Ek anokhi kahani Episode 41


The episode starts with sheena and arjun outing.
They both r in bike.
Sheena:-hugs arjun from back and says juno boy after so many days we are travelling and spending time to gether.
Arjun:-haa yar now a days all are getting married in our group.
Sheena:-but for us it will take time.
Arjun:-after all i should get settled then i can ask your hand right.
Sheena:-cares arjun chin and says i love you juno.
Arjun:-sit properly otherwise we will fall.
Sheena:-i already fell for u juno boy.

Arjun smiles and they both go to shopping mall.
Sanskar shout by saying still how much time u
will take yar .
For getting ready simply u r taking this much tine wat will u do and will u take whole day to get ready.
Swara turns and says ofcourse afterall its my bestie laksh marriage and dont u dare to pull his keg by hiding his shoes ok.
Sanskar achha in that case even ragii is my bestie and i will pull laksh leg and i will hide them.
Swara in that case i know how to find it.
Sanskar comes close to swara and hugging her from backside and says do u remember how we both fought for dev’s shoes and i won in that.
Swara helli i won .
Sanskar:- oye mini size ghajini i won if u forger shall i remind u wat happen that day and comes close to her by pulling her towards him and holds her by waist and kisses her on cheeck
Swara gets shy and pushes him and says no need i remember and runs from there by saying get ready we have to go to shopping.
Dev helps durga to get ready .

Dev:-dont wear that earrings.
Dev:-its heavy in this time u cant lift weights.
Durga:-its heavy wat and laughs its a earrings dev.
Dev keeps sad face.
Durga smiles and goes near to him and says by holding his hand ok baba i wont kk.
Dev:-be carefull durga my life is in you and in your womb.
Durga gets emotionsl and hugs him.
They gets down.
Shailaja:-be carefull durga dont roam here and there ok sit down and dont lift any weight keep on eating something and if u want anything ask them ok.
Rags:-maa i am there na i will take care of bhabhi and your are forgetting four doctors are with bhabhi we will take care about her ok.
Shailaja nodes in ok.
Arjun reaches shopping mall and call laksh.
Arjun:-where r u bhai all came.
Laksh:-i am starting arjun and whom whom came.
Arjun smiles and says all bhai.
Laksh:-all means who .
Arjun:-dont worry bhai just me and sheena reached and we called sanskar they are going to another mall.

Dev bhai are on the way so come.
After some time all reached mall.
Arjun and sheena went to another block.
Laksh is standing.
Durga and payal are sitting.
Rags stands near durga .
Dev and shaurya are standing at sallesman postion .
They are taking one by one dress.
Dev takes bright yellow one.
Rags:-if i wear this much bright one i will get feeling like i got jaundice.
Dev and shaurya shouts shutup.
Rags:-ok fine sorry.

Shaurya shows green.
Rags:-people will think that and stops because all are watching her angrily.
Rags:-fine u people wat ever select i will ware ok.
Shopping done laksh and all are catching bags dev holding durgas hand and helping her to walk.
Rags:-wow my bhai became so caring and all haa.
All smiles .
Laksh and rags goes outing.
Shaurya and all leaves to home.

Durga catches her head and says.
Durga:-shaurya u can drive fast yar even people on cycle are going fast.
Shaurya:-no bhabhi u have to be very carefull and i wont drive fast.
Dev and payal also says yes driving fast is not allowed.
Durga smiles and says are u sure we will reach home today only.
Shaurya:-sure bhabhi.
All smiles.
Swara selecting sarees and dress and ask sanskar.
Sanskar says yes to all.
Swara angrily.
Swara:-wat yar u are saying yes to all dress in that case how i will select.
Sanskar:-wat can i do u look beautifull in all dress and sarees .
Swara he he very funny.

Rags and laksh are in car.

Rags:- wat yar our engagement is completed just like that unbelivable.
Laksh:-hmm thats true but dont worry we will arrange remaining rituals .
Laksh becomes silent.
Rags:-why are u so silent r u not happy with me.
Laksh:-wat r u mad i love u ragini and i am very happy to marry u .
Rags:-then why u became silent wont u share with me.
Laksh:-by seeing you and your brothers love i am getting feeling that wat if i couldnot love u like your brother wat if i hurt u.
Rags:-dont worry then i will love u more than me.and yaa ymu can never hurt me wantedly or unwantedly.
Laksh:-u belive me this much.
Rags:-i will belive you and your love towards me.
Laksh:-are u not sad by thinking that u will move after marriage from your house to my house and your brotherz.
Rags:-haa it will be difficult not only for me for every girl and coming to my brother may be physically we will be far but mentally we all will be together and yaa u r there na for me to complete my lonileness.
Laksh smiles and says love u dear.

Rags:-mee too dear.
At night
Dev takes care of durga by giving her medicines and water .
Dev catches durga hand and takes her for a walk.
Durga:-love u dev and thanks for taking care.
Dev:-come on yar why thank u i am taking care of my wife and my child and you r saying sorry.
Durga:-fine baba sry and shall we leave i am tired.
Dev says ok and lifts her.
Durga:-wat r u doing.

Dev:-u only said naa u r tired so how can i allow u to walk.
Durga:- dev walking from balcony to bed i wont get tired dev leave me na.
Dev:-i dont care about distance u said u tired and i am helping u because its my responsibility as a husband and as a father.
And makes her rest on bed by covering her with blanket.

Episode ends.

Precap:-haldi and mehndi preparation and fun time.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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    I started reading this story yesterday n today only I completed all41 episodes. I am a big fan of ek hasina thi n I also like swaragini. Thank u so much for combining these two.
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    Keep on writing….never end this story… <3 <3

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