Ek anokhi kahani Episode 42


Recap:- shopping scene.
Haldi starts .
All appilies haldi to laksh in his home.
And ragini in her house.
Arjun gifts a scrub to laksh
Laksh:-why this scrub arjuu.
Arjun:-because of this u can bath properly or if u dont clean properly then u will look like yellow monkey .
U shoukd look good beside my princess babhi right
Laksh chases arjun all over house.

In ragini house.
All applies haldi.
Shaurya takes a hand full of haldi and applies on ragini and starts laughing
Soon they both start to fight by threwing haldi.
Dev comes and see all hall is spread by haldi.
Dev:-what the hell is this yar.is it haldi function or haldi fight.
Sanskar sheena and shaurya and ragini stops their hands in air which contains haldi
All look each other faces and smiles and turns towards dev.
Dev slowly moves back by saying no no.

They all threws
Dev sits down to escape and on same time dayal comes and all haldi goes to him.
All gets shocked and dev laughs.
And they immediately hits dev again.
Shailaja comes and scolds them
They all runs to their rooms to fresh.
Next day.
All ladies are arranging hall for mehndi.
Sanskar drags swara to a room.
And keeps his hand over swaras shoulder.
Sanskar:-darling lets remember old days.
Sanskar:-our mehndi days.

Swara:-smiles and says our mehndi day
Sanskar:-i mean your yar and our marriage.
Swara:-pushes his hand and goes and hugs him and says lets marry again then.
Sanskar:-my baby wants to marry me again and hugs her.
Sheena:-bhabhi where r u.
Sanskar:-this girl always comez in between.
Swara:-hits him and says dont say a word to my nanand.

Sanskar:-ok madam but before she comes lets moves.
Swara:-they all goes out.
Swara:-sheena you called.
Sheena:-bhabhi and showz flowers combination and asks her fhow is this.
Swara:-as beautiful as you r some one will get shock today by seeing you.
Sheena:-blushes and says bhabhi.

And goes from their.
Durga and payal making ready and dev and shaurya are arranging down and seeing arrangements.
Durga finds rags dull face and signals payal.
Payal:-wow ragini you r looking stunning.

If laksh sees you like this he will marry u now only.
Durga:-after all she our nanad naa .
Rags simply smiles.
Durga lifts her chin and asks wat happen.
Ragini:-nothing bhabhi just like that after tomorrw i am going to leave u all naa just wat sad about it.
Payal:-keeps his chin on ragini head and says every girl will face this situation ragini but i have a doudt.

Rags looks questionally and durga asks wat.
Payal:-in bidaii its common that mom ,dad and daughter will cry but i think your both brother will cry by beating their heart and acts like it and shows.
Three laughs loudly.

Durga:-thats like my girl u should smile no u should always laugh like this.
Dev and shaurya lisens all this and wipes their tears and comes inside .
Shaurya:-hey payal take your head u r spoiling my ragoo hairstyle and hugs her from behind.
Dev comes and pushes shaurya and says u r spoiling her clothes and movez him.
Payal:-shaurya this is called tit for tac
All laughs.
Dev:-come lets go down all reached.

Shaurya:-all reached means all reached ok.
Rags:-sayvit straight bhai laksh came.
Rags goes down and their mehndi function starts.
Sheena is going to room arjun watches her follows her.
Arjun takes her to wall.about to hugs her.
Sheena:-my mehndi juno.
Arjun:-thats it i have a solution for it and comes close to her and lifts her hand and hugs her and kisses her on neck.
Sheena jerks and says wat r u doing.

Arjun:-i am kissing u and dont tell me u dont know that wat was it and yaa do u remember u kissed on our proposal day after that no kisses or hugs and keeps sad face by holding hands.
Sheena:-awee my cute juno boy and goes near to him and kissez on his cheek.
Arjun:-not like this and goes towards her they both share their kiss.
Scene shift to ragini.

Ragini group sanskar arjun dev and shaurya.
Laksh swara durga payal and sheena.
Laksh is closely observing rags hand to find his name.
Rags starts to laugh and says u are seeing like u r going to give civil xams.
Swara:-dont disturb him rags.
Sanskar:-achaa if we disturb him or not also he is not going to find.
Swara:-he will.
Sanskar:-he will not.
All eyes them here and there.
Rags shouts stop it yar and turns to laksh and says how much time will u take to find cant u find it here and about to say.
Sanskar closes her mouth.

Laksh says shit yar why u stopped her.
Shaurya:-dont take hand from her mouth sanskar.
Dev:-haa we cant trust her.
Rags seez arjun anf blinks her eyes .

Arjun:-leave my bhabhi naa wats her misrake .
Mistake is my bhai and beats him.
Laksh:-mine how.
Arjun:-you r provoking her to speak.
Laksh:-we will do so many plans but she have to control.
Swara:-if she cant then its not my mistake.
Rags signals to sanskar and he removes his hand.
Rags:-bhabhi see na your sister.
Durga:-catches swara ears .
Sanskar laughs by clapping hands.

Swara:-dii your are laksh team right.
Durga:-haa but i sm not against to my ragini.mean while laksh pleases her to says by his eyes.
Rahs nodes no.
Laksh again does same.

This time rags shows him his name with her eyes.
Laksh smiles .
Shaurya and dev sees this and smiles by looking at each other.
Finally laksh says i found it and showz to all.
Shaurya makes ragini eat food with his hands and dev helping durga to eat by sitting near her.
Swara sees this and gets happy.
Sanskar comes with two plates and sees swara watching themand says.
Durga dii is very lucky to have dev bhai right.
Swara turns to him and says even i am so lucky to have u.
Sanskar really .

Swara really.
Its night.
Payal durga and shailaja and dayal are sitting together.
Shailaja is massaging durga hair with oil.
Dayal:-wat r u thinking so deep durga its not good in this time for u.
Payal:-maa we are worried for shaurya and dev bhaiyaa how will they react when ragini bidaii.
Shailaja:-even i am getting tension by thinking about it.
Dayal:- i cant think about my own position but they both share a very special bonding with her .
Durga:-really dont know how will they react tomortow.
Shailaja lets see wat they three are doing.

And goes to their room.
All start laughing payal takes a pic from phone.
They three wear a face pack by keeping keera on their face and sleeping in line.
By their laughs they three opebs their eyes and seez them.
Rags:-wats so funny that you all are laughing at us.
Shailaja:-if ragini applied face pack its ok but why u two appiled .
Dev:-even wu two shoukd look handsome naa.
Shaurya:-and maa dont disturb us.

Dayal:-fine baba stay for today i will take care of durga ok.
Dev:-durga u dont mind naa.
Rags:-haa babhi you dont mind naa.
Durga:-come on ragini why i will mind and sleep well dont stay all night ok
Rags hugs her and payal and says my world bestest bhabhis.

Precap:-rags bidaii dev and shaurya hugs her and they three tries to control their tears and all are watching them with tears in their eyes

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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