Ek anokhi kahani Episode 28


Frds thank u for commenting these days i am busy and not feeling well that why i am not reply to each comment i hope u dont mind and plzz dont think like i am only focussing on rags not on swara or dont think that i am not taking your suggestions seriously.
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Episode starts with engagement next day morning.
Durga is waiting on road because her car breaks down.sanskar passess from there and sees durga.
Sanskar:-hi durga jii good morning what happen any problem.
Durga:-hi sanskar good morning my car break downed yar i have to go to court.
Sanskar:-come i will drop to there.
Durga:-i think u will drop sheena.
Sanskar:-actually arjun took her to colz.
Durga:-o young love birds are enjoying.

Sanskar:-when elders are not enjoying then atleast younger should enjoy right.
Durga:- hmm and catches his ears and says some people are not dare enough to say that they love someone.
Sanskar open his mouth for durgas statement.
Durga laughs by seesing blank expression of sanskar.
They both leave in car.
In car sanskar asks how do u know that i love your sister.
Durga:-your eye speaks alot than you.
Sanskar rubs her hair and say can u help me by saying wats swaras likes and dislikes and to propose her firstly i should know wat she is thinking of me.
Durga for that i have a idea i will call u and keep phone on speaker and i will ask her wat she is thinking of you.
Sanskar thats great idea.

Durga:-and one more surprise for u from many years your parents and my parents are thinking to do you both marriage.
Sanskar:-serioulsy wow.
Durga:-areyy yarr so exicite this happiness is because that i am going to become your bhabhi or swara s husband.
Sansky thinks for a while and says i am happy to get u as a bhabhi.in future you r going to support me right thats why.
Durga:-my full support is for u only and more than that u need more blessing now.
They both smile and sansky drops her to court and leaves to office.
Laksh cone from down stairs .
Sakshi:-your are coming now its so late first drop arjun to colz.
Laksh:-maa arjun went on bike so that he can accompany sheena.
Raj hits on his head.laksh observes it and realises that he realied and sees to sakshi who is observing them angrily.

Raj say that arjun prososed sheena yesterday and this fellow being elder i dont wat he up to.
Sakshi:-i will explain u naa first laksh u leave to office aftersometime your dad will join u .
Laksh:-slowly gets up and goes near to raj and say all the best dad.u need it now.
Raj:-thank u my son and pray to god that i should come to office in one piece.
Laksh:- thanks dad.
Sakshi:-u are giving them ideas to propose raj u r disguisting.
Raj:-wat i did.
Sakshi:-seriously u dont know wat u did.
Raj:-sakshi first u tell me dont u want ragini and sheena as our daughter in laws sakshi and wats wrong if i gave ideas to my sons to get their loves i am proud of my sons untill now they never let me down my dad at any situation and they also selected very nice persons and dont tell me that u dont like ragini and sheena as our daughter in laws in this house and dont behave like a typical mother.

Sakshi:-thinka for a while and says actually i want them as a daughter in my house after marrying to my sons and haa raj u r right our sons will never make feel us low.
They both smile.
By evening
Durga and swara are sitting at garden and durga calls sanskar .
Durga:-so swara can i ask u something.
Swara:-haa dii.
Durga:-wat do think about laksh and ragini.
Swara:-i think they both like each other not only them i think sheena and arjun also likes each other.
Durga:-then wat do u think about sanskar.
Swara:-of course i like him.
Durga:-u love him or not.
Swara:-franckly dii i dont know i am in very confusing state .
Sanskar is liseninig to them.

Durga:-what is trobling u swara.
Swara:-i dont know that he likes me and my profession dii.
Durga:-swara loving u and ur profession us not different .if we love someone we automatically starts loving their surrounding also and one more thing love just happen swara it wont come from seeing plus and minus as i know him i mean i saw his love towards you in his eyes and your eyes also saying same thing so think ones.
Swara:-what if i prosed him will he accept me.
Durga:-why wont just do it and see and who knows if he prososed u first then.
Swara:-wow dii and thank you for making me realise my love towards sanskar ur worlds best dii.
They both hug and durga cuts the call.
Sanskar starts shouting in happiness.
By lusening this every one runs to his room and watches him jumping on bed.
Sheena:-areyy monkey came in our house call forest department or zoo peopke dad.
Sanskar:-sheena and runs behind her.
Ap:-stops both of them and says wats happen8ng and turns to sanskar and adks wat happen why r u so happy.

Sanskar hugs dp and ap and thanks them for think8ng his and swara marriage.
Dp:-so do u like swara sanskar.
Sheena:- wrong question dad by seeing sansky face u should get u know that he loves swara.
Sanskar get shyy.
Ap:- wow sanskar i am very happy.
Sheena:-ur are missing one important question its ok oli will ask him.
So bhai now only u came to now that swara i mean swara bhabhi also loves u right.
All sees sanskar and sanskar nodes in yes
Sanskar:-but i need to propose her.
Dp:-takes and makes him sit by saying come come i will give you ideas
Ap:- no need he will manage first u come.
Dp and ap leaves from there.
Sanskar makes sheena sit and asks him that how arjun proposed her so that he can get ideas from that.
Sheena reminds their close moments and smiles and says why i wont say .
Sanskar:-come on yar say naa.
Sheena:-dont be a copy cat bhaiyaa think on your own and still if u want idea i will give but on one condition
Sheena:-like painter after finishing their painting they will write art by and their name like that after u implement my idea at last u have say idea given by sheena
Sanskar:-if i do it before it start it will end also.
Sheena:-by this wat you learnt that u have get your own ideas to propose and leaves from

