Ek anokhi kahani (Intro)

I hi guys this is completely different
Here swara. Ragini. Sankar. And laksh all are from different backgrounds and from buissness familys
Sry for spelling mistakes

So lets start
Episode 1

Introduction of characters
Laksh parents
From ek hasina thi
Laksh mom sakshi and dad rajnath goenkas
Laksh has a younger brother arjun goenja (from hum se hai life yar)
Laksh parents are positive .laksh loves his family very much and his littke brother arjun
Arjun is cute and lovable person who belives in giving respect to everyone
And is very pampered by laksh he discusses very thing with laksh and laksh also

Sanskar introduction
His parents are ap and dp.they both are same as in serial but durga parsad is not so serious in this he is some wat makes funny things with his son to pull leg of ap. Dp and sanky are like friends more than father and son relation ship
Here sanky has a sister sheena bajaj (from thapki pyari ki thapkis sister)
In this also her name is sheena maheswaris
She is very naughty in person she always try to make others happy .

Ragini raichand introduction
Ragini parents are dayal raichand from ek hasina thi and mom from
Shsilaja raichand (from sasural genda phool )
Ragini has a brother he is dev (from ek hadina thi) he loves his sister very much he is soft nature and comes to ragini she is naughty and smiely person and she is ladoo for whole family she is life their heartbeat and dev snd ragini relation is like in separable

Swara gagodia are same shekar and sumi their characters are also same
Swara has a elder sister she is durga gagodia (from ek hasina thi )
Swara character is same naughty and loves to dance and her sister is doctor

Now coming to professions
Laksh family is related to real estates and fabric
Sankar family is construction bussiness and they maintain ngos
Ragini family maintain fashion buissness and running schools for poor people and his brother is doctor that to cardio means related to heart so they have hospitals also

Swara parents are both. Lawyers are quite famous they have resturents which are famous in delhi and kolkata
Durga is also a lawyer

Laksh and sanskar will continue their business so they are done their mba snd also taken special training in business from paris and london
As paris and london are famous for fashion
Ragini wants to become a doctor like his brother but she is interested in genral medicine and now she is assient in her own hospital and their parents and brother asked other doctors to treat her like other
Swara wants to become singer and guitarist so she is trained from newyork
Sanskar sister and laksh brother are studying mba in same college in same class thier is abt to start now

I am thinking to pairs like this
Dev and durga
Arjun and sheena
Ragini and sanskar as thier are so many rags and lucky
Swara and lucky
In this fiction thier is no negative characters and mainly no kaviths character
This is completely new story
I hope you people will enjoy

Credit to: Sindhu


  1. Plumpyyy

    Me happiest i guess! Thanks a lottt for giving juno boy backkk!!! Aww so sheena is paired opp. Arjun.. So JuLiya back!? DevGa also back!! Gosh! So much of happiness!! I would like to read further dear! And and and.. SwaLak!! I love d name itself!
    Yuvian here.. Got attracted towards ur ff vry easily πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

  2. Veena(Vini Ross)

    My goodness,extravagance of characters and it would be exciting. Nice start but ur reason for pairing ragsan n swalak is genuine so no comments on that.And Ek hasina thi was a very nice serial n good to c them bk.

  3. Thank all and i update next episode also from 4 th epidode onwards their journey will start and very new to this if i did any wrong just give me suggestions and i am very happy from your responses

  4. Niti

    hey..i am so sorry if u feel bad but i am die hard swasan fan..i love them very much..even i like raglak very much..i only prefer to read swasan n raglak ff only..though u made swalak and ragsan..i am surly going to read ur ff..due to 2 reasons..1st i like ur story track very much..n 2nd u hv included JUNO in ur ff..it seems very unique n interesting..plz give equal imp to juno as well..waiting for ur 1st part..

    • Here i will give equal importance too each character and their relations
      Offcourse i too like juno and aliya characters i will give importance to them also thanks for your suggestion
      I read so nany swasan thats why i thought it make different which is not related to swaragini so watch with fresh mind like think its a new serial
      I will be happy to read

  5. Wow, I liked the way u combined Ek Hasina Thi and Swaragini . I also like Dolly/Aditi from Best of Luck Nikki/Thapki Pyaar Ki. Wow Durga is a lawyer in your ff

  6. Anu

    Dr your pair very nice especially dev nd durga but not ragsan nd swalak……I m fed up of them…..now many r making ragsan nd I think ragsan doesn’t suit each other swasan r made for each other……so plz plz Dr make it swasan nd raglak….whichever ff I like at first there pairs r ragsan nd swalak because of that I doesn’t want to read it but this ff is looking nice plz no ragsan

  7. advs

    I love it…… I read it just coz of yuvi in ur wallpaper and it turnes out to be really anokhi kahani…diff. family and the perfect mix of swaragini, ek hasina thi and humse hai life….u converted friends into bro sis nice (sheena and varun)..keep it up

  8. Guys i already prepared some episode like thinking rags and sanky
    And swar and lucky
    As it is different so read it differently its completely diff from swaragini
    Here msin importances for relation and parents respect
    So plz enjoy it

    • Lila

      no please sindu dont make swasan make it ragsan. ragini and sanskaar rock. thats the only reason i am reading your ff as all of them are about swara and sanskaar and i dont like them. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep it ragini and sanskaar

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.