Ek anokhi lv story -Episode 2

Hello everyone. Welcome to u all again to my fantastic ff. So guys are u interested in my ff. Starting it may seem little bore but i am sure u will like it.

So we will start now.


Just intro of ragsan separately.


Sanskaar is still in pub & enjoying with his friends then suddenly some security guards will come protecting a person. He is middle aged but full of formal & reputated person.

By his entrance all of a sudden pub became silent. Sanskaar sees him & smiles. His friends are shocked seeing him but sanskaar signs them to be silent.

The person sees all became silent & then he instruct dj to start music & finally the music starts & the person starts dancing on some random songs.

First all are in shock but later enjoyed it & finally clapped for him. Then he straightly comes towards sanskaar & winks at him.

Sanskaar hugs him tight.

Sanskaar : Dad u are just awesome.

Yes he is karan maheshwari father of sanskaar. Highly energetic father who enjoys with his son a lot. He is one of the succesful business man.

Karan: Thanks my son.

Sanskaar : So what are u doing here? Did mom know this?

Karan: Ofcourse not. In order to escape from her i came here. I think both your mom & sister will sit in home & thinks about us.

They smiles & have drinks.

Here in maheshwari mansion

One lady will be seen walking here & there. Seems like waiting for some one. And another girl sitting on couch checking mobile.

The lady is saloni maheshwari. Wife of karan & mom of sanskaar. And girl is shruti younher sister of sanskaar.

Shruti: Mom why are u roaming here & there? Come na just sit here.

Saloni: Shruti i am waiting for your dad & bro. See there are so late.

Shruti: Relax mom i know where they are.

Saloni: What really? Then call them. By the way how u know it?

Shruti : Because they are friends so they will be at same place now that too in pub.

Saloni: Seriously shruti pub. How insane they are? I can never change them.

Here dad & son comes from pub.

They are going in car & talks.

Karan: Sanskaar are u sure?

San: About what?

Karan: About tomorrow. U are ready for marriage.

San: No dad but i am trying.

They laughs.

Karan : Sanskaar i have done love marriage by eloping with ur mom & i dnt want u do the same.

Sanskaar : What do u mean dad?

Karan: I mean u can love any one but no need to elope u can tell me if u love any one.

Sanskaar : Not yet dad but i am searching & this coming to see girl is just for mom.

Karan : I know.

They comes to home.

Saloni gets angry seeing them.

Saloni: Whats wrong with u karan? Y r u just not behaving like a father?

Karan: Jaan i just had a drink thats it.

Saloni: drink? That too with son. Shameless.

Sanskaar : Mom…

Saloni: U just shutup. Not a word again. Go to your room & sleep.

Sanskaar : shruti come with me.

Shruti helps him to his room.

Shruti: Bhai juice.

Sanskaar : Thanq little sister.

Shruti: Anything for u. By the way are u ready to see the girl tomorrow.

Sanskaar : What else i can do other than that.

Shruti: I am really excited. I hope she will be best.

Here ragini in her room.

She is not able to sleep & turning sides.
Naina sees her & smiles.

Naina: Ragini what happened not able to sleep?

Ragini: Dnt know naina i am trying but not able to sleep.

Naina: i know because u are nervous becsuse u are meeting him tomorrow.

Ragini: May be u are right but naina what u think will he accept my love.

Naina: chill ragini. Who will say no to u. U are such a beautiful girl anyone will love u.

Ragini: Enough enough i just want him to love me.

Naina: Ok baba sorry now just sleep otherwise ur face will look dull. Remember first impression darling.

Ragini gets angry & slightly beats her & sleeps.

“My love i am going to express my love tomorrow be ready”.

Please comment guys. Thanq.

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