Ek me aur ek tu … dono mile is tarah swasan – Episode 4

Guys i want to say punctuation is very difficult task for me but as i am writing i should write properly but slowly i will improve. now a days i m free as my holidays are going and i will improve it. I think i should make this one of my  resoluation…

Here we go…

Geet come down.. she take blessing frm everyone. And sit next to Avantika.
Avantika ask her, \” beta i am directly aking you are you ok to marry this arrogent man. If you say no na then also its fine we have problem. Take your time don\’t worry about our relations ok. Your decision is very important\”.

Geet :- Aunty i have no problem in marrying Maan. Whome my family will choose i will marry him.i am ok with this marriage.

Everyone was feeling so happy afterall it going to be wedding of their childrens. Wishing each others.
But Sanskar was having some doubt to clear that he take his sister in corner.

Sanskar :- Geet pakka are you ok with this marriage. If you are argeeing because of family tell me .i want only your happiness.

Geet :- aree don\’t worry. I am ok. With it . By the way why are thinking that i am not happy with it

Sanskar :- its not like that. Just if have some problem you can share with me okh..
Whatever we do with each other but you are my baby sister.
Geet :- aree don\’t be so kind save these talks till my bidaai. It is not evryday scne let me make a vedio .
Sanskar :- hey here im thinking about you and you. This was limited offer. It over bye .. go there in laws are there. Here you are roaming..
Geet :- she stamp his foot and go to her parents.

After sometime
Avantika let me tell my princess about her bhai\’s wedding… she left to her princess Maan was also  there talking on phone..
He ask \” Mom,wat are you doing her \”. Come you also talk. Stand her..
He silently obeyed her..
She dial sumi number .
On call
Sumi :- hey. Hw are you. Reached safely.
Avantika :- hey.. leave all this stuff. Where is my princess.. give phone to her.
Sumi :- ya. She is here only. Ok wait giving..

Avantika :- hey princess, tell di and jiju also bhai  that pack your stuff as your bhai wedding is been fixed. She put the phone on speaker..
She said so clamly it take time to understand her. Swara after recovering..
\”Yehhhh!!!!!! Mere bahi ki shadi..  now i have so many work to do shopping and all after all i am one and only sister. Yooooo…
Listening her voice the one word came that was angel.
Avantika was shocked as he never say angel to anyone. Listening angel swara also felt so connection but brushing all her thought.
She ask \” hey, who call me angel\”.
Maan :- sorry it was by mistake. Listening your voice i felt like my sister has spoke. Sorry once again. By the way i am Maan. Maan singh khurana
Swara :- hey bro don\’t be sorry. Truly speaking i also like  this word if you felt call me that i am ok with it. So you are my brother Maan singh purana sorry for purana but wat can i do we are siblings but we never talk till now.. oppsss!! Sorry again… we are talking first time and here i am blabbering. And congrats bhai. Masi when u reach delhi tell i will come. And who is going to become my bhabi.

They goes in hall where Anuj sujata Ram was sitting..

Now Geet come with sanskar sujata tells her they are talking to avantika sister.
Geet :- ohh..
Maan :-thank so much. Frm today u will be my angel come soo i want to meet you. And about your bhabi you will see her direcrtly in engagement . Ok.. and now no more sorry and tq between us..
Listening bhabi word Geet start blushing which was seen by Maan but he ignore it. Geet left the place felling shy.
Sanskar get a call he also leave. The house saying he have some important work.
Swara :- ok. Boss..
Sumi :- now let me talk…
Swara :- talk na who is stoping you. You are only not speaking. Yaa. Masi have u given my gift to bhai. If not then give him.. byee i have to rush.. have some work.
After elders talk with each other.

Next day
Singh family left for delhi.

Bf table everyone is there.
Ram :- sujata i was thinking to shift to our delhi house. Wat you think.
Sujata :-ya.. you are right. After marriage i can meet geet anytime i want. Its best idea.
Ram :- so thats final we will be doing marriage in delhi.
I will ask caretaker to clean the  house. Then we are leaving day after tomorrow.ok with u both. Pack yor stuff which is necessary..
Saying this he left.
All are happy.
Geet and Swara are talking on skype..
Geet :-swaru i want to tell u something don\’t be shock listen carefully .
Swara :- my ears are open say
Geet :- voh mymarriageisfiximleavingfordelhitoday.
Swara :- hey hold on baby.. i know living with Etiquette you become like this .but i don\’t understand yhis language.. ok say it clearly…

Geet :- swaru yesterday some guest came to my house they ask my parents about my marriage and they said yes my marriage is fix . It is going to happen in
Swara :- ohh… wait u said your marriage. That means oh shit man.
Geet :- wat happen yaar..
Swara:- first of all gadhi pagal itne jaldi hai shadi ki. Nd then congrats. Shit because my bhai marriage is also fix. It is also in delhi .therefore i can attend both.. please god  date don\’t clashed.. nd wat unka name..
Geet :-maa
Swara :- hey we will take later it my flight time. Meet u soon … tell me when u reach delhi..

Swara leaving for delhi

Scne change
Ram :- sanskar u go to delhi and the thing are perfectly done or not. Tomorrow we will come.
Sanskar :- ok. Take care of yor self..

Next day
both are in delhi.
Let see wat will happen…

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