Ek anokhi kahani Episode 5


Dev and ragini reaches hospital by wearing apron and stechscopes in hand.all wishes them they are wishes to all.
Laksh in office thinks about ragini and lost in her thoughts
Arjun speaks something but laksh doesnt concentrate on wat he is saying . And keep on smiling arjun understands the situation and goes near to him and say
Arjun:- what a eyes right bhai.
Laksh:- yes a big and beautifull eyes.
Arjun:- what about smile .
Laksh:- awesome.
( by his answers arjun control his laugh and goes u nxt question)
Arjun:- wat abt mentality.
Laksh:- innocent and cute
This time he unable control and laughs as loud as he can by catching his stomach.
Laksh who comes too his sense asks him to shutup and stop laughing but he is still laughing by this time laksh gets angry and says if u dont stop lsughing i am not gng to talk u too afterwards your wish.
Arjun stop laughing and say
Bhai in one meeting u became like wst if u start loving her .
By hearing laksh try to catch arjun but he escapes and again starts laughing
Laksh:- aruu im not going to leave uu.
They both run whole cabin.
Swara:- in recording room

Directors says today at any cost we have to complete this songs and xplains situation to her like two dibblings bonding and who they stand up to each other in all circumstances.by lisening this she immediately remembers four of them and her sister she closes her eyes and sings very well thsat songs was conformed in single shot.
Director:- wow swara you are super and ur dedication is awesome and says by todays
there songs are completed and you will receive
your check by evening.
Swara:- thank you so much and will do a favour for me .
Director:- of course wat is it swara
Swara:- i need a car which can drop mme to my home.
Director arranges and she goes home for

Durga:- welcomes her and ask her to get ready a good news is waiting for her.
Swara:- oh dii says it na that u won this case also.
Durga:- how come you know that swaru.
Swara:- because you are awesome and my special.dii if you dnt win then who will win.
Durga:- this is overconfidence swara.
Swara:- no dii this is my trust in you who will always choose right path.
Durga kisses on forehead of swara and asks her to get ready and come down so that they will have lunch together.
Scene shifts to sheena.
Sheena comes down from stairs to go fir shopping but she suddenly slips and fells down.
She screams in pain by that voice AP comes running to sheena and asks driver to help her while on the way to hospital.
Ap:- call to dp and says every thing .he gets tensed and asks the hospital address and infirms sanskar about it. He gets more worried.

Sanskar :- driver go fast .
Dp:- sanskar dont get worry its ok.
Sansky:- no papa wat if its a sprain or fracture sheebu cant take that much pain.we have reach fastly .
Both of them reaches at same time and sanky goes running by holding her sister and ask receptionist .
She guides them towards a room and she arranges for wheel chair .
They all reach their and goes inside.
A lady is having coat ,mask and gloves ask boy to place her on bed , before boy does sansky takes sheebu in hands places carefully
Doc :- checks everything and says no need to worry as it was a small sprain .i will give her a painkiller injection she will be alright in 2 to 4 hrs .
By lisening injection word sansky gets worried and says to doctor to give medicines thats better for her.
Doc:- no injection will relive her from pain fastly than medicine.and if i give medicine she has to bear pain whole day.
Sansky:- no by medicine also pain can go in 2 to 3 hrs , so give medicine .
Ap and dp hits their head by seeing his childish behaviour.
Doc:- seriously asks who is doctor here u or me
Sansky :- ofcoures its u but give medicines no need of injection
They both start arugument .
Sheena shouts:- stop , and doctor you can inject to me and see at sanky and gives its ok expression and atlast he agrees .
And say u can give her injection
Doc:- its already done.
Sheena and sanky gets surprised that thwy didnt even know wen it happen.
Sanskar:- gets happy and says sorry and thank you for not knowing pain for her.
Doc:- opens her mask (ragini) and says no need of sorry she can understand his pain as she also had a very very caring brother.

She wrires some vitamins and gives it to sansky.
Dp and ap:- doudt fully asks is your father dayal raichand.
Rags:- yes, uncle u know my dad.
Dp and ap gets happy and says so ur their younger daughter ragini raichand who came from us after studies right.and ur brother a great heart surgeon
Rags :- yes but who do u know about me and my family.
Ap:- because beta ur dad and dp are school frds.and they are in contact untill now
Rags:- so ur are durga prasad maheswari uncle and annapurna aunty .
They gets happy.rags say i used too lisen about u alot but i never saw u and from few years their us no connection between u both.
Dp:- yes beta
Rags:- uncle we shifted from mumbai to kolkata .this us our present contact.
He takes and gives his contact to her.
She says to wait so that she will call her brother.
She calls but some one picks and says he went for rounds and same thing she says to dp.
Dp :- no problem next when we meet then i will meet him and by the way he is our son sanskar
Both shake hand to eachother and she is our daughter sheena .
Sanskar is managing our bussiness and sheena is going to join in mba .
Thats great uncle .
Dp:- k beta then we will leave now.
Rags:- bye to all,and suddenly remembers mba and arjun then she rembers laksh door opening
Scene and smiles to her self later she realises and thinks wst happen to me.
May be im not bust thats why im behaving like thus and thinks i have leave for rounds and moves out from room.

Precap:- mba college opening lucky advises to arjun .
Sanskar advises to sheena.
Arjun and sheena meeting

And guys i know that in intro i gave couples like rags and sanky .but while witing i thought how it will be if i made rag and lucky then rags and arjun bonding will be cool like bhabhi and devar
Once again i as m asking
rags sanky
Rags like
Give voting as per story based which pair will look gud

Credit to: Sindhu

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