Ek anokhi kahani Episode 38


Hi frd i am writing another ff about rags and sanskar as a pair and laksh and swara here ragsan are main leads remaining are just stays like that. I hope you will like it as this ff.

Episode starts with dayal house with icecream party.
Sheena swara sanskar sitting with duraga and dev arjun laksh and rags shaurya and payal
on another side.
Swara:-i am so happy dii and hugs her congrates once again jijju.
Dev :-thank u.
Sanskar slowly to swara.
Just calm down save this excitement untill our turn comes.
Swara:-sanskar and hits him.
All asks wat happen.
Sanskar:-aa i saidd ochh in thinking wat if u got twins..ochhh ochhh.
Sheena:-why u r reacting as if u are getting twins.
All laughs.

Swara feels shy and sanskar embaressement and hits sheenaa.
Sanskar:-u now when it will comes to u.
Sheena:-i too want to know it bhai but by keeping sad face and says wat to do i have to wait.
Sanskar laughs and hugs her.
Rags:-because of this meeting u asked me to come in midnight.
Laksh:-hmm say.
Rags:-wat r u going to do
Laksh:-wait and watch.
Rags:-keeps sad face.
Laksh:-only few hours left and handles a gift box to her and ask her to wear it and be ready.
Rags:-so its a dress.
Laksh:-how do u know.
Rags:-oh come on u only said naa wear it and be ready so it will be dress only naa.
Laksh:-in that case its not dress.
Rags :-ok i will wait for u.
All goes to their rooms and their houses.
Dev:-makes durga to sit on bed and rests his head on durga lap and says thank u durga for making me dad.
Durga :-keeps her head on his head and says thank u too for making me mom.
Dev:-we got u know in our mbbs as in this ladies will behave differently and if u want to eat anything at anytime u ask me i will bring or make for u.
Durga:-thank u.
Dev:-noo thanks to u.
Payal standing near window and shaurya comes from back and hugs her.
Shaurya:-wat r u thinking payuu.

Payal:-for a girl being a mom is most precious thing in world and she turns towards shaurya and says even dev and durga started their second stage of married life.
Shaurya:-comes close to her and says u to want it
Payal:-shaurya aa shut up.
Shaurya:-u dont want it.
Payal:-no i mean yes aa .
Shaurya:-so u want it ok kets go then.
Payal:-stop it yar and she hugs him and shaurya laughs and says i am just kidding to see how your face turn into pink while getting shy.
Payal:-i love you yar.
Shaurya:-i love u too yaraa.
Rags comes to her room and sits on bed and open gift see find a note and a sarre which is mix of skyblue and white saree.she smiles and opens note.

Rags i hope u like it as all boys like girls when
they wear saree because they look cute in them but when you wear i am sure u will look like princess and i hope u will dont mind to wear it.
I love so much ragini i mean ragoo.
Rags smiles and closes note and wears saree by leaving her hair and small diamond earring and the same locket.
Laksh messages her to come.

Rags goes towards car
Laksh could feel her presence and turns back and get mesmerised and while she slowly reaches their laksh approches and about to hug her.
Rags:-not here laksh and haa you r damm handsome in this white formal shirt.
Laksh:-and you are looking damm se.. rags shuts his mouth with her hand.
Laksh kisses her hand.
Rags immediately takes her hand and gets shy and says shall we go.
Laksh takes her to a beach wear only few people are allowed.
And place is deacorated with daliya flowers .

She asks how do u know that i like this flowers.
Laksh:-i love you rags i will know about your likes and dislikes right.
Rags:-in that case i too love you and gives a gift to him and asks him to open it.
Laksh:-its a new brand watch..and he loves watches a lot and he says rags i want ti buy this but waiting for realse but how you get it before.
Rags:-because i love you luckuu.
Laksh smiles and they both hugs each other for sometime.
Laksh breaks hug and says close your eyes miss ragini its time to for ur surprise.
Rags:-closes her eyes and after sometime she feel her hand is taken by someone and opens her eyes and gets shocked to see arjun laying down on one knee.
Rags:-arjun tum.
Arjun:-shh. Just lisen to me ragini untill now when ever i doo naughty things my bhai and dad used to save from mom i hope from tomorrow you will also save me from mom by being my bhabhi but not by ragini.

Arjun:-oohh i said big lines and u didnot understand kk let me come to point.
Miss ragini will u become my bhabhi.
Rags:-laughs and says yes and arjun and laksh this is the worlds best and different proposal i love u both.
Three hugs each other.

Precap:-rags getsup late and shailaja asking her dev and shaurya saving her and their bhabhi supporting them.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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  1. wow superb yaar . i love the proposal part its quite different

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    U always post ur ff regularly, which made me ur fan, I mean to say that there r lots of ff which have good plot but they do not post regularly. Thanq for posting regularly
    Ur plot is very different, there are many couples but still we don’t get confused, which is the greatest quality of ur ff. U r always successful in maintaining the standard of ur story, we never get bored while reading ur it. Love ur episode, love u. God bless u.

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    Continue Dr ….. Precap awesome dev Shaurya and bhabi supporting her nanad …..

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    Ek nanad Ki kushiyon Ki chabi meri bhabi ……

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    1. Thank you devga for liking all my episode and proposal thank you so much its means a lot for me

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    Superb yaar
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