Ek me aur ek tu … dono mile is tarah swasan – Episode 5

Here we strt our roller coster…

Both landed to delhi airport..
Both were comming out frm the airport going to the parking lot.

Both are opposite to each other.
Both take out there cell and call their parents to tell them they reach safely. After telling them. They sit in car and left for respectively places.

Singh Mansion

Avantika :- hey do everything properly my princess is comming.. nothing should went worng. If something happen then be ready to face kali maa which is sleeping in me .. understood.
Maan :- clam down mom everything is perfect. She will be here any time.
We see a car come and stand infront of a mansion written SINGH MANSION .
Swara is entering the house seeing everything. In hall she see her maasi scolding servents she giggle seeing but listening some manly voice she who is may be maan bhai.
Swara :-heloooooo everyone here come your cheif guest swagat nahi karo humara. (She shouted )

Everyone turn towards her.
We can see she wearing a tank pant and white top with semi heels sandle. With an avenger bag in her hand and big dial avenger watch in her hands.
She was looking damm. Cute..
Avantika :- princess .. (she goes towards her and hug her make her sit and ask severnts to take her luggage to her room.)how are u how was yor journey.
Swara :- it was fantstic as am i. And where is my big bro.
Avantika :- ohh. Ya i forget to introduce u guys . Maan come here.
(Maan come near her) and she said “here u guys are infront of eachother ”
Swara :- oh my god bhai i must say u r damm handsome. Seriously u are doing arrange marriage.
Maan :- angel u are an angel only. Keep smiling.
Saying this he hug her. And felling so peace which was missing since years.
He in his mind ” don’t know what is this felling but seeing her i fell she is my angel. If she not also but from now she will be my angel. I will let anyone harm her. Or one drop of tears come in her eyes”.
They broke the hug.
They went to dinning area as she was very hungry.
She sat on dinning table in indian style and strt eating as there will be no food tomorrow.
Maan was shocked seeing her like this. Seeing his expression avantika understand she goes near him she said comming near him “you don’t what is she  living with you will come to know. She chalta phirta tv ”
Maan does not understand what she said but he noded his head and left to swara he said,
” angel eat slowly. Food will not go anywhere”.
Swara :- areee bhai you don’t know if they get angry then they will loose thier taste thats why i am eating like this. Leave it let me eat u also come join me. There is enough food if they get angery then they will become bitter when come in  your mouth.
Maan while smiling ok i am sitting.
Be was smiling whole heartly.
Avantika was very happy as her son was smiling. It is not that she has not seen him smiling but today he is smiling from his heart. Which a mother can only understand when her son is smiling heartly or showing that he is happy. She pray that both her child remain happy like this.

Now 2 days have passed.
In these days swara maan has develop very good bonding no onr  an say they are meeting for 1st time. Maheswaris have also shifted to delhi . Singh know about this both families are busy thats why not able to meet.
They decided to meet on sunday.

Today Saturday
Swara :- maasi i am going to kalka temple. I will be back by 7.. ok.. bye.
Avantika :- ok. Take care. Don’t beat anyone ok..
Swara :- hey i don’t beat them they onle do someyhing which i hate.. ok. I have to go necause u i will be late. See u i  evening .
She leave for temple.

Other side Maheswari was leaving for somewhere.

Sujata :- hey come fast we have to go reach on time..
Ram :- don’t worry we will reach on time. Nd sanskar will directly come there.
Sujata :- ok. Bas aa ja a. Geet come.
They leave for some place.


We see a girl entring the temple she none than our swara. She take a basket and goes to worship. She complete her puja she was returning she collide with..
Other side Ram geet sujata enter the temple and goes to worship sujata and geet were at enterance waiting  for sanskar while Ram was going inside he collide with..

AUTHOR NOTES  Sorry guys ??

Both collide the coconut in his hand was gaing to fall swara held it on time and give to Ram.
Ram:- thank u beta. U save from being some inauspicious.
Swara :- uncle don’t say thank u to me . It was my mistake i was walking blindly. Wase nothing can happen inauspicious when in  heart we good. God see our karma nothing is compare to that. Uncle i have to go. It was nice meeting you.
She left in opposite direction.
Sanskar come there
Sanskar :- dad what happen what are you seeing.
Ram:- i am seeing that girl
Before Ram complete
Sujata :- hey ram wat wull happen now in this time when his son age is of marriage he is seeing girl. What will happen. Its ghor kalyug ??
Ram :- yaar sujata its too much. First listen fully then speak.
I was saying she is such a nice girl the family will be lucky whose daughter in law she will become.
She just helped me.
He said pointing towards her back everyone see her back .and to temple.
But our sanskar was starring her back.
Or can say seeing her carefully. Then he say why other family is lucky. It will be our family she wull become our family daughter in law . She will become my wife.

Then he left to temple and ask god to help in searching that girl whome his father has liked soo much.

Next day

Avantika :- Princess today your bhabhi family is comming.
Swara :- whatt.. ohhh nooo.. sorry bua i will not be able to present here as i have promise my best frnd i will meet her today.
Avantika :- aree its perfectly fine. Vase only bhaisahab and bhabhi is comming not children. U go.

Swara hug her and left to meet her frnd geet.
She was going to her house.


Ram :- sanskar be at house as geet and her frnd wull be alone. Ok don’t go anywhere because we are new they don’t anything here. So if theyneed anything someone should be here to help them
We are leaving.
Like this they left for SINGH HOUSE.
Swara for MAHESWARI mansion.


Let see now they will meet or not
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Acha laga ya na laga ho toh bhi kare ..



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