Ek anokhi kahani Episode 32


Episode starts with rags reaching durga house.
Sumi opens door and welcome her she gives gifts to all.
Rags:-bhabhi this is specially for u and gives a locket which has dev and durga photos.
Durga:-thank you so much rags.
Swara:-for me.
Rags:-i dont now whether is works or not i lisened that you are a big fan of ar rehman so i bought.
Swara shouts oh my god u brought ar rehman for me awesome where is he.
Rags hits her and they both laughs.
Rags:-i brough a guitar which is personelly signed by him actually i met in sweden and givez that to her .
Swara:-thans yar it means alot and haa after so many days our gand is completed so lets go for dinner i will inform everyone.

Rags reaches to sanskar place and meets elders and .
Rags:-hi sheena .
Sheena:-wat a pleasent surprise when u came dii.
Rags:-yesterday and where is sanskar.
Sheena:-he is still sleeping now a days he is taking late night calls thats why and they both hifive to eachother.
Sheena i have a idea come with me rags.
They both reach sanskar room and says ragini dii now watch and she pulls both legs but falls down .rags pickup her and now rags catching one leg and sheena catching another lega and successfully pulls sanskar down.
Sanskar shout arey wat yar sheena and sees rags by movind head and rubbing his eyes.
Sheena:-dont rub too much so that your eyes may come out.
Rags and sheena laughs.
Sansky:-he he enough and goez and hufs rags and says miss u so much dost.
Rags:-mee too.

Sansky:-u know wat someone else is also missing u badly but not as a frd as specialy.
Rags breaks hug and looks at them he explains everthing later.
Rags gives gifts to them and now reaching to arjun house.
Arjun opens door and about to shput rags but rags stops him and says dont shout i want to surprise your brother by making fake angry afterall he didnt met me while i am leaving .
She goes and takes bleszing from raj and sakshi.
She gifts googles to raj and a neckpiece to sakshi.
She goes to laksh room.
Laksh is getting ready infront mirror he is doing tie and lifts his head and watches rags and says by leaving hands down .
Laksh:-god ragini u r not leaving me in dreams thats not enough for u now even u r coming in day time.

Rags starts laughing and goes near to him and pinches him and says i am real laksh.
Laksh turns and hugs her and says sorry ragini i couldnt meet u i am really sry if i know that u r leaving i will definetly cancel all meeting to meet u .
Rags:-its ok laksh and haa i want to give u a gift and gives him a gift wrapped gift before he could open she says not now laksh. Actually this gift is different it has a two chains and when their two lockets meet each other a special message willcome and haa u can only give one locket to your love and another locket should be with u so will u give that locket to that person whon u love right and says here that person should be girl only ok.
When she leaves laksh catches her hand and says love mean only love right not liking.

Rags bye .
Laksh say u can be for some more time naa.
Rags actually laksh i have togo to hospital its urgent.i will meet u evening bye .
After ragini went laksh open the locket and makes it meet each other and immediately its starts saying i love.
Laksh smiles and say i love u ragini i love u too but i will tell u later let me have some fun.
Arjun and sheena are preparing for their final xams.
Sheena:-who invented this xams juno boy.
Arjun:-may be the same person who invented u people.
Sheena:-hits him and says very funny.
Arjun:-seriously say hii i am not joking and laughs.
Sheena:-ha ha funny boy shut up.
Arjun:-i sweet heart got angry and kisses her immediately.
Sheena:-touches her cheeck and says wat r u doing we r in colz.
Arjun:-yaa but in ground and dont worry no one watched us so chill.
Sheena:-chill my foot wat if someone watch us.
Arjun:-fine baba sry now smile.

Sheena smiles and says by the way nice gift .
Arjun and sheena smiles at each other.
All are getting ready for their dinner durga is taking time and not moving from mirror and swara asking her to do fast .
Durga:-5 minutes more swaruu i sm coming.
Swara gets a msg from sansky and smiles and looks at durga and says dii u take u r time jijju msg me that he came so i am going.
Durga:-he msged u butdidnt msg me and checks her phone
Swara burst into laugh .
Durga goes and beats her they both startin one car.
Sanskar:-sheena come naa yar.
Sheena:-seriously bhai i have last xam let me finish after that i will be free for always.
Sanskar:-are you sure yaa iam and by the way the bhai is looking dashing and all haa for whom u get ready this much.
Sanskar:-for ur bhabhi.
Sanskar hugs and says take care bye dear dont wake up late ok.
Dev and rags are trying to wake up shaurya.
Dev:-shaurya wake up man u r sleeping like kumbakarna.
Rags:-come bhai he will also wake up but this
fellow will never.

