Ek anokhi kahani Episode 33


Celebrations starts in dayal and shekhar house.
Dp and raj families are managing well to attend both families.
Mehndi function starts all are at durga house.
Shaurya comes with payal and introduces her to all.
Payal:-hi dev bhaiyaa and rags how r u.
Shailaja:-wat u know them well.
Payal bites her tongue and shaurya hits her head.
Dev and rags watches each faces and says.
Dev:-wat r u talking we dont kniw her.
Rags:-we are seeing her now only.
Shaurya:-nodes head in yes.
Dev:-hi its seems mehndi completed come lets go its time to find out my nane.
Shaurta:-yes lets go
four of them leaves and sits with durga and whole gang .
Shaurya says hi payal wat r u doing yar u want us to die in maa hand .
Payal:-sorry guys.
Dev:-hi its ok no need and by the ways frds she is payal shaurya love life.
Sanskar:-ohh doctor madam for delhi.
Payal:-yaa and wat shaurya u can say about me to all but i shouldnot thats not fair.
Shaurya:-they arw frds yar thats ok but u said to my badai maa once she came to now about u and me from other she will kill me.
Dev:- haa any way leave it now.

Ceremony starts dev rotates his head in all different angeks to find out his name and says.
Dev:-surgery is more easy than this how many different lines are there and i am sure my nsne is not there u r making fun of me.
Swara:-jijju u do one thing u think its as a heart surgery and u are finding a clot in this lines and try it.
Dev:-not a bad idea and again tries before rags stops and says.
Rags:-this is the last chance bhai after that u will loss it .
Dev:-you r my sister or devil.
Rags:-thanks for complement and fing it.
Dev:-at last finds and shows to everyone and dev and swara hi five yo each other and dev says wat a idea swarajii.
Swara:-thank u jijju thank u.
While having lunch laksh and ragini watches each other and smiles mischeviously.
Sanskar and swara are having lunch together and swara say why they are not propossing each other.
Sanskar:-wait i will ask and come .
Swara:-arey muddy fellow wat will u ask them that why their are doing this sometimes use this brain by pointing to his head.
Sanskar:-wat u said muddy fellow haa.
Swara :-he he sorry sankuuu baby.
Sanskar smiles and says mad girl.
Swara:-thats why i have fallen love with u madly.
Sanskar:-hm hm.
Swara winks her eye to him.

Remaining all comes and sits with them.
Swara:-hi by evening we will collect arjun and sheena and lets go to movie.
Laksh:-nice idea lets goo.
Shaurya:-oye wat nice idea tomorrow is their haldi.
Swara:-thats why after that they cant see each other na untill their marriage.
Dev and durga smiles at each other.
Shaurya:-that wat first lisen wat i want to say.
Swara:-no i dont lets go na sanskar.
Sanskar:-ok done lets go.
Rags:-oye wat ok done mine and shaurya bhais night duty is their who will do it u and swara.
Dev:-haa they have night duties infact to night payal is covering me in hospital as she is also cardio.
Rags:-bhai cant come to hospital for 4 days in these four days 2 days we are managing.
Shaurya:-after that junior will take over.
Durga:-u three will get tired by managing hospital and home.
Payal:-for bhai and bhabhi anything.
Shaurya and rags at a time yes anything for family.
Dayal comes their and says ragini and shaurya leave to hospital quickly i arranged junior for morning so that u can come early.
Shaurya :-done.
Swara:-with sad face my movie.
Dev:-we will go swara dont worry but after marriage ok jijju promise.

While going laksh call ragini.
Ragini:-yez laksh u need anything.
Laksh:-actually after gifting me i said to u i will find someone for atleast locket sake right but u didnot ask me anything about it why.
Rags:-slightly smiles and says come on laksh if u found her u will definetly says to me without asking right then wats need to ask.when u found i should be first to introduce her ok.
And waves bye to him
Laksh:-wat did she took my words seriously or wat before she involved with someone else i have i
Propose her.
Rags and shaurya and payal are doing night duty.
Dev and durga are taking on phone.
Dev:-one more day to go durga gagodia to becone durga raichand.
Durga:-smiles and says yes just one more day for me as a durga gagodia and becomes sad.
Dev:-hii we all live in one state and that to one place its matter of few minutes journey if u want u can go when ever u like and stay as per ur wish and only surname is changing not u durga and haa after marriage u will bacome daughter of this house same way i will become son of your i mean our house.
Durga:-i am lucky to have u.
Dev:- even i am so so lucky to have u and i love you.
Durga:-i love u dev.
They both sleeps like that only on beds with their phones.
Arjun calls sheena
Arjun:-hi sheebu wat r u doing.
Sheena:-after completing war wat we will do enjoying the victory.
Arjun:-war wat are u taking about.
Sheena:-ahh juno boy exams exams.
Arjun:-fine yar i understand now sorry.
Sheena:-u kniw wzt for u a name song suits well.
Arjun:-i kniw wat u r going to say.
Sheena:-achaa wat song i am going to dedicate to u.
Arjun:-ayoo rama me kya karu mujai buda milgaya.
Sheena in shock how do u know that i am going to say that.
Arjun:- because i love i know wat u r thinking.
Sheena:-love u so much juno u steal my heart.
Arjun:-i love you too sweetheart.
Laksh enters and say.
Laksh:-may i come in sir itseems these days my little bro is so busy and not giving ideas to big brother.
Arjun:-ideas and dont tell me u didnt propose to rags untill now.
Laksh says each and every conversion between him and rags and about gift also.
Arjun:-are u crazy bhaiya she said indirectly that she loves u and u also understand wat she meant but from where the hell u got that idea of teasing her and making her jeously i dont understand.
Laksh:-see yar u r scolding your own brother.
Arjun:-or else wat i should do u kniw wat u deserves a kick not scolding.
Laksh:-wat do i know yar my plan will backfire. I thought .
Arjun:-you thought wat bhai unbelivable.
Laksh:-now give me idea naa.
Arjun:-wait let me think first and thinks after sometime says their is only one way bhai.
Arjun:-u just go and propose her directly from heart as she belives in simplicity.
Laksh:-i think you were right.

Next morning.
Shaurya and all reaches home from hospital while going to their rooms observes dev
sleeping and they go inside.
Shaurya:-we did full night duty and he is sleeping like he did night duty.
Payal observes phone near his ears and checks
that last call untill 2 says.
Payal:-ofcourse he too did night duty that to untill 2 and shows phone call.
They all smiles.
Rags:-my dev bhai is improving day by day.
Shaurya:-haa and why dont we have some fun after its a relaxation for us.
Rags and payal at a time means wat r u going to do.
Shaurya:-watch and goes near dev ears and says some wat loudly.
Hello durga bhabhi plz come in.
Dev immediately gets up says durga .
All laughs a loud by catching their stonach .
Dev gets angry and they four start pillow fight.
Dayal and shailaja watching them and says they arw getting married one after other and still behaving like kids.
Dayal:-dev is getting married and after even shaurya will i think i have to find groom for ragini.
Dayal:- i have to search for her right.
Shailaja:-its not easy first u should like dev should like and shaurya my god wat a dad and brothers.
Dayal:-after two generations in our family ragini born shailaja she is only daughter and sister obvisously she will get pampered.
Shailaja:-hmm that true

Precap:-haldi celebrations

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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