Ek anokhi kahani Episode 43


Frds this is for u and today i am completly focusing on rags and dev shaurya and laksh family.
Thank u all for reading my ff.

Episode starts with rags sleeping.
Dev and shaurya comes and sits beside her by brushing her hair and caring her.
Shaurya:-what we will do from tomorrow bhai.when she will go leaving us.
Dev:-dont know shaurya i just dont know i am unable to think that she will go from here.
Shaurya:-she is still a small kid bhai so is it compulsory that she shoukd married lets wait for some more time na.
Dev:-untill she reach 40 .
Dev:-shaurya tell me onething do u believe in laksh .
Shaurya:-ofcourse bhai not only him his whole family will take care of him.
Dev:-then we should send our ragoo happily.
Shaurya:-if she saw tears from eyes she will also cry bhai.
Dev:-hmm we have to control.
Shaurya:-lets go bhai otherwise she will get up.
They both leave and watches shailaja and dayal outside with tears.
Dev :-maa.
Shailaja:-blesses them both and leaves from their.
In raj house.
Raj and sakshi are talking.
Laksh comes their and sits with sakshi and keeps his head on her lap.
Arjun also comes there and sits with them.
Raj signals to sakshi.
Sakshi:-are u tensed laksh.
Laksh:-no maa i am happy but i am worried also.
Sakshi:-laksh look mine and your dads is also love and arranged marriagevi am very happy and in same time sad also.
But that doesnt mean that i dont want to marry
After marriage it depends on you how u handle her with love and slowly she will handle everything ok.
Arjun:-bhai thank you for briging world best bhabhi for me and i know that u will keep her hsppy so dont worry.
Laksh:-maa see my choti aruu became so big today .
Raj:-haa why not next he is on line right.
Arjun:-dad first i should make my name in this world as arjun goenka but not as raj second son.
Sakshi:-wah wah.
All smiles .

Sanskar thinking something
Swara comes and say wat r u thinking.
Sanskar :-,tomorrow rags will leave her house i am getting worried that how these three brothers and sister will handle.
Swara:-they will sanskar dont worry.
They both hug.

Next day
Marriage preaparation are taking place.
Dayal comes and sees rags and says my princess became so big today she is looking like princess and kisses her on fore head.
Rags hugs him and shailaja.
Dev and shaurya comes and says wow my princess really looking like princess today .
They all laughs.
Shailaja makes durga sit and ask sumi to be with her if she getup break her legs.
They all smiles and leaves from there.
Sumi and swara sitting with durga .
Laksh comes to mandap and later they bring ragini.
Dev and shaurya smiles seeing her and goes towards her and brings her down.
First they start taking seven rounds.
Laksh applies sindoor and mangalsutra.
Shailaja dayal and dev shaurya wipes their tears .
Raj dp and shekar keep his hand on dayal
Sakshi sumi and ap are with shailaja.
Bidaii starts.
Dayal kisses on her forehead and smiles
Shailaja hugs her and their bhabhis also.
She goes to sanskar who gives her hi five and swara and sheena also hugs her
When she comes to dev and shaurya all are watching them.
Dev and shaurya hugs her.
Dev:-i will miss u ragoo.
Shaurya:-i will miss u too.
Rags:-i miss you both and breaks down.
Dev cups her face and wipes her tears and shaurya keeps his hand on her head.
Rags also wipes their both tears.
Rags:- i am saying now only for you both that dont think that i am going so u can be peace i will eat your both brains in phone.
They both laugh.
Dev:-be carefull ragoo although their is less distance for our both houses but still we will miss u.
Shaurya:-laksh u dont know a great quality about rags .i think she will be the first person who feels lazy to eat also.
Rags hits shaurya.
Dev:- that less shaurya untill now she dont know how to walk thats why she always hit somethibg and get hurts.
Rags:-are u both complaining about me.
Dev:-no baby.
Shaurya:-yes baby.
Rags:-bhai see naa .
Dev hits shaurya.

Dev says come they are waiting for u.
They both hand over to laksh and they about to say.
Laksh:-dont worry from the day i loved her from on thst time she also became my princess.
If she feels lazy to eat i will make her eat.
Rags and dev and shaurya looks at him with smile and little tears.
She get hurt i will maintain bandaids with me.
Raj and sakshi comes to dayal and shailaja.
She is our daughter first dayal later bahu.
Finally they are bids bye to them.
Dev and shaurya and standing outside and crying.
Rags cries in car.
Arjun:-bhabhi plz dont cry na if u want take my brother as jamai to your home and i will also come as jamai devar ok.
Rags smiles and wipez her tears .
Laksh holds her hand signals to her with hid eyes..
Shailaja gets shocked seeing they both normal behaviour.
Dev sees her and said my saali said to me on her dii bidaii that we should not cry when we know that our loved ones will be happy.
Shaurya:-and we know that our ragini will be very happy their .
Dev so no need to cry.

Precap:-some close moments between laksh and ragini.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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