Ek anokhi kahani Episode 31


Before this i uploaded another one but gave a wrong number episode as 28 actually it is 30 .
So tommorrow and day after tomorrow are our festival i cant say whether i can up load and thats why i an uploading another one so here we go.

Song plays bin teri
Laksh and rags are both missing each other
Days passess.
Raj comes to laksh room
Raj:-laksh are u free.
Laksh didnt response to him and lost in thoughts of ragini.
Raj smiles and pats on his shoulder.
Laksh without turning back by closed eyes says i love u ragini.
Raj:-your feeling is correct but u said to wrong person.
Laksh then opens hus eyes by lisening to his dad voice and hugs him and says i didnt even waves her bye dad its all my fault.
Raj:-everything happens for a reason.
Laksh:-what reason dad.
Raj:-u both didnt see eachother before she left thsts why u realised that u love her.
Laksh:-u were right dad.
Arjun:- finally my bhai got into track.
Laksh:- dad a news for u your second son already came on track.
Arjun blushes.
Laksh catches arjun and says look who is blushing dad.
Three smiles.
Scene shift to rags in sweden.
Rags:-bhai we completed 10 days project in just 7 days after shopping we leave from here i am so excited.
Shaurya:-dont say to anyone we will give them surprise.
Rags:-dad will come to now na.

Shaurya:-we will ask him to keep it as screte.
Shaurya:-when are u decided to say your feeling to laksh.
Rags:-first after going to indua i will share with dev bhai then i will tell u laksh.
Shaurya:-i thought u already said to him.
Rags:-i want to say inperson to him not in phone.
They both go to shopping and buyed something for each and everyone.
Shaurya is searching for a gift to payal and rags for laksh.
Rags finds a two magnetic locket which will attract to each other when it will come close.
Rags buys it and smiles.
Shaurya also selects a p letter pendent to payal.
They leave to india.
Dev and durga are at dinner.
Durga:-dev its already 7 days over.
Dev:- to our marriage right hmm so hurry haa.
Durga:-dev and hits him i am saying its already 7 days over 3 more days ragini will be back.
Dev:-hmm i thought u will say already 7 days over 8 more days to go for our marriage but u said hmm.
Durga:-devv i doesnt mean it even iam excited.
Dev smiles and says i am just kidding.
They both r having candle light dinner and some romantic moments.
Dev observes durga has a stain on side of her lips he sighs to her but she unable to find it.
Dev leans forward to her she automatically moves some back but dev signals her by eyes to trust her and comes forward and takes a napkin and cleans her cheek. They both are having eyelock for sometime but interrupted by waiter.
They both leave to respected houses.
Sanskar and swara are taking on phone.
Sanskar:-so wat sweet heart.
Swara:-u should say.

Sanskar:-i love youu.
Sanskar:-wat uu say completely.
Swara:-come yar i am feeling tired now who will say it completely so adjust with u only.
Sanskar:- lazy fellow.
Swara:-i am lazy fellow then u r crazy fellow.
Sanskar:-thats why i loved u.
Swara:-thats why even o love you.
Sanskar:-see now u said completely.
Swara:-ha ha very funny and hai sansky dii came from dinner i have to talk to her ok then bye good night.
Sanskar:-goodnight and. Dont irriate my bhabhi.
Swara:-i will irritate her bye love u.
Sanskar:- bye and he leaves to sheena room.

Sheena and arjun are chatting with each other
Sheena:-who invented this accounts juno boy.
Arjun:-why wat happen.
Sheena:-i cant understand there is no head and tail to this bussiness management.
Arjun:-not that difficult as you girls.
Sheena:- so mean juno boy i am so sweet girl.u want u see and she takes a selfie and send to juno and says see how cutely i am smiling.
Arjun:-haa u have a cuttiest smile.
Sheena:-juno boy if i ask u a favor will u do.
Arjun:-ofcourse say.
Sheena:-u study well juno boy and handle every thing ok.
Arjun:-if i doo everything then wat will u do.
Sheena:-simple i will marry u and settle down.
Arjun smiles and says will u marry me.
Sheena:-i will marry u now only juno boy and to escspe from accounts i will marry u.
Arjun:- so mean u will marry me to escape from accounts then ok i will marry only that girl who scores good marks in accounts.
Sheena:-then our marriage will wont take place.
Arjun:-but u are not going to say that u will try.

Sheena:-fine juno boy i will try and haa i love you.
Arjun:-love u .
They both say good night.
Sanskar:-hi sheena wat r u doing
Sheena:-accounts bhai chii.
Sanskar:-oh my god by keeping his both hands on cheeks.
Sheena:- dont tell me that u dont no
Sanskar:-i know but i have fear of accounts.
Sheena:-but u r topper in that and gets up immediately and says dont tell me you passed accounts i mean scored high marks with help of slips and laughs.
Sanskar:-oyee me and slips and by the madam that marks are for my hardwork.
Sheena:-keeping slips and copying them without caught is also like doing hard work.
Sanskar :-your are gone and chases sheena
Finslly he caughts her and they both sits down
Sansky help sheena in reading after completing.

Sheena:-hmm not bad bhai you r awesome in accounts and goes near him and says why dont u write my final xams i will give u 100 rupees.
Sanskaar and sheena laughs aloudly.
Sanskar:-you will never change sheebu.
Sheena:-i love u bhai.
Sanskar:-i love u too behan and hugs her.
At night dev and all are having dinner.
Rags and shaurya comes from back and shouts surprise.
Dev and shailaja gets up hugs her and shaurya.
Dev:- u said that after 3 days u will come.

Rags:-wat bhai ok fine i will go and come after 3 days and about to go but dev stops her and they both hug and dev says.
Dev:-i miss u so much rags.
Shaurya:-did any one miss me or not.
Dev and rags looms at him three hugs eachother.
Rags gets tears dev removes them and says dont rags dont cry i cant see.
Shaurya wipes another eye and say even i cant see.
Rags say i need to talk a lot with u bhaiya.
Shailaja:-madam after so many days u met us also u wont hug us atleast for name sake say that u missed us.
Rags hugs shailaja and dayal and says ofcourse mom i even missed u both.
Dev:-first you both fresh and have dinner after that we will talk whole night.
After having dinner .
In dev rooms.
Dev :-now tell me wat u want to say.

Rags looks at shaurya and he signals her to speak.
Rags hestitatez.
Dev:-who is that boy rags u r in love with whats his name.
Shaurya smiles by looking at her shocked face.
Rags looks at shaurya and he says i didnt say anything to him.
Dev :-rags i can see that in your eyes there is no need to say so tell me who is that and haa if i am not wrong that person name is laksh right.
Laksh goenka.
Rags:-how do u know bhai.

Dev:-while u r leaving from here without meeting him i says pain in your eyes which i didnt see untill now and haa i lisened u and arjun talking and u r saying that u r feeling bad that for going without meeting him.
Dev comes near to her and keeps hand on her head and says if something hurt my i mean our sister by pointing shaurya we will know first in that same way if you love someone then also we will get to know that before u and u guessed it also.
Shaurya:-when i came here i had a doudt that u have feelings on him and i asked to dev bhai he also said that he too doudt on that and see our doudt turn into true.
Rags blushes and looks here and there.

Dev:-oo ohh look someone is turning in to pink and all.
Rags:-bhai and hugs them.
Laksh in his room.
Three more days rags after thst i will never and ever leave u and i will propose u rags i will.
Screen freezes on rags and laksh.

Precap:- rags meeting all frds and giving gifts to them and she goes to laksh room and stands behind him and laksh sees rags in mirror and gets shocked.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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