Ek anokhi kahani Episode 9


In car dp says that now we are going to shekar gagodias family beta they are very special for us they helped a lot in our property matter. Infact their daughter durga is very brave after getting many threatens call she didnt gave up
and finally we won so take their blessing ok.
Sanskar and sheena:- ok papa we will become good frds also.
Ap:- thats my child.
In durga house
Durga is reafering some old case files and looks up towards a row and calls swara.
Swara:- yes didi.
Durga:- just go on stairs and i will tell u few
case names give those files naa swaruu.
Swara:- ok dii and she goes and brings stairs and takes files one after another.
Mean while door bell rings shekhar goes and opens the door .
Shekhar:- welcome durga prasad jii and also welcomes their family .
Durga:- hello uncle, how are you hello aunty and looks surprisingly towards sanskar.
But she goes and takes blessings from ap and dp.
Ap:- god bless you beta and i know u got
surprise by seeing sanskar right he is our elder son and she is my younger daughter sheena.
Durga says hi and they also says same to her.
Sheena :- your name and my dad name same.

They all laugh .
Sanskar and all walks towards hall he didnt notice swara on stairs and moves it by that
sudden movement swara shout and falls sanskar who sees it and holds on time they she gets shocked seeing him at her home and shares a eyelock .sanky get mesmerished by
her eyes which are very close to his face
Durga ask they are ok then they both comes to normally and says yes.
Sheena:- are u ok bhai.
Before swara is ready to speak
Durga:- thank you so much sanskar for saving her on time.
Sanskar:- actually i fidnt see her and moved
stairs i am sry swara
Swara:- come on yar how come you know i am on that stairs its ofcourse people will walk by
sering down not by seeing up so that you didnt
see me and any way thsnks for saving me.
Sanky:- thinks is this girl same whom i met yesterday .
Swara introduces her self and sanky says i am
Swara:- for whom.
Sheena:- for us and they both laugh and gives hi five.
Sansky :- very funny and goes to sit with all.
All are sitting in hall suddenly dp says
Dp:- so ladies and gentle man and youngest
kids in here. Today i sm going to annouce u
that tomorrow is our wedding anniversary so your whole family should and must come ok.
They all laughs and says yes sir .
Sumi:- durga and swara take sanskar and sheena snd show our house beta as this is their first visit and make them comfort ok .
Duraga and swara says ok and shows whole
house and they go to durga room which is with
flower vases law books and some freedom fighters and motherteresa pics are there and then they goes to swara room sheena gets
shocked and asks do u desigh your own self .

Swara:- yes i love blue colour a lot and music .
Sheena:- wow your room is do pleasent and
blue colour it makes me feel like i am in my
brother room .his room also looms like this only
Swara and sanky looks each other and sheena interrupt them .
They all go to lawn and sits there .
Sheena:- actually swara i lisened that your new film is completed when will it realese.
Swara:- actually i too dnt know directors will inform one week before and will you come with me too audio function i will take u .
Sheena:- thats so sweet of you but i should ask permission from my parents .
Swara:- ofcourse yar without permission how can u come, ask them if they accept then i will take u ok.
Sheena :- ok.
A servent comes and say swara beta director
called u but ur phone is not reachable so he gave a msg to u and handles a chit to her . She reads it and says audio realse is next week saturday . Sheena if you both toon permission then we four can go .
They four tslk formally mesn while their parents comes their and say lets leave and turned towards durga and swara ap says once again i
Am saying beta you sll should definetly come ok.
Theyy nodes their head.
Sheena:- can i ask a question papa.
Dp:- your nsme is durga and her name is also durga when you both are together u wont get confused.
Dp laughs and say thats why i became from
durga prasad to dp.
Dp and ap goes to home and
Sanky and sheena continue with their
Ap:- jii what do u think if we ask swara hand for sanskar.
Dp:- i too love that but without durga getting married we cant even ask hand for sanskar right but i will ask sekhar screatly ok.
Ap:- before that we have too ask sanskar.
Dp:- dont worry for that there will be time left
snd mean while if we keep on meeting then may
be they will start liking also.
Ap:- thats good idea jii. After all i am your wife thats why ur this extent smart.
Dp:- who will have beautifull wife their mind will
work like express train.
Sheena:- bhai can i ask you a question.
Sansky:- from when you started asking my permission to talk with me.
Sheebu:- what do u think abt swara.
Sanky:- wat type of question is that.
Sheebu:- because i saw someone lost by seeing
her eyes .
Sansky:- yesterday even i saw domeone lost in someone who collided with him.
Sheebu:- you observed me and hits her head by resalised wat she said.
Sansky:- ha ha cute boy naa. But be carefull sheebu beautinees always should be from inside not outside .
Inside beauty is important than outside charm.
Sheebu:- i will be catefull bhsi snd your asking like i am dating him.
Sansky:- i sm just saying u abt liking and u went
upto dating aa.
Sheebu:- stop it now bhai.
Sansky:- as per ur orders ok .

