Ek anokhi kahani Episode 7







At sanskar house

Sanky:- xplains entire situation and about raichands and gagidias.
DP:- but beta i lisened a lot about both families, and raichands they are very good and polite people and they all are belong to doctors family and i am thinking them to invite in our anniversary and coming to gagodia’s . Do u rember once i told u that a criminal lawyer durga gogodia helped us to get ride of property problem .
Sanskar nodes his head yes papa. They are them beta and swara is sister of durga and is a famous singer. Their parents are also lawyers and they are helping in our property matters and they will be also invited. So , get ready for few people we and mom coming to invite them and remaing people will be invited by u and sheena.

Sanskar:- but papa but y u are coming to only few people.
Dp:- wat u do want me to do then by coming and wat i will say , sir plz come to my anniversary how can i invite them yar .and i am snd your mom coming to invite only for sake of three families that to goenkas ,gagodia and maheswaris because they are very clise to us .
But even kniw dayal will make fun out of me see.
Ap:-sheena how was you first day in colz.

Sheena:- awesome mom and she remembers arjun and starts smiling by his thoughts of first meeting .
Scene shifts to laksh house in arjuns room who is sitting near window by enjyoing wheather and remembers sheena face her smile and their meeting.
Sakshi:- arjun…. arjun… cone for dinner . But he doents answer .
Laksh just go and check what he is doinf . He is not at all responding to me. From i am calling him. Dont now wat happen to him he return from colz he is behaving weird .
Rajnath:- by doudtfull face do u cook today something new and feed him thsts why may be he is behaving like this.

Sakshi:-what did u say.
Raj:- nothing nothing i am asking laksh to bring arjun fast as i am feeling hungry.
Laksh goes to arjun room raj comes to sakshi and says.
May be your son met someone special.. that why his behavoiur is weird.
Sakshi shout rajjj.
Raj:- ok babaa finger on my lips.
Sakshi:- no more jokes.
Laksh:- watches arjn smiling himself looking at moon and laksh plans something and goes towards him andcasks.
( slowly ) arjun can you see her in moon.
Arjun:- yes bhai and relises wat he said and says bhaii not with mee aa.
Laksh laughs loudly and says my brother is blushing and all aa.
Arjun:- haa just lijevu blushed on thst day remenmber that dayyyyyy and wats her name swathii
Laksh:- ragini arjun .
Arjun:- wow bhai you still rember very well.
Laksh and arjun runs towards hall
Arjun:- maa plzz say me from brother and hides back of raj and sakshi.
They both say wat happen laksh why are u chasing him
Arjun :- wo mom actually u rember we said abt accident and we met few people from that day bhai ko
Laksh :- interupts and say nothibg mom he is just speaking nonsense dont lisen to him and i said everything wat hapoen on that accident day.
Arjun:- bhai are u conform you said everything and whom whom u met and how feel meeting them or i shall say once again.
Raj and sakshi watches both them doudtfully

Laksh:- no need i said everything.
Arjun:- confirm
Laksh:- haa
Arjun:- pakka
Laksh:- i said yesss
Arjun:- shall i lock you answer.
Laksh:- arjun tu to gaya aaj and they run from their.
Raj and sakshi look to each other in confused way and sakshi says wat their are talking about

Swara and durga family at dinner.
Swara:- mom today again we met with accident
Sumi and shekar gets worried and ask ur ok right u both didnt hurt naa
Durga:- dont worry papa its a small one thats it actually some hitted our parked car thats why we didnt get hurt.
Swara:- ha but this person i must say he has so much attitude inspite of his mistake he scolded us
Durga:- swara but after knowing truth he said sorry right.
Swara:- haa he said and maa u know there we saw dev again , do u rember him.
Sumi:- ofcourse how can i forget him such a cute and loyal boy.
Durga:- really mom i must agree with u he is so calm minded and untill know i didnt see a person like him.

Swara:- haa but this person what his name… haa sanskar after a big argument then he realised that he came in wrong direction .
Durga :- swara leave naaa why arevthinkng about him a lot.
Swara:- ok dii i will leave it and one more thing today finally i complerex my project and when it will realse they will call me inform about date.
Sekhar:- thats mean ms swara gagodia timing from tomorrow will be lije 10 and 11
Swara:- making angry face wat papa.
Durga:- but baba swara wakes up early than us when it comes to work matter and when she is free she has to rest naaa dont say anything to my sweet sister.
Sekhar:- do u think we have guts to say to swara that to in your presence .
Swara:- kya papa dont say anything to my sister .i love you so much dii.
At dev residence
Dev and durga are standing at maindoor by hinding and watching for their mom and waiti g for their dad arrival.
Rags:- (in very slow voice like whispering )
Bhai where is mom
Dev:- meri pocket mai. Kya yar even i am looking with naa .
( a hand is placed on both shoulders of rags and dev )
By this they both shout so loudly awwww sry sry mom and they turn and looks that his dad is there they relax and lays on wall.

Dayal:- why are out side and hiding like this.
Dev:- say what dont tell me dad u forget about that accident day and mom thretens us .
Dayal:- o ha yes i rember.
Rags:- bends on knees and says dad at present you are not our dad and you are like gid krishna who has too save us plz plz.
Dayal and dev:- laughs at her act and they go inside and watches shailaja watching them angrily and says.
Shailaja:- arey come inside why are u both standing like from 2 days these 2 people are so busy that they didnt have time to meet their mother. When your dad came automatically u both got free time right.
Dev and rags watch at dayal.
Dayal:- tries to speak
I know that wat ever happen is wrong but its not their mistake right and coming to dev shouting on police is some wrong some right.
Dev and rag holding their hands and stands a side of dayal and shailaja.
Shailaja:- what some wrong some right. He should not talk to police like that.
Dev:-he has no right to make my ragoo cry thats whyy and stops by seeing her mom angry .
Dayal:- but ge behaved to a women rudely naa thays why he reacted like that
Rags:- wat do u mean women baba i am still a young girl and its there a lot of time for me to become women. Kya papa app bee
Shailaja:- atlast laughs and hit on rags head and says pagal ladke and hugs her and dev also joins in their hug from another side.

Dayal:- then where is my hug .
Dev and rags go and hugs their dad and you both are worlds best coolest dad and mom.
We love you both.
Episode ends with their happy faces.

Precap:- dp sansky ap and sheena visiting goenkas , raichands and gagodias .
Arjun gets shocked seeing sheena in his house.

And thanks for all your comments and support and after few days may be in next month i will start my next ff but this time i will pair ragsan and swalak with another new story

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