Ek anokhi kahani ( love at first sight) Episode 6

Hi every one thanks lot for liking my ff
As it comes to pairing raglak as 15
Rag san has 9
So i choose rags and lak
But i will make a very special friend ship bonding between sansky and rags .
I promise and this ff is mainly about ralations and trust.

Its morning in sanskar house
Ap asks to wake up sheena as its her colz opening.
Sanky says ok and goes to sheena room.
Sanky:- good morning sheebu.
Sheena:- good mrg bhaiya.
Sanky:- kya good mrg getup its getting late for your colz.
Sheena:- 5 more minutes bhai.
Sanky who drags her from bed by catching her legs and shout in her ears getuppppp.
Sheebu also shouts awwwww bhai thats not fair koi appne behan tho ess taraha wake up kartai kya and rubs her hair.
Sanky :- afterwards u can complain first u getup and get ready for your colz its your first day.
Sheena:- first day of colz ,whose colz first day is today.
Sanky:- what dont tell me u forgot that today you colz opening.
Sheena:- by opening her eyes widen and says shit i will get ready in 10 minutes and runs towards washroom.
Sanky goes back to hall.

Laksh house.
Arjun is trying to wake up laksh .
Arjun:- bhai get up na bhai plzz.
Laksh:- in sleepy voice say aruu plzz yar ket me sleep. And why are u in so hurry.
Arjun:- bhai today us my colz first day and u kniw naa i have a sentiment that u should drop me ,and after knowing it also u are doing it with me .
Laksh :- how can i forget aruu.
Arjun:- then why are u not wake up untill now and when will u get ready ,i will be late first day itself .u see
Laksh:- my brother will never get late when his big brother is near to him.
Arjun:- how can that happen u still in night suit when will u be ready get up naa bhai .
Laksh :- so your problem is with my night suit then kk now see and he stands taking his blacket and stands infront of arjun in pink shirt and white pant.
Arjun:- gets shocked by seeing him already who is ready and says know u understand when im here u will nit get late.
Arjun:- i love you bhai and they both share a tig hug abd they leave for break fast.
Sankar:- having break fast .
Dp:- sheena beta how is your leg.
Sheena :- fine dad there no pain she is awesome doctor.
Ap:- their whole family belongs to doctors and a bit largee famous also.
Dp:- dayal has a very giod principles towards serving country and he had shared it they son and daughter also and her wife is a gynic she has a good name.
Sanskar:- kk dad mom we will leave now i have to take sheena on time and they both take blessings from them and leaves.
Dp and ap:- they continue with their breakfast .

In laksh all are gathered in hall
Arjun takes blessings from dad and mom
Rajnath:- in different tone by lifting his hand in way of ashirvad type say
Beta arjun enjoy in colz like anything and when it comes ti study i know utmr a bright student like me so no problem.
Sakshi:- who is bright student uu ha ha , a person who has 60 percent is saying bright student ha ha so funny.
All laughs and raj with angry face say then why this 90% loved this 60% ha say me.
Sakshi:- come raj sometimes we will somemistakes which we cant change never and ever . And why are rembering those scary days now in thus good moment.
Raj:- ha ha this 90% fell in love with by first sight and u are saying your both sons are gone too right .in that ways they should also gets their love at first sight.
By this arjun slowly turns towards rags and lifts his eyebrow and says bhai wat abt love at sight haa do u belive.
Raj and sakshi looks at laksh suspisouly and say wat that mean arjun did laksh met soneone special.
Arjun tries to say and laksh hits on his head and says nothing like that mom he is just soeaking nonsence and aruu babu just once see wat is the time.
Arjun watches time and say shit its getting late bye papa bye mama .they both leave from there.
Sanskar:- sheenu if in college any one rags u wat will do .
Sheebu:- nothing if its in limits i will take everything easily. If it crosses limits then also i will handle it sliwly kk.
Laksh:-ask same question to arjun.
Arjun:- bhai mom says that in which way we will take situations in same way we will get result. So i will handle everything being friendly ok.
Laksh :- thats like my bro.
Arjun:- bhai i way i will follow your orders i am thinking to follow wat all advices given to me byy. Rags whats say. He stops his smile.
Laksh:- every funny you will understands when you also face same thing.
Arjun:- that means you are accepting that. Ki. …
Laksh:- realises wat he said and says shut up aruu .what the hell are u ralking yarr use some pullstops and camas.
Arjun:- like same way dev said to rag
Laksh:- stops cars and says one namascar for u and we reached ur colz also and plz concentrate on your studies .
Arjun:- as your wish bhai .i will do wat u say as i am good boy naa and he leaves towards colz.and he forgets his phone in car and leaves
Mean while sanky too drops sheena .
Arjun goes towards colz and he rembers that he forgot his phone and turns back and collides with sheena.
Same music will play from ( hum se hai life).
Arjun and sheena smiles by seeing eachother
Mean while laksh comes to give his phone back and scolds him for colliding with her.
Laksh:- im saying sry from my side instead of my brother.
Sheena:- its ok no problem even its my mistake also i m too sorry.
Sanky comes there and says see and walk naa see yesterday only u got hurt and again todays u fell.
And madam where is your i card .
Sheena :- searches but sanky handovers and says u forgot in car.
Sheena :- bhai with him i also fell down u can ask me also if i got hurt not not but no u just asked him and look at his bhai hiw sweetly he asked and helped me instead if his own brother.
Sansky:- in that ways then i am also so sweet to him right.
They all smiles .
Sheena say thanks to luckt and arjun says thanks to sanskar and they both leaves towards college
Sanky and lucky intriduces themselfs and came to now that sanky and they are doing bussiness deal from many years.