Sanskar reminds his and durga whole conversion and gets a idea and thinks to implement this i need my frds help and call all in conference call.
All meet at a cafe all sits round .
Shaurya great idea sansky boy.
Dev:-hmm propose well after all ur going to propose my saali.
Sanskar:-jii as per your order.
Laksh:-but wat u need our help in this.
Sanskay:-i need u people to arrange fogs for me.
All slips out juice from their glasses and starts coughs .
Rags:- what i am a human beings doctor i am we by showing dev and shaurya not a vetenary and nor we are dogs suppliares.
Laksh:-excuse none from us are suppliers ok.
Sanskar:-chaa i thought that u people will help me as a frds and after all having so many frds i called u but wat u did nothing.
Laksh:-oo overaction master dont act so much.
We will help you ok.
Dev gives a visiting card of pet care takers .
Sanskar collects it and say seriously u r worlds best brother and not like others .
And all beats him.

Sanskar call to a person and make few arrangements.
And gives call swara and asks her to come at a house address.
Swara:-why in pet organaisation sansky.
Sanskar:-durga said that u love pets and today i got invitation from it and thought to take u there as u love it.
Swara:-all are coming
Sanskar:-rags has night duty.
Dev has a night call appointment to durga bhabhi.
Laksh get allergy to dogs.
If laksh wont come arjun wont come if arjun wont come then sheena wont come.
Swara:-wat about shaurya.
Sanskar:-he said that he has to sleep well to night so he wont come.
Swara:-what type of reasons are this.
Sanskar:-what type of question is this by talking with u i am geeting a feeling that i am talking with question bank are u coming or not.
Swara:- i will come yar ok.
Sanskar:-get ready then i will pick u from your house.
By night.

Sanskar takes her to dogs show.
He closes her eyes and comes close to her ear from back and says this is a very special surprise to a very special person in my life and i hope u will like it and removes hand from her eyes and she slowly opens her eyes and surprised that they are so many small puppy who is wearing small shirts and each puppy shirt is written with letters she reads all letters loudly that written as
I love u swara from sanskar.
And she turns to sanskar who is holding a two puppies near to his face and he says that.
Sanskar:-your sister said that u love small puppies very much and everyone will propose by a ring or flower or may be something else but i thought some wat differently so i arranged in this way and one more thing i love you swara.
I love your profession ,i love your family,i love you dii ,i love guitars in short i love everything which relates to u and which u love .i love everything in which u will be there
Swara:-that means you are going to love urself also.
Swara:-i love my family and u also love my family right in that way i love you sanskar that means u love urself naa.

Sanskar gets up and hugs her and says i love
you swara
Swara:-i love you sanskar and i love your surprise and aweee so cute .
Sanskar:-but for me u r most cute than anything.
Sanskar and swara are sitting on car and talking.
Swara:-this is your own idea naa or anyone else.
Sanskar:-actually i asked your sister likes and dislikes when she said that u love puppies and music more than anything.
Firstly i thought to propose u in musical way but later i thought it will routine so i got idea abot puppies and wearing them shirts which are written i love so first u tell me how was my style.
Swara:-lovely but where u got these many puppies.
Sanskar:-actually dev helped me in finding this irganaisation
Swara:-my jijju is best.
Sanskar:-even my ragii is best.
Swara:-wat she did.
Sanskat:-aa ha she scolded me and i make fake sad face and dev helped me by that sad expresion.
Swara:-what rags scolded u but why and what.
Sanskar:-says very thing how they all reacted to his plan
Swara starts laughing and says serioulsy they will scold naa u asked them to arrange puppies not flowers or something else u asked them and they will arrange immediately.
Sankar:-with you permission can i ask a personrl question to sumi aunty.
Swara:-what do want to ask.

Sanskar:-while u r in her womb did aunty read a lots of question banks or what and why are like this.
Swara:-hits him and says very funny.
Sanskar:-un our group all became pairs only two left i dont know when they will propose to each other.u can say to laksh na to propose to rags.
Swara:-why laksh u can also ask rags to propose him.even girks can propose first right.
Sanskar:-yaa i kniw even u want to propise me but i did it first and immediately he realises that he said durga and sanskat screate.
Swara:-how do u know that and after a second she says dont tell me that durga dii said everything to u.
Sanskar:-actually its me and durga bhabhi idea to make u confess and one more thing i lisened u both from durga bhabhi phone.
Swara:-so mean.
Sanskar:-what mean in this yar and u cant be angry on me in this situation.
Swara:-why like that.
Sanskat:-because after kniwing u want to propose me thwn also i proposed u first and i didnt think that u should confess first and see how good boy i am.
Swara:-hugs him and says yes ofcourse you are a good boy .
They both rest their head and each other.

Precap:-dayal calls shekar to say marriage date and rags leaves for sweden with shaurya.
Rags and laksh missing each other

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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