Laksh:- papa what do u think abt maheswaris
family.( looking towards arjun, snd arjun widens his eyes and nodes no ).
Raj:- what do u think means wat laksh their are
my colz frds and business partners.
Laksh:- just bussiness patners onlyy (arjun hits him).
Sakshi:- say it straight na lucky .
Raj observes laksh teasing arjun and thinks .
Rajnath:- actually laksh is right sakshi.
Sakshi:- what right raj first u tell me wat u understand by his words .
Raj:- see i will xplain u ( lucky and arjun watches them confused faces) and says we are bussiness patners and good frds right.
Sakshi:- yes
Raj:- if we married sheena to laksh then we will becme one family right.
Laksh and arjun coughs and both say wat
Sakshi and raj looks at their reaction and raj signals sakshi who understands and says.
Sakshi:- nice idea laksh .
Arjun stands up and says
Arjun:- what r u saying papa laksh bhsi aur sheena no way and sheena is younger than lucky bhai so no way.
Sakshi:- arjun in marriages girl will be always younger than boy.
Arjun:- struggles to speak and says but lucky bhai started liking agirl so u cant marry him to sheena and i like sheena so you cant do thst to us and watches raj and sakshi watching them and laksh hits his head by saying mental case cant you shut your mouth this is a prank played by dad to know about us .
Arjun closes her face with his hands and says.
Arjun:- sry bhai.and they both slowly turns side to espace.
But sakshi :- dont you dare to run from here stay there.
They both stands still .
Raj:- both of you turn this side.
Arjun and lucky closes their eyes and turns towards them
Raj and sak in excitement take lucky and sit each side and asks wow lucky u startef loving someone.
Laksh:- just started liking papa.
Sakshi:- love or liking atkeast u started responding i used to think u r not ok.
Raj and arjun starts laughing loudly.
Laksh:- mom , i am fine and untill now i didnt met someone specisl thats why i am single untill now .
Raj:- special and something haa.acha say whats het name .what shes doing say fastly lucky we are waiting .
Arjun:- i will say as i love my bhahi so much her name is ragini raichand and she is a doctor.
Raj and sakshi gets up in excitement and say wow and hug eachother wat a coincident sakshi god lisened to us and beta i am very proud of you to choose ragini.
Laksh :- what happen why are u do excited snd wat coincident is it you r talking abt.
Arjun:- aa papa u both are more happy than me and wat coincident even i m not understanding .
Rajnath and sakshi looks into eachother and smiles
Screen freezes on the smiling faces of raj and sakshi and shocking faces of laksh and arjun.

Precap:- releaved about coincident raj and sakshi talking to arjun and laksh who happily hugs eachother and preparations in maheswaris house

And thanks for all who are liking my ff and reply me and thanks for all those silent readers without your comments i cant mske a good story thsnk you so much for liking and supporting my ff

Credit to: Sindhu

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