Ek anokhi kahani Episode 8


Its sunday all are at homes
Sanskar house
Dp:- after finising our break fast get ready fastly we all are going to invite few important people ok.
Sanky:- ok papa.
Ap:- sheena get ready fastly ,dont do late ok.
Sheena :- ok mom dont worry i will get ready fastly in 2 hours.
Ap:- what 2 hrs .
Sheena:- mom i am joking . I will get ready in 30 minutes
Ap:- u are just like your dad you both will not leave a chance to irritate me .
Sanskar :- 30 minutes mom by the i will get ready in 5 minutes.

Sheena :- yaa ofcourse if you are not taking bath then u can get ready in 2 minutes also.
Sanskar:- what do u mean.i will bath
Sheena:- bathing will take time bhai but u will sprinkle water on you thats why u can get ready in 5 minutes and i will take complete bath thats why i will take 30 minutes .
Sanky:- so mean sheebu i wont sprinkle water i will take complete bath get that.
Sheena:- hiw can i get tgat bhai i dnt know na haa if bhsbhi is there then she can tell us your all scretes and looms at dp and ap.
They both understand her prank snd continues with her.
Ap:- goid idea sheeba i think we have to start searching what say jii.
Dp:- u decided something and i say no it will never happen i will be more happy if my another daughter comes in our lifes.
And all laugh at sansky shocked ecpressions.
Sanky who understands their prank .
Sanskar:- what papa today u keft mom and cornerd me .
Dp:- if we kerp on teading same person everyday we and other person also gets bored sonetimes we have to change persons .
Ap:- that means today is my leave
Dp:- yes for today i accepted your leave.
Ap:- thank you so much.
Dp:- your welcome my wife.
They all gets ready and leave for dayal raichand .
In car he says thst dayal and him are childhood frds we are so close to each other after that we changed our studies travelled whole world and finally again setteled in one place .
You both and dayal both kuds are childhood frds later separetex because of our bussiness we went to paris and they went to london .

Raichands house
Shailaja opens door and gets surprised to see them and hugs durga bhaiya and then hugs ap.
They ask them to come inside and call dayal.
And says wow these both kids had grown up .
Dp:- yaa but i am still young ok dnt think i became old .
Dayal:- ha ha in your pointof view you will never be old .
And hugs each other.
Dp:- dayan how r u yar.
Dayal:- fine durgii.
Dev and rags comes from outside and says papa your name is dayan and laughs .
Dayal:- the wY your brother call u ragoo with love in the same way we both used to call each other as dayan and durgii.
Shailaja introduces dev and ragini to them.
Dev takes blessing from them and ragini does same and she bends towards sansky he gets afraid and jerks back.
Sansky:- hi wat are u dng.
Rags:-hi i am not doing that wat are u thinking i am just picking up your card which had fallen down from your hand. And gives back that card
to him and shakehands with sansky and sheena.
How r u sheena.
Sheena:- i am fine .
Dayal:- how do you know each other.
Before dp could xplain rags interruots and xplain whole hospital incident
Dayal:- how ru now beta.
Rags again answers sheena questiion .she us fine papa afterall i treated her.
All looks at rags and smiles.
Dayal:- sometimes allow others to speak beta .
Ragini:-sorry papa this time i wont interrupt u can ask her.
Dayal:- what reminded to ask you answered all questions instead of them.
Dp:- beta ragini its not your fault .what you will do in your geans foundation is so strong thats why you are like this.
All look confused but dp looks at dayal and says wat did i tell any wrong. Am i not wrong shailaja.
Shailaja:- ofcourse because of that strong foundation she is like this .
Dev:- what naa what foundatio. And why are u telling this to ragini.
Dp:- dev beta your soft oersonnality and calm minded came from your mother and your sister went to your father he is also talks unstop snd does all naughty things.
Dayal:- stop it now you are blaming me as like you are milk drinking boy and annapurna you say wat about this foundation who shared it more in your both kids.
Ap:- both took equally bhai saa.

Dp:- so dayan here i sm to u too invite your whole family for mine a i mean our marriage anniversary which is tomorrow.

Dayal:- as you know i am so busy i will try to come.
Dp:- thank god uf u dnt come atleast send your
remaing family members.
Dayal:- that it doesnt mattwr for u if i came or not.
Dp:- you only said naa u are busy.

Dayal:- i am joking yar.
Do:- even i am also joking yarr.
They leave to goenkas house.

Laksh and arjun watching tv door bell rings.
Arjun goes and opens door and shocked to see
sheena and then sanky and their family and
asks them to come in laksh welcome them and both take blessing from them laksh asks arjun to bring mom and dad they all comes down sansky and sheena take blessing from them

And laksh keep hand on arjun shoulder and aays hi sheena how r u .
Sheena:- i am laksh and how ru both.
Arjun:- we both are fine and again starts smiling laksh slowly hits him and bring him back to his senses.
Raj:- so how ru annapurna jii.
Ap:- ism fine and how ru sakshi.
Sakshi:- i am fine .
Raj to laksh and arjun :- we are not only bussiness partners but also college frds .
Dp:- now my daughter and your son are going to same mba colz infact same class.
Raj:- oh then they will continue our bonding.
Laksh to arjun bonding means not type of bonding aruu this is frdship bonding and haa
for that type of bonding still time us there wat say.
Arjun :- bhai now dont start here.
Laksh :- then wat about afterwords.
Arjun:- bhaiii.
Dp introduces sansky and sheena to them.
Raj:- so sanskar how are u feeling taking care if your bussiness.
Sanskar:- fine uncle but its there a lot to learn from experienced people like you .
Raj:- so sweet of you beta and this is my elder son laksh who also started looking my bussines.
Sanskar and kaksh bith shakes their hands and say we already met each other in yesterdays in sheeba college .
Sakshi:- thats great .
Dp and ap:- rajnath and sakshi jii to morrow us our wedding anniversary we sre throwing a small family party you and your whole family should come ok .
Rajnath:- ofcourse dp jii i will definetly we cant recorrect our mistakes which we done few years back and to cover our mistakes we started celebrating and they both began to laugh snd eyes ap and sakshi who are eyeing them angrily
Sakshi:- dont start now raj.
Dp:- come on sakshi jii dont get angry on rajnath afterall he us saying truth.
Ap:- what
Dp:- nothing
Kids all starts laughing together and screen freezes on arjun and sheena who are looking in to each other eyes.

Precap:- swara falling from stairs and sanskar holding her in his arms and their eye lock

Credit to: Sindhu

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