Ek me aur ek tu … dono mile is tarah swasan – Episode 6

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Recap :- swara and maheswari family in delhi..
Swara left for maheswari house..

Let see wat will happen now..

Swara reach maheswari mansion.
She knock the door. Sanskar was sitting in hall and geet was in her room. When they hear the knock. Both were coming to open the door. While coming both collide with eachother.

Geet :- aooooo bhai. What the. Can’t u see and walk. Have you sold your eyes a wat.

Sanskar :- hey little piggy bag how you are talking. Mind your language. Nd i was not having dream that geet maheswari is comming to open the door. Which she never do on her life till date.
And why this meherbani today. Anything special.

Geet :-my frnd is comming . On door she is only. Thats why. Now go otherwise she will eat me raw for opening the door so late..
Sanskar :- ohh . Go and i m going in my room. Of need anything then tell me .

Geet goes and open the door. After seeing each other.
She come inside.

Swara :- hey where is your family. I want to talk to them.

Geet :- they ate not here they have gone  to my in laws house.

Swara :- oh we are only in house. Yepiiii..  chalo show me your house.

Geet :- aree swaru sanskar bhai is in house only.

Swara :- Mr. Etiquette is here only.
Geet :– don’t speak this name in house. If he hear than it be big trouble.

Sanskar was paasing from front he hear them talking he can only see her eyes. Which was so beautiful big doe eyes. Its like ocean.

Seeing in eyes he forget everything. He come to earth after hearing Etiquette frm her mouth.he was talking to himself.
Sanskar beta, tere ghar me yeh kon naya banda aa gaya woh bhi itne ajeeb naam wala Etiquette yeh koe naam hota hai. Is se acha toh mera name hai.
But he seeing her eyes only it was like hypnotising to him in his mind one song was playing.

let me give it words ???
In song he is admiring swara also. Nd 1 more thing he don’t know the name of swara and they are talking about him.

Chehra hai ya chand khila hai
Zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon waali
Yeh to bata tera naam hai kya

Chehra hai ya chand khila hai
Zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon waali
Yeh to bata tera naam hai kya

Arre tu kya jaane teri khatir
Kitna hai betaab yeh dil
Tu kya jaane dekh raha hai
Kaise kaise khwaab yeh dil
Dil kehta hai tu hai yahan to
Jata lamha tham jaaye
Waqt ka dariya behte behte
Is manzar mein jam jaaye
Toone deewana dil ko banaya
Is dil pe ilzam hai kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon waali
Yeh to bata tera naam hai kya

Ho aaj main tujhse door sahi
Aur tu mujhse anjaan sahi
Tera saath nahin paaoon to
Khair tera armaan sahi
Ho yeh armaan hain shor nahi ho
Khamoshi ke mele hon
Is duniya mein koi nahi ho
Hum dono hi akele hon
Tere sapne dekh raha hoon
Aur mera ab kaam hai kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon waali
Yeh to bata tera naam hai kya

The song end here in his dream or mind.
While in this para he is singing and comming towards them.

Chehra hai ya chand khila hai
Zulf ghaneri shaam hai kya
Sagar jaisi aankhon waali
Yeh to bata tera naam hai kya.
While completing he come in front of them and say

Sanskar :- hey beautiful my self sanskar and u…

Swara :-  Mr. Etiquette (sanskar frown )oh sorry my name name is Swara. Swara garodia.

Sanskar in mind ” what she think of herself here i was talking so politely and she said Mr. Etiquette
Wait a sec. She said to me that. How dare she..”
Oh Ms. Song nice name.

Swara :- Mr. Etiquette how dare u call me that . I will kill u

Geet :- OMG. Its epic you both are in front of eachother. Finally. Bhai and swaru for me behave yourself guys. And have friendly hankshake.
Both shake thier hand unwillingly
When they shake a chilling sensation happen to swara.
She instantly remove her hand frm his and see him carefully.
Then she start to admire him.
She see each of his features.
Sanskar fell some gaze he see towards the gaze and see song is seeing her she feel awkward as if she is caught while stealing. He shoovv his all thaughts and  start surfing his phone.

Geet :- oye. Shoru where are come. Give u a vist of my house.

Swara :- ya. Also wat is name of my jiju..

Geet :- i am not going to tell you will come to know on engagement only. U are comming na.

Swara :- ya. Bas date don’t be same of my bhai and yours engagement.

Like this both enjoyed alot after along time. Swara time to time seeing sanskar. She also don’t know why.

But we know yeh toh payar ki dastak hai.????

Now days was passing.

Swara was in great tension because her frnd and bhai wedding and engagement was on same day.  She was sitting in cafe was in full tension.

Other side .

Sanskar was searching the girl whome his father has seen in temple  with his frnd. Seeing each girl ‘s back comming in his way.
He was also sitting in cafe with his frnds and talking then his one frnd says
Friend 1 :- yaar sanskar how many days u will search like this. I think because u i will without getting married. For how much slaps we have bear on our face
Both the friends node their head.
Sanskar :- abeee log friendship me kaya kaya karte hai tum log thapad nahi khaa sakte apne itne handsome frnd ke liye.

Friend 2:- kitne slap pata hai 2780 slap we have on our cheeks beacuse of that girl. Now make us eat something i am very hungery.

Friend 1 :- hey guys have seen this vedio???
The vedio is of one boy asking for help for his pregnant wife who is admitted in hospital her case is very critical they require 50,000 rupees.

Friend 2 :- hey its just fake for money and publicity people do this
But our hero has some other plan he ask his friend how much money they have

Friend 3 says,” sanskar u are foing to help him. It can be fake also.”
Sanskar ” let it be if it is fake if not then we can save 2 lives. Money is not more important than  lives.Come now tell me how much money u have.”

His friends check thier wallet and have 15000 only sanskar have 25000.
Now they were thinking how to arrange 10000.
They were seeing here and there.
When sanskar spot some similar figure sitting in tension and blabbering.
He was thing i have seen her somewhere i am not remembering. Sanskar beta yaad kar.
Aree haa Miss Song . He jump from his place and left to meet her.

Guys she was sitting in front of his table but little far.

He goes to her table and says ,hy Ms song . Hw yor ghaseting (going) ?
Swara get shock listining some voice near but gaining het she see the person whome is trying hard to forget. She started to curse herself why she came here.

Curtains down .
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