They leave from there.
INSide college .
Sheena and arjun walking towards classroom.
Arjun:- seeing her face and says to himself. Aa man what a smile she had with innocent face.whats happening with me why iam stairing at her like that. Now i understand bhais yesterday situation when he got attracted towards ragini. Kya ee love at first sight as mom and dad always talks about it .
Sheena:- whats happening with me. Why the hell im blushing by seeing his smile towards me and why i feel more happy while he is looking at me .why i am likeing his attention. Aww concentrate on college sheena .
After their self confessions completed they both look into eachother and smiles and take seats in class room beside each other.
Sanskar and laksh starta from college
Laksh :- while passing same signal point remembers ragini and smiles .he suddenly remembers wat arjun said and says to himself yarr is arjun right. I am getting attratcted to her . The screen freezes on confused face of laksh.
Sanskar who comes in patking lot with out seeing no parking sigh board he goes and hit swara and durga car .
Sanskar who thought fault others and without lisening to them starts scolding swara .he is even not alliwing them to speak.
Swara who gets angry and says.
Swara:- o hello! Wat the hell do u think of your self.
Sanskar:- handsome and decent.
Swara:- by lisening to him starts laughs.
Sanskar gets angry
Swara say being self confidence is good thing but being over confident is very bad u kniw.
Sanskar:- what do u mesn by that.
Swara:- i mean u had stick your eyes to ur black glasses thats why u didnt see that sigh board right
Durga who us standibg there she trys to stop them but shevis uable to control them.
Swara shows sigh board of no entry to him
Sankar:- realises and says sorry.
Swara:- what .what u said actually i counld hear properly.
Sanskar:- i said im sorry .
Swara:- its ok .
They both leave by looking into each other deeply.
She turns back and smiles seeing dev standing there beside durga.
Durga who notices swara smiling at soneone else and turns to see.
She and dev sees each other and share a eyelock by feeling something specisly.
Swara interrupts their eyelock by saying hi dev
Dev:- what happen swara its a accident again.
Swara:- haa but this time i met a angry man. And dii i said u yesterdsy naa accident and all he is dev raichand and dev where is ragini .
Dev:- she in hospital swara night duty hum dono ka .
Swara:- haa i think today is your last night duty right as tommorrow you dad will be back to save u both.
Dev:- u still remenber . Wow.
Swara:- once people get u know abt u snd your sister they cant forget about u and by thecway dhe is my elder sister durga they both shake hands and swara says she is slso lawyer durga raichand.
Dev snd durga gets shocked and leave their hands and watch towards swara.
Swara hits her head for wat she said and says i
am so sorry . I sm my sister durga gagodio.
Swara:- who feel embaress momet snd chanes dev can i ask u question.
Dev:- sure.
Swara:- by seeing u i am getting one doudt that how a person can be so calm minded at any situation aa ofcourse its when not related to ur sister.
Dev smiles and says no
Dev who feels still embrassesing and says ok
then i have to leave for hospital and says bye swara and bye durga jii.
They both also says bye to him .
As dev leaves fron their durga catches swara ears and say wst type of joke us that

Swara:- shout in pain ochh di leave na its paining and i am i too dont kniw why i said like
that it came suddenly from my mouth.
May be yesterday we talk at about them right in short mom became a big fan of brother and sister may be thats all in my mind and suddenly i said like that.
Durga:- what ever how can a person forgots her surname pagal ladke.
Swara:- what to do dii i am like this only naa by keeping innocent face.
Durga:- dont keep innocent face that doesnt suit you swara the rockstar..
They both hug by smiling each other and goes inside mall.

Precap:- sanskar and swara houses and discussing about something

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