Shaurya:-guys if u want to fight go out and fight naa why r u disturbing me and this rags didnt allow to sleep in flight bacause of her
Dev laughs and sees anger face of rags and keeps his finger on his lips.
Rags:-so mean i only didnt allow u to sleep one
night but this bhai didnt allow me for month.
And haa bhai payal called three times from morning and she said that u r not taking her phone
Shaurya wakes up immediately and checks
immediately his phone and watches both angrily.
Dev and rags hi five each other.

Dev:-atlast kk u wakeup so get ready.
Shaurya:-wat is kk.
Ha ha .
Shaurya:-wat ever he goes and gets ready.
Swara sanskar and durga are sitting together .
Durga:-bechara sanskar u r going to deal with my shaitaan behan i pitty u.
Swara:-even i pitty on dev jijju.
Just then dev and all reaches.
Dev sits next to swara and says why .
Swara:-simple jijju if she want to say anything she will say lisen mu lord instead of your name.
If you argue in case she will say order order.
Dev:-if argument become more then this discussion is overruled
Swara and dev hi five to each other.
Rags:-dont u both dare to say anything to my bhabhi.
Shaurya:-meri badai bhabhi before u reach her u have to cross me.
Dev:-fine kk
Rags tries to laugh but stops.

Shaurya:-bhai not again
Durga:-wat is kk.
Swara sanskar laughs and durga says he is not kumbakaran jii dont say anything to my devar.
Shaurya:- wow i am so happy some one is taking my side thank god.
Rags to sansky slowly :-bacause she dont know
about u .

Shaurya says wat .
Sanskar:-nothing she is asking where is laksh.
Rags immefiately turns her head and show hand pointing to him
Shaurya and dev at a time ohh u want to see laksh.
Rags:-i am just asking like that right sanku and pinches him from down.
Dev:-where is sheena sanskar.
Sanskar:-she has final exams dev she will not come and i think arjun will also wont come.
Laksh:-just comez and sits oppisite to rags and says ya he is also not coming and watches rags and smiles and rags also does same all are observing them.
Rags:-while you became suddenly so calm
Swara:-nothing rags just like that if u want to say anything u can u now wat i mean.
Rags gives wat expression.
Laksh hits swara from down and signals her to keep calm.
Rags watches them and senses something wrong.
Shaurya gets a message and smiles reading it and says .
Dev bhai and ragini payal is coming here .she got leave.
Dev :-great news.
Swara:-who is payal.

Dev:-shaurya love life.
Rags:-worlds no 1 bechari.
Shaurya catches her ears and says very funny.
Rags:-awwwwww and shout in his ears and eevenhe starts shouting
Waiter comes and says may i help u sir.
They leaves wmeach ears and they start ordering food.
Swara observes rags searching something from laksh and asks wat r u doing.
Rags says about gift and asks help from swara they both start searching in laksh neck.
He observes his and smiles a little bit.
Sanskar:-so from tomorrow all rituals will start so dev and durga watch each other niw only after that untill u complete your marriage u cant see each other.
Dev and durga smiles at each other.
Swara:-when u did shoppind rags.
Rags:-mom did it for me swara so no problem.

While leaving rags goes near laksh and says how is gift laksh.
Laksh:-its awesome rags and u said correctly it is meant for someone special and u know wat after getting that gift i started searching for her.
Rags in mind hmm act as much as u can i will also see how many days u will hide it.
Game starts now lucky .
Laksh waves his hand in front of rags and says hii wat r u thinking.
Rags:-nothing just like that byee meet u tomorrow.
Laksh says bye.
All leaves to their places.

Precap:- mehni and guys i am sorry another ritual will be there in which besan paste will apply to bride and groom sry i forgot that name.
I hope u remind me.

And how is this episode frds thank you all for commenting as my net is slow i am unale to reply each and everyone after few days i will reply to eachone untill then take care .
Happy bhogi and pongal

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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