.

Swara :- ohh.

This was seen by Sanskar he was thinking what she is talking to my dad. Instigating against me. I will not leave her.

He goes towards them.
And says,”hey, swara what are you doing here.”

Swara she again got minor heart attack.
She thinks what he is doing here. Today is his  sister engagement and  roming here.

Ram :- Sanskar you know her.

Swara :- uncle i have to go. I will talk to u later.

Swara goes from there. To see his brothers would be.

Where she got heart attack seeing ….

Ram :- the family will be lucky whome she will ve daughter in law. God bless her.

Sanskar :- dad this is not fair be on your words every girl u see u say this this is not done . How much marrige i will do.
He said with sad pout??

Ram :- have u lost your mind a what what r u speaking. I have never praise any girl rather than her.

Sanskar :- don’t lie dad . Its not good habit.

Ram:- what are u saying i am not understanding.

Sanskar :- after marriage i will take u to hospital for your checkup. Remember once in temple said this seeing one girl.

Ram :- ohhhhh that girl.

Sanskar :- yaaaa thatttt girllll

Ram:- aree mere baap she is that girl only.
Ok u have to go we will talk later.

He leave leaving sanskar in shock.

Let see what will happen now sanskar will mano swara. She will accept or not.

I will end it in 2,3 epi .
Thank u and sorry for short update.


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